Even Rupert Murdoch has turned sour on the outgoing president

In an article by Keith Griffith of the Dailymail.com called “New York Post turns on Trump in scathing front-page editorial,” even Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper has soured on the outgoing president. Here are the first four paragraphs from the article:

“The New York Post’s editorial board, which has long supported President Donald Trump, has blasted his longshot attempts to overturn the election in a scathing editorial.

The Post, which endorsed Trump in 2016 and 2020, issued the blistering rebuke in a front-page editorial for Monday’s edition, calling his continued election fraud claims a ‘dark charade’.

The blaring front-page ‘wood,’ as it is known in tabloid parlance, pleaded for Trump to ‘stop the insanity’ and told him bluntly: ‘You lost the election.’ 

The editorial said Trump was ‘cheering for an undemocratic coup’ with his call for Republicans in Congress to prevent the certification of the Electoral College vote on January 6.

It should be noted this is the outgoing president’s favorite newspaper, of course, until now. A link to the article in the Daily Mail is below. It should be noted that huge Trump fan Fox celebrity Geraldo Rivera said yesterday that Trump was acting like “an entitled frat boy.”

The outgoing president has lost 59 out of 60 court cases, many presided over by Republican judges. And, now his campaign is facing a defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting systems, along with his attorneys and several media personalities who have been doing an on air backstroke to avoid litigation.

Maybe the funds Trump is collecting will be needed not to sue, but to defend Trump and his campaign in lawsuits. As he has learned, the other side can sue as well.

New York Post turns on Trump in scathing front-page editorial (msn.com)

13 thoughts on “Even Rupert Murdoch has turned sour on the outgoing president

  1. Ah, the worm turns. It would be funny if it were not so serious. I’ve never seen anything like this in this country before and hope we never face another idiot like this one in the White House, or anyplace else for that matter. Trump wants a wall built? Okay, why not build one with him on the inside and no way out! Oh, and no Internet so we are never bombarded with those ridiculous tweets again!

    • Angie, it would be funny as you note, but too many little toadies (a more indicting word than sycophant), are roiling the dirty swamp water to cloud the issue. Between Louie Gohmert, Mo Brooks, Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson, we have four toadies that are doing their darnedest (with others) to help the outgoing president betray the will of the people. If John McCain were alive, he would likely use that T word again in an op-ed, like he did after Helsinki when the US president sided with the Russian leader over his own intelligence staff. He would also be kicking his old friend Graham for being such a toady. Keith

      • Maybe the best idea would be to make a version of turtle soup using the toads instead of turtles. Although with so many people pulling their heads back into their shells, maybe a kind of mixed version, toadle soup? So many of them we could dump it all in a body of water and light a fire to start a good boil.
        Ah, you’ll have to forgive me here Keith. I’ve had a rough day! It’s nothing I should be trying to joke about, but if I can’t joke I would be crying. Have a good one!

      • I might check it out. I’m the gal who printed out a series of horror pictures of — well, they were on the World Health Org. website and I was assistant to the district epidemiologist and the pictures were to illustrate a paper she was doing and that I was doing some research for her. I think I’m getting punchy. Too much sugar, too little sleep.

      • Angie, FC, I think toadies have been around for as long as there has been power. They are the most spineless of humans and deserve a spotlight. Lindsey Graham is a good example. He was John McCain’s right hand, when being a maverick was fashionable. When McCain died, Graham had already switched his obedience to the outgoing president, the same person Graham called a rectum in public, using the more common slang.

        On the colorful metaphors, I do curse, but not a lot and I try to avoid doing so in print. But, there has never been a president who makes me want to curse like this one. Yet, he wants you to curse at him as he prefers and can win a mud fight. He is just not very good with a civil debate over issues, hence is shouting down of Biden at the first one, Keith

      • FC, in my view, they spend more energy trying to keep their job than doing their job. When I was involved in mergers, we saw this behavior all the time. The one thing that has been a bright light in all of this mess is the judges seem to get the idea that upholding the law and constitution is important. Those judges are in direct contrast to the deceitful OP. Keith

  2. Sigh. I don’t know about you, my friend, but I am exhausted by all of this chaos. I hate to say it, but if I woke tomorrow morning to the news of Trump’s death, I would cheer. I can’t give thumbs up to the Post, for they have supported all his ignoble doings for four years now, but it is telling the Rupert Murdoch and the editors of the Post are distancing themselves from Trump. Thing is, though … if he runs again in 2024 as he has threatened to do, the Post will support him like a lapdog. Sigh.

    • Jill, the Post should never be accused of consistently solid journalism. The story is who is saying this. I look forward to the gavel being brought down by Pence on the vote to accept the electoral college votes. And, we should reach out to every person who voted with the outgoing president and ask them to defend their votes, as it is supportive of an effort to betray the will of the voters. Keith

      • Quite so. I hope Pence is smart enough to know that he MUST accept ALL the electoral college votes, that there can be no hanky panky as suggested by Louie Gohmert et al. I won’t breath quite easily until 12:01 on January 20th, though.

      • Jill, I think most Republican legislators know this. They know they can rid themselves of this cancerous person to their party and country. Yet, there are still too many that fear his base and like the toadies I mention to Angie and Flow Coef in comment above. Keith

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