Local conservative radio host changes label

Earlier this week, a local conservative radio host penned an editorial in The Charlotte Observer called “It’s time to change my label.” Keith Larson joined the ranks of other conservative voices in denouncing the President.

Before he cites his reasons, Larson paints a picture of what he believes. In short, he says his conservatism is grounded in “prudence and decency.” He goes on to say:

“There have been glaring holes in the gown of conservatism over the years, but the Trump Era has made it unwearable.

He has outspent Obama, continued costly and deadly deployments, threatened federal authority over states and cities, started trade wars with adversaries and allies, and attacked the Justice Department and FBI in ways Nixon never dreamed.

There has been a tax cut, Supreme Court pick, and talking up God. He knows how to pander.

Then there’s Stormy. Not merely the affair but the payoff. Not merely the payoff but the lying. And so many other women and lies.

This President has a habit of lying, and being a misogynistic slime ball and just plain toad. There is nothing prudent or decent about the man.”

These words speak for themselves. I cannot bring myself to disagree with any of his sentiments. He adds his voice to other national pundits with names like Erickson, Gerson, Will, Brooks, Peters, and Douthat.

I hope people heed his advice. America needs them to.

19 thoughts on “Local conservative radio host changes label

  1. It is good to see people starting to awaken to the abomination that is Trump. This man has a voice to the public, so even better. Thanks for sharing … we need the encouragement of knowing that there are conservatives who do not support Trump and who are willing to speak out.

    • Jill, it is good to see these voices speak out. The key is are the peripheral Trump supporters listening? Too many get their information directly from Trump or one of his sycophants. So, they are told what a great job he is doing. He does not miss an opportunity to do so. When I see his supporters respond to questions, I see largely very misinformed people. Are you paying attention to how other countries are viewing Trump’s action I ask out loud? Keith

      • You raise a good question: why are his followers not listening to all the voices who are pointing out the abomination that Trump is? Why do they believe him when he tells them he is doing great, even though well-respected, intelligent people are telling them the opposite? Are they being intentionally obtuse, or are they truly too lazy to take a closer look and judge based on facts?

      • Jill, the only explanation is cognitive dissonance is a powerful force. It requires them to say I may have been wrong and many human beings cannot do that. Keith

    • Janis, I think many of us are mixtures of beliefs, more conservative in some, more liberal in others. As you and Keith Larson point out, what used to be conservative has been defamed by lying and sanding over basic principles. Keith

  2. My question is, why has it taking people so long to wake up to this slimeball? Why now, a year and a half after he was elected? His sleaziness has been on display a long time, going back to his “birther” b.s. against Obama. United States of Amnesia.

    • Pete, I think it is cognitive dissonance as I wrote to Jill in response to her similar concern. Many things bother me about this man, but when his lying and bullying cause actions – damaging our relationship with allies, damaging civil rights and the rule of law, damaging the credibility of the media and public servants, harming our environment and adding to our debt – it is even more frustrating. Our economy will continue to do well for the rest of the year since we are borrowing from our future, yet he has or is setting in motion actions that will harm the US and global economies down the road. The question is how far down the road – three months? One year? Two years? Severe actions await us in our future. Keith

      • Right, but my question deals with our populace and why we are so slow in recognizing the harm he’s causing. Why does it always take a crisis for people to wake up? Do we have to have another recession/Depression, or wait till water levels are being measured in Manhattan, or school shootings are occurring daily? (Maybe they already are.) These are obviously rhetorical questions, but I think America has become so stupid and amnesiac, maybe we deserve a slug like Trump.

      • Pete, you are right. We are the United States of Entertainment and are very ill-informed. Trump knows this and even speaks of “ratings.” This is all a show to him. A retired CIA operative said the Russians need not be involved in the next election; they showed Americans how to do it, so we will use bots and false stories to undermine the election. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Our front man is headed to his root canal at the G7. As is his wont, he tried to distract from his tariffs and other shenanigans by asking why is Russia not being welcomed back? Comrade Trump, it is because they invaded and took Crimea and are trying to upset the applecart in Ukraine. That is on top of their messing with elections in the US, UK and France (unsuccessfully).

    But, my question is why is Comrade Trump so concerned with Russia, when he has made the US a pariah? I felt long before the election Trump would do this to America. To be frank, I did not expect to happen so fast. It is entirely possible that the US will be kicked out of the G7 making it the G6. That would be sad. Again, if allowed to continue, historians will look back to the Trump era as the time America ceded its global leadership position.

  4. Dear Keith,

    There are numerous other conservative voices who have joined the ranks of Keith Larson, Erickson, Will, Gerson, Brooks, Peters, and Douthat. I follow on twitter Max Boot, Billy Kristol and Jennifer Rubin. Both admit that they no longer have a political home. Max Boot is writing a book on this subject, “The Corrosion of Conservatism: Or Why I Refused to Become a Trump Toady”—which will be released in October 2018 by Norton/Liveright. I have an address where I can get my copy signed.

    Jennifer Rubin, a conservative writer for the Washington Post, is a very critical voice on the subject of Donald Trump. One can call him a lot of names but conservative isn’t one of them.

    Billy Kristol is hard at work to find a candidate who can challenge President Trump in the future.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Thanks Gronda. It needs to sink in to his followers, it is not just Democrats that have concerns. What he did at the G7 was classic spoiled brat. As Mueller revelations occur over the next few months, the silent Republicans are going to regret not condemning this dishonorable man sooner. What will likely happen the next few days is a window dressing agreement which he will tout to the world.

      What is interesting, the dictatorial leaders are using him to improve their standing, while our friends get waylaid by a man who does not respect relationships. Keith

    • Linda, if more Republican leaders do not stand up to this President, they will have nowhere to hide when the “you know what” hits the fan. When you defend a liar, that makes you one. I truly embarassed and ashamed for my country with this spoiled brat as our President. Keith

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