A fable about a mistreated woman

Once upon a time, there was a woman who represented her employer in client relations. She had been doing her job well for about thirty years and was now working to assist a growing, but fragile client.

Unbeknownst to her, her boss’ boss had been told she was not doing what he wanted, which was actually corrupt. She stood in the way of her boss’ boss accomplishing is illicit task. The big boss even hired an attorney to dig up dirt and bad mouth her to the client and others.

Sadly, her boss did nothing to support her. He actually participated in the process. Her long time good service did not matter. When the bad-mouthing hit the press, she was chagrined.

She was eventually fired. Yet, what puzzled her is why did they not just fire her? They did not need to drag her name through the mud. They could have simply replaced her.

This is not a fable. The woman’s name is Marie Yovanovitch and she was the US ambassador to Ukraine. Her boss is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his boss is Donald Trump. The attorney is Rudy Giuliani.

Let’s set all the machinations aside. Of course, the president has the right to fire anyone. But, why did he have to run down Yovanovitch’s name and sully her reputation? That is a damn shame. It also speaks volumes about the relative character of those involved.

17 thoughts on “A fable about a mistreated woman

  1. It does speak volumes, as will the firing of Alexander Vindman. And, had Ms. Yovanovitch’s employer been any but who it was, she would have had a very good case against him, but Trump, we have been told and shown, is ‘untouchable’. I notice one of your keywords for this post is “decency” … there is no decency in the Trump administration … not one shred.

    • Jill, Pandora has been unleashed. These Senators will now silently stand by as the vindictive one seeks revenge on those who testified. Some have even piled on Romney. To be blunt, I am embarrassed by the lack of conviction in these GOP Senators who, at the very minimum, should have admonished the president for his actions. Keith

      • I am thoroughly disgusted with every GOP member of Congress at the moment. As for the Senators … my hope is that all who are coming up for re-election this year — which includes Mitch McConnell and Susan Collins — lose ‘bigly’.

      • Jill, I had higher hopes for Collins. As for McConnell, he has been a poster child for what is wrong with Waahington dating before the age of Trump. Keith

  2. Great swerve in the last 2 paragraphs.

    It takes immense effort to wrap my mind around the fact that many of the folks who voted for DJT (and even plan on repeating the mistake) are otherwise sane and decent.  Making peace with quantum entanglement is easier.

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