Help ask leadership a few questions that need answers

I do not have a crystal ball, but I do read and have read for more than a few years. I am not prescient, but I do recognize we have issues that are just not getting talked about enough or at all. Please help me ask a few simple questions of leadership – state and federal representatives, senators, governors, council member and county commissioners, etc.

  • since there is a global and US water crisis that will only be made worse by climate change – what do you plan to do about it now, not as it becomes even worse a problem?
  • since climate change is a huge problem by itself and shows up in utility, reinsurance, NGO, and governmental models with catastrophic impact, how do you plan to leverage further what others are already doing to combat it?
  • since America has fallen woefully behind other countries in infrastructure and we are just one expected train wreck or bridge collapse away from someone crying how could you let this happen, why is it so hard to figure out an infrastructure bill?
  • since any newspaper in any reasonably sized city will report daily local shooting deaths and with the every other day occurrence of mass shootings around the country, what do you plan to do about at least stemming the tide?
  • since a group of state governors and legislators are hell bent on restricting the rights of Americans to vote, why is it so hard to make sure federally that this sacred right is protected (and please do not cite the fallacy of election fraud the losing candidate in the last presidential election is touting still)?
  • since all Americans do not have practical access to civil rights protection, what do you plan to do about that to make sure they do?

These are just a few questions I have. Help me ask them and get answers.

12 thoughts on “Help ask leadership a few questions that need answers

    • So true. In some cases, they place their hands over the ears and blinders over their eyes. I am reminded of the Republican led NC legislature who did not like a data driven climate science report that said the ocean levels are expected to rise 36 inches over the rest of the century. They could not deal with that, so they did not accept the report and chose to accept an backwards looking report that predicted the rise of only eight inches. If you don’t like the result, change how the game is scored. Keith

      • Same problems here in the UK: our government insists on using one set of data that allows them to pretend that public funds don’t subsidise the fossil fuel industry over the EU’s findings that say that not only does the UK do exactly that, but that they’re one of Europe’s worst offenders in that regard.

        Pick a card, any card — oh! I don’t like that card, I’ll take another one instead.

      • Pendantry, one of my favorite throw away lines is when Republicans say we do not like to pick winners and losers. Yet, as you note the fossil fuel industry is one of the most government subsidized industries in the world. They need to get some ROI out of all of those campaign contributions. Keith

  1. Indeed, I will attempt to help you get answers to these questions, for they are too critical for us to simply shrug our shoulders as some of my own friends are doing! Good post, my friend!

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