Don’t rankle the new king

In a speech in Charlotte on Friday, the new king of America acknowledged the presence of junior Republican Senator Thom Tillis. While Tillis voted for acquittal, he got a lot of GOP flak for criticizing the new king for closing the government last year. He quickly fell in line.

Yet, what made his subservient role telling is what the new king said Friday according to The Charlotte Observer. He acknowledged, “(Tillis) as a great friend except for a couple of minor disagreements. Of course, I won’t put up with it for long, Thom Tillis.”

The new king put Tillis in a corner telling him not to slight the king. It should be noted this was the same day the new king fired two witnesses (Alex Vindeman and Gordon Sondland) who told the truth under oath at the risk of knowing this reckoning would come. For good measure, the new king fired Vindeman’s brother. This is on the heels of Marie Yovanovitch deciding to retire after she became persona non grata by standing up to the king’s corruption and telling the truth.

The GOP led Senate opened Pandora’s Box and annointed the new king. My guess is many knew better, but had to acquiesce to a person who one Republican said keeps a list of those who criticize him in word or deed.

The evidence of Trump’s Ukraine corruptive behavior is overwhelming. By choosing to look the other way, the GOP has far damaged its party and country. The egregious vindictive actions of just this week, are only the first of many.

10 thoughts on “Don’t rankle the new king

  1. You’re right … we are on the same page. But then … what other page is there, really? Sigh. Excellent piece, Keith! I thought of you yesterday when I heard he was conducting a rally in Charlotte. I wonder at what point his base begin to see the monster under the facade? I am often these days reminded of the poem by Martin Niemöller, “First They Came …”

    • Jill, it should be obvious to even his followers. Here is a basic question – wjy would a diplomat lie under oath of they knew they would be fired by the vindictive president? The obvious answer – they would not. So, if they are not lying, that means the president is.

      Your piece which includes his comments on revenge speaks volumes. Keith


      • Agreed … and, there’s an old saying I’ve heard since I was no taller than a rabbit … “Where there’s so much smoke, there’s a fire somewhere”. The evidence is overwhelming, and the republican senators are all educated, relatively intelligent people, so I’m convinced that they know he is a crook of the highest order, but they are more interested in looking after their own futures than ours. Plain and simple. And yet, his approval rating is going up among the average Joe. Are people in this nation truly so ignorant?

      • Jill, the improved ratings are due to the economy and messaging. My newspaper did print my abbreviated Pandora’s Box letter today, right in the middle of fueding letters. I think it Pandora’s Box is a harbinger term that will resonate. Keith

    • Marilyn, first and foremost – Democrars must vote. In the interim, we need to make people aware the incumbent is the most corrupt and untruthful president in our lifetime, including Richard Nixon who was a crook. We must also make GOP legislators regret their sycophancy by questioning their loyalty to the constitution. Keith

  2. Supported by his couturiers and minders, themselves scared of 50,000,000 creators Trump will be allowed to play out his petulance.
    His fall when it comes, and it will shall be a mighty one (maybe after his death, but it will come)

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