Beware of folks – a few quick lessons taught us by the books on the former president

There are many books about the former president, both before, during and after his presidency. Some have been written by excellent authors who have done their homework. There are lessons to be gleaned on how not to act which need to be highlighted.

Beware of folks who claim all criticism is fake news or from sources who just don’t like them. These are a toddler’s response to mom finding her child’s hand in the cookie jar. “Mom, that is fake news.”

Beware of folks who cannot articulate a point of view without name-calling or labeling something. That is like defining the ingredients from the name on the jar. It is a short-cut to arguing and an attempt to mask a lack of understanding.

Beware of folks who take credit for all things good, even if their role was small or nonexistent, and blame others for all things bad, even if they had a heavy hand in things. A leadership consultant used that phrase often to define how to spot a leader.

Beware of folks who need fixers or sycophants to rationalize or make problems go away.

Beware of folks who bully other people into acquiescence. There is a name for people like that. A bully.

Beware of folks who have a hard time with the truth. Start with the base of not believing a word they say and then add back when they actually tell the truth on occasion.

Beware of folks who will blame institutions of people as scapegoats for their failings. Institutions are not perfect, but they tend to be served by hard working people who are more trustworthy than politicians.

Beware of people who refuse to be accountable for their actions. It is my fault or I could have done better will go a long way.

15 thoughts on “Beware of folks – a few quick lessons taught us by the books on the former president

  1. This reminds me of a former boss of mine, who took credit for all my work. I thought what she was doing was transparent and only found out recently that others believed her, leaving me looking like the fool.

    • VJ, I bet that was quite frustrating. I think more than a few of us have had a boss like this. They are skilled merchandisers of themselves. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: This post was inspired by Nan Mykel’s post. Much of what I wrote in comment has been included here. I will post a link to hers shortly.

  3. Keith,
    Nicely précised bon mots, for those who care to listen/read.
    How will the contribution of the 45th be valorized for future civic guidance?
    A 28th Constitutional amendment? Drafting might start soon to ensure a dipstick, with the above attributes, to ever again become your president.

    • David, I think historians have already rated him near the bottom in presidencies. Future history will be less kind and there may be studies of how someone who is a well-documented untruthful person from many sources, can convince his followers that everyone else is lying. It is one of the biggest con jobs in world history. Keith

      • Keith, my observation is that though he is not of the folk who support him, he aggregated then parleyed their life experiences and anger through unfiltered channels.

      • PS – I love these quotes. There are many life lessons therein. The one on cursing was one I latched onto, as it is too often used as part of a false bravado. But, there are too many to choose a favorite. Keith

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