Wednesday wanderings mid-October style

October is one beautiful month, which is ironic as its charm surrounds death. The beautiful leaves are making their final show of wonderful colors across the spectrum. Yet, they are just about to pass away and fall from the tree.

At the end of the month, we celebrate “All Hallows Eve” or “Halloween” as it is better called which is the eve of “All Saints Day.” Per Wikipedia, “It begins the observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.”

Kids just recognize it as a time to dress up in costume and when people actually give you candy. How fun is that? I recall my oldest dressing up like a clown where we painted his face. He was so proud, but just in case you could not guess what he was, instead of saying “trick or treat,” he would say “I am a clown.”

We live in a young neighborhood (not due to us), so we get about 80 to 100 trick or treaters. We love the costumes, but one of my favorites is when the whole family dressed up as ‘The Incredibles” family of superheroes. Seeing Mom and Dad share in the fun with their two kids was fun.

By the way, one reason we get so many trick or treaters is our house is known as the “big candy bar house.” My wife will not shortchange these youngsters, so a full Hershey bar is the prize. Of course, we have to watch enterprising adolescents who like to come by more than once. I do want those bars gone, as we will eat them otherwise and don’t think someone in their 60s cannot get acne. God has a sense of humor, you know.

For those who are born in the first two-thirds of the month or the last part of September, you have the added benefit of being a Libra. Supposedly, Librans are well-balanced. It would be interesting to see if Librans have a higher percentage of independent voters than other Zodiac signs. I do think of the statue of Lady Justice, which the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” used as a fade out, when Librans come to mind. I used that movie, as of course, it is about death.

Happy October. Enjoy the leaves while on the tree. Jump in the piles when you rake them like you used to when little. And, trick or treat.

15 thoughts on “Wednesday wanderings mid-October style

  1. When I was young all our energy was saved for November 5th and Bonfire night when fireworks lit the night and an effigy of Guy Fawkes was burnt on top of the bonfire. Guy Fawkes, also known as Guido Fawkes while fighting for the Spanish, was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who was involved in the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 to assassinate King James VI of Scotland and the 1st of England along with Parliament by blowing up the palace of Westminster.
    I the weeks leading up to Nov 5th we would have dressed our effigy’s up in old clothes and paraded them about the streets on whatever mobile carriage we could make hoping to acquire a few coppers from passers-by to help he firework fund or for the treacle toffee, toffee apples and parkin cake that used to be eaten at the fireside. There was never any trick or treat. It was annoying by my middle age to see our customs dying out and adopted ones coming in. Maybe it was jealousy that we were too old to participate? Now here I am at 70 chatting to my daughter about my grandchildren’s Halloween costumes. They talk of their new traditions for All Hallows Eve but still look forward to the bonfire and the fireworks, most having no idea what it’s all about. I shall have fun telling them. Maybe one day Guy Fawkes will reappear as a dressing up contest.

      • David, you are welcome. That is true, but many of the things we celebrate get bent out of shape. As an example, Transylvania did not care as much about its vampire past until they were shown how to monetize it for tourism. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I just got back from pricing Halloween candy. The big bars are very dear. So, we may need to go small bars this year – maybe three to each child. Avoiding the candy with peanuts for allergic kids limits our choices.

  3. A colourful essay Keith to both the Autumn and the Halloween which I think the USA has made all its own and its nice to see you two keeping all the good traditions going. Since Covid we’ve not had many of the local youngsters calling on the 31st October, so I end up making sure the stored up ‘stuff’ does not go to waste.

      • you’re welcome. Not here but we used to take them about 15 min to my moms and bring our whole community there. We lived there when we were building our house and then sold it to her. They now have a spot where my daughter just moved in town and they block the street off. will be a fun new tradition.. And will you have many you think?

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