Support the impeachment process

The following is a variation of a letter I forwarded to my US legislators. Please feel free to adapt and use.

Seeing the parade of diplomats and senior staff members testifying under oath regarding their consistent concerns over the president’s abuse of power is telling. They are exhibiting political courage with the knowledge they are up against a vindictive person. We should applaud their heroism and heed their concerns.

As an independent and former Republican voter, I strongly support formalizing the impeachment process. We must get to the bottom of this. Having read the Mueller Report, the president’s credibility is poor.

15 thoughts on “Support the impeachment process

  1. An excellent form of address Keith.
    Short, to the point and complete free of ranting.
    Trump and his court have no defence against a Dignified Resistance.
    Best wishes to the genuine patriots of the U (as in United) SA, in your fight to try and hold your nation together.

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    • Roger, I am wondering if the young folks will get out and make their voice heard now. No political party is perfect and are led by imperfect people, but some are less perfect than others. It was the young people who hit the streets in the UK and US crying foul after the two votes, but too many of them chose not to vote. Keith

      • This is where we the older, sadder, more battered need to educate them. It is not ‘cool’ not to vote; it is not a choice, it is a cop-out and in these parlous times an abrogation of responsibility…..those who persist need to ask themselves ‘Are They Content to let Trump Tell Them What To Do?’

      • Roger, as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said about the 2016 election, he knows both candidates and his recommendation was to vote for the “sane, competent” candidate in Hillary Clinton. His was the most important speech at the DNC, but too few heard it. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I just had a very unproductive call with a staff member of a Freedom Caucus Congressman. I mentioned my disappointment with no Republicans voting to move forward the process of impeachment after complaining for weeks about the process to diffuse the message. He flat told me that he did not think the president has done anything wrong.

    When I spoke of the consistency of message of courageous public servants under oath with a consistent message, he told me it was not consistent. Overall, the messages are largely consistent which is why there are concerns of alleged abuse of powers. It went on and on. He kept saying we will just have to agree to disagree.

    This is why we need to get the message out. It is also why we need to applaud Republicans for the Rule of Law and Checks and Balances, two Republican lawyer groups calling for the impeachment process. Sadly, the person these folks listen to most is the president, not people who understand what the truth means.

  4. Perfect letter, Keith … short, sweet, and to the point. I’m dismayed by your conversation with the staff member of (I’m assuming) Mark Meadows. Do they forget they represent ALL the people, not just republicans and not just Trump supporters? I have had similar interactions with Warren Davidson and I’ve let him know that he disgusts me, that he is not representing the majority, and that I will work diligently to get him out of office next year. Thanks for the letter … I shall share!

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