A few this and that’s – August 11, 2022 edition

In no particular order, a few random musings about elected current or past leadership in the news. Elected may be correct in some cases, but strong-arm tactics were involved with a couple.

Vladimir Putin invades another country and now blames the US as the major reason for the Ukraine war. Does he really expect people to believe his BS? Putin is one of the few leaders in the world that is more untruthful than Donald Trump. Your best course of action is to start out not believing what he says and add back the occasional truth that slips out.

Back in the US, Trump pleads the 5th in court refusing to answer questions. This may be in large part due to he can’t remember where the truth stops and the lies begin. An attorney once deposed the former president and got him to recant 30 lies during one deposition. As I read in a couple of credible books about Trump, his attorneys do not ever want him to testify for this reason. They also know it would look bad if he got up and left. The best course of action in dealing with Trump’s comments is the same as noted for Putin.

Apparently, Boris Johnson is coasting into his departure. Given the mess he has made during his tenure, Brits should not complain about his doing nothing. We Americans did benefit that Trump did not work that hard, otherwise he would have made an even bigger mess than he did. Trump tended to spend most of his time tweeting to alter any bad press he received or change the topic. As for Johnson, some of his unforced errors were definite head-scratchers.

Nancy Pelosi may be a lightning rod for Republicans, especially now that Hillary Clinton is not in politics. Her trip to Taiwan was equal parts courageous and foolhardy. But, even many Republicans supported it. However, it may have been an unforced error of a trip, even though other members of Congress have recently gone. Let’s hope all the chest beating by China will subside.

Viktor Orbán of Hungary came to America to speak to CPAC. It takes one extremist to recognize other extremists. If these CPAC attendees lived under Orbán’s tutelage, they just may not appreciate the lack of freedoms, especially if they look or worship differently or work for the press. What bemuses me is our freedoms for all is a key strength of America, so arguing to take away freedoms for some groups is a horribly slippery slope. Why? Your freedoms might be next.

What is interesting about these five people is I am not a huge fan of any of them, even Pelosi, although she is not as low on the totem pole as the others. I have felt she has tended to grandstand too much on occasion. Yet, she deserves credit for knowing how to do her job and get stuff done, which is more than could be said for the other two-Anglo-Saxon leaders noted above.

9 thoughts on “A few this and that’s – August 11, 2022 edition

  1. I’m a Brit and I think I have every right to complain about Johnson doing nothing other than take his salary! We have a funding crisis in our health service, inflation rates rising through the roof, more and more people being forced into fuel and food poverty, the unwinding of the various (entirely predictable) downsides of the Brexit that he conned us into, all while he does a passable impression of Nero. In the meantime we await the crowning of the next deluded incompetent to take charge of wrecking our country.

      • No apology necessary! The two candidates are failing spectacularly to demonstrate any symptoms of competence. I just hope we get rid of this shower when we can, if there is anything left to govern by then.

      • Clive, Brits deserve better. Part of your future will be problematic as, in my view, Brexit was poorly understood, planned and executed. Even if it was the best of ideas, poor planning and execution has made a hard task worse. Keith

  2. I think you’ve most definitely hit upon a truth about tRump: This may be in large part due to he can’t remember where the truth stops and the lies begin.

    But this … Putin is one of the few leaders in the world that is more untruthful than Donald Trump. … I would almost question!!

    • Nan, thanks. Putin is more savvy at lying. He was trained at it in the KGB. To me, Trump’s lies are overt, which amazes me how they go undetected by so many. Keith

  3. Absolutely staggering the things going on in world politics. I’m always impressed at the way you can break it down into simple terms, Keith, so thanks for that. Head-scratching I am doing a-plenty.

    • Thanks Yvette. I presume most folks in the southern hemisphere are bemused by the trials and tribulations north of the equator caused by this lot. Keith

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