Fish(y) on Friday

My elementary school would serve fish on Friday, even though we were not a Catholic school. Of course, elementary school cooking would not be confused with haute cuisine.

Adding the letter “y” to fish would lead us to what the US House committees are investigating. Although Republican legislators continue to rationalize the indefensible, the White House is building its own case against the president. It is so fishy, there may be grounds for impeachment by the House and conviction by the Senate.

In other words, if Trump sycophants have the nerve, the evidence for removal of the US president is becoming readily apparent bolstered by testimony and the White House’s own statements.

The latest came from Mick Mulvaney, the Chief of Staff, who announced yesterday there was a quid pro quo with respect to getting help with a debunked conspiracy theory. Then later he said it was the media’s fault for mishearing what he said. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Another conservative lawyer group called “Checks and Balances” has joined “Republicans for the Rule of Law” to assert the legitimacy of the impeachment inquiry. We should heed the testimony of the courageous diplomats and staff who have testified under oath knowing the president is a vindictive person. People like Maria Yovanovitch and Fiona Hill are what heroes look like.

As an independent and former Republican, I support the impeachment inquiry. We must get to the bottom of this to confirm if the president abused his powers. There seems to have be an effort to hide this phone call and obstruct the story behind it. Why? Having read the Mueller report, this latest series of events give me concern. We all should be concerned.

9 thoughts on “Fish(y) on Friday

  1. Note to Readers: Two other issues are worth noting. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced his resignation at year-end. It should be noted, he also was involved with pressuring Ukraine to help Trump. The other is the announcement of the next G7 at a Trump property. Even Neil Cavuto of Fox Business, who is a Trump supporter, bemoaned how poor a decision this was. In the very midst of being accused of abusing his power, the president forces his people to hold an event at his property. That is in violation of the emoluments clause, but is also just plain shortsighted, which is the kindest thing I can say about it. Keith

  2. Just as Speaker Pelosi said several months ago: eventually, he’ll self-impeach. She was right then, and she’s right now. Well put Keith.

    • Jeff, agreed. Trump called Pelosi a third rate politician. Whether folks like Pelosi or not, she knows how to navigate Congress and DC. In actuality, she is Trump’s worst nightmare – a competent and female adversary. By the way, Anthony Scaramucci was correct a few months back to say “Trump is off the rails.”

      I have said it from the get-go, Trump’s worst enemy stares back at him when he shaves. Keith

  3. The White House and many of the agencies affiliated with it are filled with rotted, stinky fishies. Since truth, honesty and integrity have been replaced by stinky fish, there can no longer be a bond of trust between the administration and the citizenry. That trust is broken beyond repair. It’s rather like an old car … there comes a point when it can no longer be repaired and it’s time to trade it for a newer model. That, I think, is where we are at present. I would also argue that Pence, knowing of and contributing to the malfeasance, ought to be ousted as well, for to allow him to move into the #1 slot would only continue the rot.

    • Jill, the one thing that shows it must be done, is many people, including Republican legislators, are not fans of Mike Pence. Nonetheless, he is not as corrupt an individual as his boss. Irrespective of what happens in the election, the president has abused his powers and obstructs justice as a modus operandi. Then, he invents his own cover story noting his genius, success with various actions. Keith

      • I do believe that Trump has a different definition of the word ‘genius’ than Merriam-Webster has, don’t you? You’re right that at least Pence isn’t as corrupt as Trump, but he has shown that either he has no values, else he isn’t strong enough to stand up to the corruption to preserve those values.

      • Jill, I won’t argue on his conviction. I wonder if he regrets not following through with his resignation from the campaign after his boss bragged on his impunity of grabbing a woman by her private parts. That was his point of reckoning and he would have honored his religious convictions and country if he did resign.

        Of course, many Republicans lament his inability to speak up while they choose not to speak up. Keith

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