Email to Tucker Carlson

The following was posted on the websites for Tucker Carlson and Fox News after I read yet one more untruthful thing .

Mr. Carlson, as a former Republican and now independent voter, I must beseech you to arc your comments to the truth rather than the rhetoric you have been using. I do not care if people are more conservative or progressive than I am on various issues, but I do care when people working for a news organization and politicians do not even try to be factual to drum up votes or ratings.

My former party is condemning Republicans who speak the truth and rationalizing those who do not. We need the party to find its bearings and get their rudderless ship back on a better path. Conspiracies, lies and fear mongering are not conducive to good governance. The Democrats are not perfect, but they are at least trying to govern, whether you agree with them or not.

18 thoughts on “Email to Tucker Carlson

  1. Well, more power to you, but as long as Rupert Murdoch makes money from Carlson’s lies and hate speech (for that is what his advocacy of the “replacement theory” is), I fear no rational, polite letters will have an impact.

    There’s an effort under way to demand cable companies “unbundle Fox,” since we all pay to underwrite Fox through our cable bills. That means Fox continues to prosper even when advertisers withdraw. I am planning to investigate this approach.

    • Annie, well said. Watching the HBO movie about Roger Ailes who started Fox News, the whole idea was to tell watchers what they wanted to hear. There was a segment on Sean Hannity that showed Ailes wanted him, not because of his grasp on issues which was poor, but because he showed a willingness to beat up on guests.

      As for this replacement BS, I do not put much credence in anything Carlson, Hannity, etc. say. Chris Wallace has the best reputation, but that is after they abruptly fired Shepard Smith, who was critical of the former president.


  2. When it comes to voting the best thing I ever did was to become an independent voter or as NY calls it Blank (I never could understand that terminology). If I had to do over again than I never would have registered with one in the first place.

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