Being candid on obvious concerns

Last night, “60 Minutes” did a piece on the continuing forest fires in Australia. The risk has heightened due to climate change on this very hot and dry continent.

One of those whose home has been destroyed is incredulous by the lack of planning and execution by the prime minister and government. She said our country is on fire and the risk will continue and they cannot focus on that? Another person joined others and refused to shake the prime minister’s hand saying “you’re an idiot, mate.”

Not to be outdone, former conservative PM Malcolm Turnbull noted climate change is making the Australian forest fires worse. He referred to climate change naysayers in his own party as “idiotic.”

Their candor is needed. In the US, Republican lawmakers are now pushing the planting of a million trees. This is a good start, especially after twenty years of varying degrees of climate change denial, but addresses only one side of the issue. We need to also stop putting so much carbon and methane into the atmosphere as well as taking carbon out of the air with more trees (and other measures).

I am not advocating the use of derogatory terms like idiot or idiotic, but in the case of the current Australian PM, Scott Morrison, many would not shake his hand after he took a planned vacation to Hawaii while the fires were raging back home. That was not the wisest of moves.

8 thoughts on “Being candid on obvious concerns

  1. The attitude of our government here in the U.S. sickens me, and Scott Morrison’s is no better. One would think with his country in so much danger, that he would be doing everything in his power to address climate change, since there can be no doubt that what we’ve done to our environment has aided and abetted these fires. The time for talk is long past, and it’s time for action on the part of every nation on the globe. This is one case where I think the term ‘idiot’ applies quite well 😉

    • Jill, there is an old saying about those who put off change until they have a burning platform. Well, Australia is a burning platform, and the naysaying continues. As for Trump, his word matters not, especially since he formally asked to build a sea wall in Ireland to hold back rising seas due to climate change. It shows how Trump will find the truth if it affects his pocket book. Keith

      • Ah yes … I had forgotten about the sea wall … such hypocrisy, but are we surprised? I think the time will come, sooner or later, when the nations that are working diligently to combat climate change will resent those that aren’t, and will take some form of action, be it economic sanctions, boycotts … and, I think they will be within their rights to do so. The monkey will then be on Trump’s back, especially if he is still in office then.

      • Jill, I think the Irish sea wall request would be a good pushback on some naysayers who follow the president. Help me understand why Mr. Trump….

        Here is what I am puzzled by. If these naysayers believe they are right, what is the downside of moving toward more renewable energy that uses less water and does not pollute the environment? What is the downside of planting more trees and protecting mangroves in marshes?

        If they are wrong and we don’t do enough, we cannot reset the clock. From a risk management standpoint, it is beyond foolish. Keith

  2. A million trees is a great start. They are closing down coal generators faster than Trump can have them built AND we are running out of coal — worldwide, not just here — so that at least is going to take care of itself. Plastic needs serious rethinking. There aren’t nearly enough recycling facilities, especially in areas like this one which is not in a city or major suburbs. Also paper. AND the prices for recycled products need to come down — a LOT. Despite the best of intentions, no one is going to pay extra for recycled goods. If there were enough facilities, they need not BE more expensive.

    I think a lot of senators are realizing that their denials are not working. Younger voters, in particular, are very worried about climate change — as they should be. It’s not a change of heart because they have no hearts. It’s merely fear of not being elected.

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