What are those values again?

The US president was in North Carolina campaigning for the Republican State Senator Dan Bishop in his quest to beat Democrat Dan McCready. Both Bishop and the president have said McCready does not represent the values we need and is a liberal socialist. But, what are those values that McCready lacks?

McCready served our country as a Marine after 9/11. He returned home to set up a solar energy business that created about 750 jobs, a pretty capitalist idea. But, he also has time and again said he is a moderate and would work across the aisle. And, given his oath as a Marine, he said he would put country ahead of party.

Yet, the so called “values” such as lying, bullying, name-calling, denigrating, impatience, recklessness, racism and sexual misconduct, seem to be lacking. I would add, he was also against the HB2 law that Bishop helped pass that caused multiple millions of dollars of lost revenue for the state. This law was eventually repealed and modified given its overreach and the reaction thereto.

Unfortunately, in my view, Bishop carried the day winning a close race in a largely GOP district. It is my hope Bishop will be up to the task of governing and I wish him the best. What I do not want is for the reckless US president to have one more rubber stamp in Congress. That would be harmful to our democracy.

10 thoughts on “What are those values again?

  1. Note to Readers: I do wish Bishop the wisdom of Solomon as he governs my district. The 9th Congressional district is one of those gerrymandered ones that joins south Charlotte with several rural counties. This is important as these counties looked at the HB2 law as generally positive and held against McCready thaf he did not favor a law that would have obligated sheriffs to work with ICE. The reason they don’t like to is crime solving tips from the Hispanic American community dry up.

    The dilemma is being against these two issues is longer than a bumper sticker.

  2. Values? The republican party has values? Who knew? I was disappointed in the result of the election, BUT … I thought it was encouraging that Bishop won by such a narrow margin. Perhaps McCready will try again next year and turn the tables.

    • Jill, from what I read Bishop went to these rural areas more than McCready did and spoke of the HB2 law, which was favored there, even though it was repealed and the Sheriff’s bill that required sheriff’s to inform ICE when they had a immigrant in custody. The other reason is the nationally funded commercials that painted McCready as McGreedy using things way out of context. Keith

      • Hopefully McCready learned from his mistakes this time ’round. Y’know, Keith, I really wish political ads would be banned altogether. For decades now, they have become increasingly nothing more than a mud-fest, with candidates slurring each other, often falsely, rather than putting forth their own platform. The ads are pure propaganda and we learn nothing from them, but the less-educated will use those to make their choices. If not banned altogether, have rules that the candidate can only expound on his platform, not mention the name of any other candidate in any way.

      • I agree. These dark money ads can lie or take things out of context. And, they work. In McCready’s case he was painted as greedy for arguinf against the elimination of a renewable state tax credit that was on top of the federal. This was a key reason, NC is the fourth largest solar state. The GOP eliminated this at the behest of the fossil fuel industry, but McCready was painted as rhe greedy one. Keith

  3. Note to Reader: Ivanka is out campaigning for her father saying she got her sense of morality from him. Really? Please reread the list of “values” I mentioned that McCready did not have. In some respects, I feel sorry for her. Yet, on the flip side, I do nor like people blowing smoke at me,

  4. I was still buried under travel and post travel stuff when this was going on. You have raised the most perfect questions. Alas. Not enough people are thinking in terms of real values lived, as opposed to emotional ideas espoused without follow-up or understanding of how those emotional ideas measure up to “Christianity” or the ideal that America has represented to the world. (in the past)

    • Linda, when the “chosen one” leader mostly fails to live up to the ideals of a nation or religion, it is truly hard to take those folks seriously when they discuss said values. Keith

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