He approves this message

Although we try to mute most campaign commercials, some do sneak through. When the president comes on at the end of a highly dubious commercial saying “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message,” it really does not have the impact he thinks it might.

Now, Trump fanatics will trust his word as the gospel truth. Most people, though, do not feel that way. They realize the president has a hard time with that truth thing. The Washington Post has tracked more than 20,000 lies uttered or tweeted by the president.

So, when the president says he approves of this message, it really does not add gravatas. It actually makes you look closer. One commercial the president approves says Joe Biden supports the defunding of police. Yet, this claim was refuted in real time during an interview between Chris Wallace and the president.

We have serious concerns in our country and we need people in leadership positions to tell us the truth. That usually is the opposite of whatever the president or his sycophants say.

7 thoughts on “He approves this message

  1. Note to Readers: I read the president is going to raise the issue of healthcare. We should not forget he said he had a plan in 2016, but we had to elect him to find out. Of course, he had no plan. That was yet another lie. He has spent three plus years trying to take healthcare away from people. I am sure he will approve of his message.

    • Janis, you are so lucky. Being in a purple state, we get the lion’s share. I must confess, the Biden adds are very well done and focus more on what he will bring in contrast to what his opponent has done. My favorite line is “I will take responsibility for my actions rather than blaming others.” Keith

  2. He has told more than 20,000 lies in 3.5 years. And those are just the ones that are known … who knows how many others he has told. I have not told that many lies in my entire 69 years!!! In fact, I probably have not told 100 lies in my entire 69 years!!! What kind of person … oh heck, never mind … we already know what kind of person he is … a horrible one. Sigh.

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