A few odds and ends with an eccentric twist

Since I was struggling for a topic, I thought I would throw in the mixing bowl a few odds and ends for your reading digestion. And, for the fun of it, I will mix in some some eccentric flavors for seasoning.

Sidney Powell, the former attorney for the former president, is being sued for defamation by her false claims of wide-spread voter fraud by Dominion Voting Systems. Her attorney’s defense is interesting – he notes that her claims were so outlandish, they should not be taken seriously. But, sir was she not parroting the same schtick the former president was saying about the election? It should be noted her defense will get her disbarred as attorneys are not supposed to bring frivolous law suits to court as she did for her deceitful and demanding client.

When a Senator or Representative says things that are obviously untrue or racist, they should be called out on it. Senator Ron Johnson has said he was not afraid of the Trump fueled insurrection, as the people who stormed the Capitol loved their country, but if it had been people from the Black Lives Matter group he would have been afraid. Mr. Johnson (dropping the Senator title as he does not deserve its use), these folks breached the Capitol building and seven people have died. Then, there is likes of Hitler historian Representative Madison Cawthorn who noted there is no funding for Veterans, when there obviously is.

Doing nothing to improve gun governance is obviously not working. We have two mass shootings in ten days, but we lose sight of what happens every day. We lose sight that the number one gun death, by far, is suicide. There are measures that even gun owners support. These “thoughts and prayers” ointment or “now is not the time” salve or “this change would not have stopped this occurrence” lotion are very tiresome. My strong advice to Senators and Representatives now that the NRA is in a state of disarray after the leadership was forced out for embezzling funds, is to get off your hind end and do something. There is one thing for damn sure – doing nothing “ain’t working.”

As an independent, when incumbents dishonor the position they hold, action must be taken ranging from admonishment, censure, stripping of duties, or removal. It matters not what party they belong to. It matters not how much clout they have. If the entity or party does not do this, it means what they did is acceptable behavior. The Catholic Church, Volkswagen, Toyota, Penn State University, Michigan State University, US Women’s Gymnastics Team, Ohio State University, et al did not heed the lessons needed to police illegal behavior and harmed their reputations as well as people’s lives. People must be held to account for deceitful, corrupt, seditious or assaulting behavior. It is wrong.

That is all I have for now. Let me know your thoughts.

13 thoughts on “A few odds and ends with an eccentric twist

  1. You are soooo funny and clever the way you drum things up.
    You have mixed up some good food for thought today! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. Quite a lovely stew you’ve concocted there, my friend! This one was fun! I have to laugh about Ms. Sydney Powell … she deserves whatever she gets. I watched her a few times back when she was attempting to defend the former guy’s claims of widespread voter fraud and wondered how she ever got to be a lawyer in the first place! Thanks for this lovely and informative concoction!

    • Thanks Jill. It continues to amaze me how little the MAGA base connects the lies and corruption of his sycophants to the Teflon Don, who is employs them to be his henchmen or women. Keith

      • I was just talking with a friend about this earlier this afternoon, about how the Maga crowd rant and rail against the very things that they need, that would help them, just because Sean Hannity, or the former guy, or some other trumpeter tells them to. Has the day of critical thinking simply disappeared?

      • Jill, too true. At the heart of this is the MAGA crowd believes every word that one of the biggest liars ever to be president tells them. Why? Because he says everyone else is lying. Taking the deceitful former president at his word is a fool’s errand. Believing Hannity or Carlson is the same errand. Keith

  3. I agree with you on each ingredient in your โ€œunsavory stew.โ€

    Iโ€™m wondering whether you think โ€œThe Democracy Pledgeโ€ that I describe in todayโ€™s post might ameliorate our national indigestion.

    • Annie, I think it can, but one of the dilemmas we face is our nation is a very uninformed one. If people watch or pay attention to so called news, they tend to gather it from biased sources or sources of misinformation. So, it is very hard to break that bubble. Yet, most Americans do not watch news at all, except for sports or entertainment news. So, anything that helps the message has to reach a few, but sadly too few. But, we must keep trying. Keith

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