May 2021 rid of us of the party guest who won’t leave

I would imagine many of us have had parties where a guest or guests do not pick up on the signs that it is time for them to go home. I feel this way about a certain guest in the this white building in Washington DC. It is time for him to go back home, whichever one he chooses to frequent.

He is not reading the signs very well. The guest and his friends have been told 59 times by judges that his claim to stay is inappropriate. In fact, the one judge that agreed with him, only gave him a partial victory changing the votes of a couple of hundred people.

The guest has asked several of the counters to count again and again. For some reason the counters keep coming up with the same story that it is time for the guest to leave.

The day after Christmas, the guest claimed everyone from the Supreme Court to the FBI to the Justice Department to Republican Senators are incompetent. I find this word choice amusing as conservative pundit David Brooks defined the guest’s administration as “equal parts chaos and incompetence.” Plus, losing 59 out of 60 court cases in not a measure of competence, or truthtelling..

I also find it it telling that the most corrupt and deceitful guest in said white building has been pardoning very corrupt people at a rampant rate. Apparently, corrupt behavior is an admiral quality. Republican Senator Ben Sasse referred to the guest’s pardoning process as “rotten to the core.”

It is time for this guest to leave. Like three day old fish, over welcome guests need to be thrown.out. This guest has grown quite smelly. He is not supposed to leave until next month, but I think he needs to start packing to acknowledge that he will. And, as Fox News supporter Geraldo Riviera said yesterday, the outgoing president is acting like an “entitled frat boy.”

11 thoughts on “May 2021 rid of us of the party guest who won’t leave

    • Janis, agreed. Outside of Congressmen Kinzinger, Riggleman and Senators Romney, Sasse, Toomey and a few others, there is way too much silence and left handed compliments which give too much credit while condemning his continuing claims of election fraud. Keith

  1. Oh yes, we are more than ready for this unwanted guest to leave … I really don’t care where he goes, just as long as he goes! I never invited him to start with … in fact, the majority of us did not invite this guest. This ‘guest’ has not only overstayed his welcome, but has broken our dishes, killed our tropical fish, spilled wine all over our carpet, and pooped on our kitchen floor! Such a guest should never again be invited!

  2. He is acting exactly as he always has acted. He has shown us who he was his entire life; I, for one, always believed him and never expected an epiphany for a moral compass to suddenly appear. That ship sailed decades ago. Anyone who is suddenly “shocked” by this behavior really needs to take a good hard look in the mirror.

    • Lisa, well said. This is just the latest chapter in a long book of corrupt, deceitful and cheating behavior. He is doing what he has always done, just on a bigger stage. For a very untruthful person to convince his followers that everyone else is lying and to only believe him will go down as the biggest con job in American history. Keith

    • Linda, I was chatting with another blogger that this is just the latest chapter in Trump’s playbook of corruption and deceit, that precedes his presidency. I have never been a huge fan of Geraldo’s as he has long been an opportunist, not a journalist. Keith

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