When is Dandy Don going to sing his song?

When Monday Night Football began airing in the 1970s, one of the broadcasters was a colorful former quarterback named Don Meredith. Near the end of the game, when the outcome was no longer in doubt, “Dandy Don,” as he was called, would sing an old country song.

“Turn out the lights, the party’s over. They say all good things must end. Turn out the lights, the party’s over. I am so glad we a parted as friends.”

The latest Harvard CAPS-Harris survey finds that nearly two out of three voters believe the election was fair and that Biden won. Fifty-eight percent of all voters said it’s time for Trump to concede. The result would be higher, but the outgoing president’s hold over his party is still strong and two-thirds of Republicans believe Trump won. That truly is mind-boggling.

Yet, Michigan was certified for Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris yesterday and Pennsylvania is certifying county by county as we speak, in spite of the outgoing president’s gamesmanship. And, more importantly, the GSA claimed Biden/ Harris as the winner and is moving forward with the transition.

While the outgoing president relented to the GSA decision after getting pressure from the business community and Republican Senators, he still did not concede. Will those two-thirds of Republicans ever come around or are they destined to continue to believe the orchestrated fraud claims, in spite of two dozen lost court cases (vs only one small victory) and Republican election officials pushing back saying there was no wide-spread fraud?

Maybe some will, begrudgingly, but others will carry this torch and be consistently reminded by the untruthful and corrupt bent former president over the next four years. That is the sad situation for out country caused by Trump and abetted by his sycophants too scared to call the vindictive outgoing president on the carpet for his unproven claims.

So, Mr. Trump, Dandy Don is starting to sing. “Turn out the lights, the party’s over…”

15 thoughts on “When is Dandy Don going to sing his song?

    • VJ, good point. That is what Mary Trump meant when she said her uncle would burn it all down to avoid losing. He still has not put away the matches and has laid kindling. To me, the only way is for people in leadership position to echo that there was no wide-scale fraud and the president elect won a fair election. Plus, election officials have to repeat their claims. Trump has damaged this process, no doubt, so the only way is step by step, in my view. Keith

    • David, I saw Pennsylvania certified its results today. That is good news. I will be delighted to sing this one with my poor rendition. Fortunately, it is not a hard song to sing. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: It may be a small gesture, but I am reaching out to any Republican legislator who is critical of the president’s fraudulent voter fraud claims or who advocated moving forward with the transition. Yes, they are late to the game, but it is hard to fight a legion of Trump fans wound up by their vindictive and shallow figurehead. Just think of the death threats hard working election officials received and many of them were Republican. Keith

  2. In the early days when Trump was being propelled onto the stage by the Hopeful I used to know one right of centre blogger who did not like Trump because he was a ‘blowhard’, which about sums up his entire Life of privilege and celebrity. Now for once he has had to face some harsh realities and naturally he does not like it, so not being familiar with the concepts of Maturity and Dignity he screams and kicks furniture.
    And aside from those dogged few that every person with ‘A Name’ has, the majority of folk will remember him mostly for his childish exit from The Whitehouse.
    Very few who occupied the Whitehouse earned the epithet ‘Contemptible’. Trump will be the one whose name will always spring to mind from now on.

    • Roger, “blowhard” has long been apt. There are too many examples to use, well before he landed in the White House. “Contemptible” is also apt. This person has “no emathy or sense of decency” as my favorite conservative pundit defines him. Just seeing his picture behind the newscaster evokes a feeling of disgust from my wife and me. Keith

      • To deal with this, creature, this national disaster of 2016 I have adopted an old school Far, Far Left solution to Trump in my personal space.
        1. I never open an article with his picture on (why bother, we’ve heard it before).
        2. I never use his image in any political comment I make.
        3. I do not find him a source of jokes-he is no laughing matter.
        4. Any Wikipedia menu which shows any item on him gets ‘hidden; so i don’t have to see his face.
        If I hear his voice on the radio it gets turned off (my poor wife has to suffer this interruption of news programmes)
        If she is watching the news on TV and any Trump material turns up I walk out.
        Thus is my world Trump has become a ‘non-person’ a creature not worth my time nor effort.
        And if he knew being the supreme brat that he is, he would be infuriated.
        Socialist solution.
        And there is nothing he can do about it!

      • Roger, well summarized. I don’t watch him live, as it infuriates me to count the number of lies as he speaks. Most of what he says does not require a real fact checker to know it is untrue.

        I prefer to read what he says as reported (not on Twitter – no better communication device has ever been devised for so uninformed a person), as they usually leave off the repetition.

        The best rule of thumb – assume what he says is untruthful and go from there. It is truly newsworthy when he says the unvarnished truth. Keith

  3. My fear is that instead of merely turning out the lights, he will blow up the power station. But, Michigan yesterday and Pennsylvania today, nearly three dozen lost court battles, a severe reprimand from at least one judge … there can no longer be any doubt. How the Trump supporters continue their delusion is beyond my ability to explain. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose. I will be glad when they go home and shut up … it’s tiresome.

    • Jill, it was also nice to see Nevada certified their vote today. I watched Biden announce some of his cabinet today. It is such a breath of fresh air. Biden bragged on them and their service, not himself. Keith

      • It is a breath of fresh air, for every one he’s chosen so far are highly qualified individuals with decades of experience. Janet Yellen, it is said, is well-respected by people in both parties. Can we just fast forward through the next 56 days?

      • Jill, agreed. His speech today was hopeful, unifying and pressing for all of us to do our part. Such a change in tone and focus. Keith

    • Janis, he has long ago destroyed the GOP, which did not even bother to vote on a platform. Right now, the Trump Party cannot claim to be the party of law and order, global leadership or fiscal responsibility. Keith

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