Tuesday’s gone with the wind (and context)

One of my favorite songs from the southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd is “Tuesday’s Gone,” written by Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zandt. Here is the first stanza:

“Train roll on, on down the line,
Won’t you please take me far away?
Now I feel the wind blow outside my door,
Means I’m leaving my woman behind.
Tuesday’s gone with the wind.
My woman’s gone with the wind.”

This song is a quick lesson in context. If you listen to the song, you get the impression the singer is doing the leaving in the relationship. Yet, there is one simple line that reveals the context of why he is on that train.

“Tuesday, you see, she had to be free.”

The woman did the leaving. And, the man decided to leave town to escape the source of his blues.

Many things in life and in politics are heard or read without knowing the full context. Context matters to enlightened understanding. We are told that immigration is a huge problem and immigrants are taking American jobs. Immigration is a concern, but it is not as big a problem as portayed and the jobs being taken tend to be those which Americans don’t flock to. If immigration was stifled, certain industries would be in a heap of hurt.

We are told we must place tariffs on China, but why are we placing them on our friends? What we are not told, is there are mechanisms we could tap with the World Trade Organization with the support of our allies to gain concessions from China. Economists note that we are forgoing working together as a unified front. But, a key contextual item is collaboration is hard work, where the collective group gains.

Context matters. Songs, poems and stories can reveal context in a subtle matter. But, it is important for us to ascertain the context. Otherwise, we may solve the wrong problem in the wrong way.

15 thoughts on “Tuesday’s gone with the wind (and context)

  1. Once again Trump wants to go it alone. His sanctions on Iran that he’s bragging about are unlikely to make a n impact when we are going it alone. I lost respect for L S when I found out they are racists.

    • Holly, both your points are valid. I guess I focus on much of their music, although one song in particular is racist. Since I am also from Jacksonville, I give them a little more slack, but your point is well taken.

      As for Trump, threatening people is not the way to influence people. There will be a time when we need our allies – will they jump in to help? What it gets down to is Trump does not want to collaborate unless he gets all the credit. I can think of several examples where leasers convinced him to do things by playing to his ego. Keith

      • He’s really harming our relationship with our allies. I think they are just working around us now. Tonight on the news at a rally in Ohio some of his followers were wearing shirts that read “I’d rather be Russian than Democrat”. There’s no longer a Republican Party, the GOP , once the party of Reagan, is no more.

      • Holly, I don’t think I would want advice from the Russian preferring T-shirt wearer. Vladimir Putin must laugh at how easy it is to influence uninformed Americans. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. Keith

      • Holly, agreed. Steve Schmidt, a former Republican strategist, says Dems must turn out as this is the most important mid-term in US history. He said of the GOP wins the House, we might be ten years from being Trumpistan. Get folks to vote. Keith

      • I’m doing my part includimg contacting every senator that I can. I heard the Reps. are way ahead of the Dems in getting in their early votes. That doesn’t bode well and may signal a lackadaisical effort on the Democratic voters part. Goodnight Keith.

  2. Most houses are built on a strong foundation of concrete, or some other durable material. Trump’s house is a house of cards that has naught but lies for a foundation, and once a strong, sustained wind blows, it will tumble down. You are right, context matters, but Trump’s context is as elusive as a butterfly … here today, over there tomorrow, and up in that tree the next day.

    • Jill, I agree it is very hard to know where Trunp lands as he blows with the wind. GOP legislators have tried to figure that out and some have been screwed by Trump’s posture changing.

      Right now, our allies wonder who speaks for the US? Trump staff often run counter to what the US President says. There is a military term that defines the Trump leadership approach and it begins with “cluster.” Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    The only context that’s important to President Trump is, does whatever I want to do, please me, my base and / or President Putin of Russia? Any action that the president has taken can make sense if one evaluates them through this prism.

    From his perspective, he is brilliant. It’s just the rest of us who are foolish if we think that he ever would place as his primary concern, what is truly best for this country or its peoples.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, he is managing to 35% of the country and screwing with the rest of us. You may find my post on Steve Schmidt, a former GOP strategist, of interest. What he poses is a frightful context if we do not act. Keith

      • Dear Keith,

        I happen to be in absolute agreement with Steve Schmidt’s analysis. If I were a SUPER-PAC backing democrats, I’d put his words in an advertisement for the Nov. 2018 elections. This is the election of our life-times and it is not hyperbole to make this claim..

        Hugs, Gronda

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