Democrats keep missing a key message

As an Independent and former Republican and Democrat voter, I wish I could have the opportunity to have detailed conversations with MAGA folks. Whether folks like Bernie or not, he is going to take his message to the MAGA world. Some may not like progressive policies, but Bernie tends to speak the truth. To me Democrats have tended to be lousy marketers missing out on a key, data centric message.

Since 1921, there have been thirteen Republican White Houses and going on thirteen Democrat White Houses. Under which White Houses have the most jobs been created? The answer is the Democrat White Houses and it is not even close. I recognize presidents get too much credit and too much blame for the economy, but the data reveals over 2x the number of jobs created in those periods under Democrats. Other measures show the economy and capital markets do better under Democrat White Houses as well.

What is interesting is my anecdotal evidence shows even Democrats think it is the opposite. Democrats should be more aggressive with that message. The former president inherited an economy that was 91 months into consecutive growth with 2 million plus jobs added for six straight years. To the former president’s credit it continued, got a little better for a little while with the sugar rush of the tax cut and then returned to pre-tax cut levels, before the botched handling of COVID-19 by the former president sank it

What still amazes me about the incompetent COVID-19 handling, is the ball was sitting on the tee for the former president to do what he craves, be presidential. But, he whiffed. He proceeded to play up a hoax, endangered his own MAGA followers by holding public events, and then continued to naysay it where many of his followers refuse to consider masks or vaccines. All occurring after he confided in Bob Woodward that he knew of the dangers. And, this is the person some want to return to the White House?

So, Democrats need to seize the message. They are the party of jobs and here is the data. If they don’t, Republicans will paint them with whatever message sells. And, if Democrats don’t believe me, in 2012 Republicans were told in memo form to use the term “failed stimulus” when speaking of Obama’s stimulus package. Even Democrats believed this, but what is funny, the stimulus did not fail. Per six econometric firms included the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the stimulus package was accretive to the economy.

10 thoughts on “Democrats keep missing a key message

  1. It’s really bad when your own side believes the negatives about you. Joe Biden needs to blast out his achievements and let the Democrats know he has not given up the fight for many think he wants to.

    • David, true. The progressive voices are louder on line than the moderate Democrats who support Biden. Right now, if Dems don’t reshape the horrible slogan “Defund the Police,” the Republicans will pound that drum, as they want to distract from their support of a deceitful, incompetent and seditious acting former president. Keith

  2. It’s a shame that in our world today, loud rhetoric crowds out or overshadows facts. Democrats have, I think, the right message, but their delivery system fails to get the message out over the loud cawing of the Republicans.

    • Jill, I think Dems need to hammer home just a few themes – jobs, environment, health, and civil rights. Right now, Republicans are bereft of of ideas, but will hammer home a theme of law and order. As Chris Wallace noted, two Sundays ago, Republicans can no longer claim law and order thanks to the seditious and deceitful acting former president. Keith

      • Yes, the Democrats must carefully pick their battles. Right now, it seems that if we lose the voting rights battle, none of the rest will much matter, so I would put that one front and center. The Republicans seem to have stopped bothering to try to craft policies, but are content to simply argue against anything proposed by any Democrat. The party of law and order? I laugh. But then, perhaps they mean martial law, or Jim Crow law? Sigh.

      • Agreed, about picking battles. But, they do need to say they stand for these things. Climate change and water issues concern me greatly, as they did when I worried about the former president winning the first time, e.g. One party stands for making rich people richer in the short term while throwing crumbs to every one else – that is the Republican party. Dems need to hammer what they stand for home. More than 1/2 of the Republican party is voting against their economic interests and do not realize it.

  3. Music to my ears Keith. As usual, you’re spot on. Democrats are horrific at spreading positive news like this. They need a Frank Luntz type guy advising them on simple messaging, at which R’s are particularly good at-even though in most cases, they’re lies wrapped up in clever phrasing. Dems must get better. I always thought Obama was really bad at it. He was always way too hesitant to brag about any of his accomplishments, at least during his first term. He got somewhat better the 2nd time around. I think Biden is a bit better. He’s active on Twitter, I’ve seen ads touting how the Covid relief bill has been good for America etc… We need MORE of this!

    • Jeff, to your point, most Republicans and too many Democrats did not knew Obama passed the baton on a pretty good, lasting economy. His successor convinced his followers it was in the toilet and he fixed it. Like most of what the latest former president said, that is simply not true. Full stop. Keith

  4. Democrats usually fail when it comes to messaging and telling voters what they’re for versus what they’re against! Whereas Republicans attack in (nearly) lock-step using the same talking points over and over until many people believe them.

    • I agree with this statement. There was a good piece in my local paper, which noted the North Carolina Republican Senate leader is espousing some Trump talking points that have been proven to be untrue as he pushes this fairly recent wedge issue – critical race theory. Those three words have been crafted as the new GOP War Cry and we will hear it daily until the 2022 election.

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