The candidate scared of a woman with microphone

I find it amusing that a man running for President, who is touting how tough he will be with our enemies, is running scared. No, Donald Trump is not scared of terrorists, he is scared of Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

He has taken his sand toys out of the sand box and won’t be appearing on the next GOP Debate aired by Fox. The reason is Megyn Kelly who he feels is biased against him. She just might ask him a question he does not like as she did the last time. Or, as reported this morning, he doesn’t want his competition bringing up milestone statements from his history. His previous stances on issues like abortion or healthcare or his several bankruptcies and numerous litigations, might make him uncomfortable.

Truth be told, The Donald does not like anyone asking him questions. His candidacy is built on a foundation of attitude, platitudes and lies, so when someone asks him a legitimate question, he dodges it and then cries foul or calls him or her stupid, disabled, fat or loser. Like he did the other day with one reporter, he may even ask for an apology. Think about that for a second. Or, like he did with Chris Matthews the other evening, he may just continually not answer a specific question on his error of accusing the President of being born non-American.

Everything a voter needs to know about The Donald’s veracity as a candidate is in his history. Coupling that with his very-unpresidential discourse throughout the campaign demeaning most groups and individuals that get in his way, he does not present himself well as a candidate. Plus, he has even taken a shot at his own followers, in essence saying they are so blindly loyal, he could shoot someone and they would still vote for him. I do not care that he wraps himself in a blanket of political incorrectness, yet he has the thinnest of skins and is very litigious. Being political incorrect does not give you license to lie as evidence by a 76% untruthful record per non-partisan fact checkers.

But, back to the debate sand box. If he cannot stand up to questions from anyone, but in particular, a network female reporter who he also insulted for her earlier questions, how will he interact with leaders of other countries, both male and female? How will he react when Angela Merkel or Christine LaGarde disagree with his position? Will he make remarks about their times of the month like he did with Kelly, say how disgusting it is that they go to the bathroom like he did with Hillary Clinton or call them out on their looks like he did with Carly Fiorina.

People are going to vote for whom they see fit. But, this candidate needs to answer a lot more questions. His history and conduct warrant it.


18 thoughts on “The candidate scared of a woman with microphone

  1. I do believe the Trumpet is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. I shudder to think of him leading this country and dealing with international crises. Am I delusional to think it will not come to that??

      • You may be interested in his offending the city of Brussels and their strong pushback today. Again, the question I ask, do we want a President who does not have a filter between his brain and mouth? Political incorrectness may play well with the strident base, but diplomacy and tact are essential ingredients along with telling the truth. Right now, Trump is batting 0 for 3 on these ingredients.

    • I keep saying that, as well, but they appear to be that blind at least in the extreme side of the party. He has already cooked his goose in a national election.

  2. My brother just sent me an article from the New York Times that listed his many, many insulting tweets made since he began running for president. The list included tweets to fellow candidates, other politicians, media, groups, institutions, etc. It was truly shocking.

    • Janis, I bet that is one ugly list of tweets. There is also a mountain of material from his past that can be equally disturbing. This man is far from Presidential material and it is there for the reading. Thanks for commenting, Keith

  3. American media CREATES its own reality, and the sheep believe it. Donald know this. Any real estate business person learns this over time. His stance is higher than most real estate people. He knows this fact, even more.
    The mainstream media is owned by those who are star makers, politician makers and the killers, literally and otherwise. Grandpappy Bush was Hitler’s banker in 1935 and later bought CBS ( Television Network) in 1950, and helped created the attack calling everyone a Communist. This creation of lies into truths has been going on ever since.( and before)
    Their tentacles are far outreaching and still have influence if not still corporate veiled owners of this status and all the others over the years.
    The Donald fought New York City, in his business ventures, as most highly successful real estate moguls must fight the respective cities to build or rebuild the property they buy. Playing politics and fighting local and state politicians abound in this business more so than most.
    TV mediators do what their owners demand, whatever turn they are asked to take in the slants toward or against an issue or person. The cases of one top commentator and producer ( can not remember name? ) being fired for questioning GW Bush’s military record is proof of what I say.
    The Donald is NOT wanting to become fodder as they gnaw everyone into in the end, whether the people are used and eventually set aside, or simply targeted for destruction, as part of their agenda. Think about some of the past media created LIES in recent history the media created out of thin air, and by mere mention, was made fact, in the eyes of public opinion.

    • Thanks for your note. And, I appreciate your sharing your comments. I am not sure if your main point is the media is evil or that Donald Trump is a crusader. As an independent voter and one who seeks the truth in news, one of my major frustrations with the media, as I have noted before, is their very shallow reporting and not representing their conflicts of interest. I am also not a fan of news sources that are at best spin-doctored news. The sources of news, just as opinion surveys and reports, are essential. I get my news from multiple sources, but find PBS Newshour, NPR and BBC World News Americas as far more reputable sources.

      As for Donald Trump being the crusader, I just cannot get there from here. He is a successful businessman who knows how to make a sale. Yet, his history is one of exploiting others for money and leaving people high and dry when the money wanes. Everything a voter needs to know about The Donald’s lack of veracity as a candidate is in his history. He is very litigious and thin-skinned, which does not and will not serve him well as a leader. He is also not big on telling the truth, viewing it more as tradeable commodity. His insensitivity to taking questions and denigrating the asker is due to his inability to support some of the inane things he has said. The sad part is too many believe a lot of his BS.

      I know he has tapped into a strident base who is angry that their way is not being done. Yet, my anger is more at our leaders not working through their problems and collaborating to serve our country. I do not see Trump as helping that cause. I would take him over Cruz, if there was a choice, as Cruz is part of the problem and believes his own BS. I will say Trump actually hurt himself by not attending this debate. He looked small, in my view.

      Again, many thanks for offering your thoughts. Best regards, Keith

    • Lisa, his track record on this issue was the source of Megyn Kelly’s questions that started all of this fuss. Her questions were legitimate, as his history even before tweeting of denigrating women is not insignificant. This will eventually harm his campaign efforts, whether it in the GOP primary or general election, should he win. Thanks for your comment, Keith

  4. Note to Readers: While fact checkers had a busy night, it was refreshing to hear the GOP candidates discuss positions on issues and explain previous stances or actions rather than positions in the polls.

  5. Note to Readers: I was thinking this morning how much crap the President position takes irrespective of the incumbent’s party. Whether you like Obama or not, he seems to take an extra share because of the heightened adversarial nature of politics these days.

    My thought is we have one leading candidate in Trump who is known for being thin skinned and litigious. Ted Cruz, the candidate who stood the most to gain from Trump’s no show at the debate had a “you’re being mean to me” tantrum which will be remembered as one of the worst debate moments for anyone. Given that this position will take a lot of crap, neither of these gentlemen are showing they have the temperment to handle it, in my view.

  6. Note to Readers: Apparently The Donald getting religion did not hinder his ability to lie. At the debate last Saturday in NH, Trump said we were the most taxed country in the world. Per PolitiFacts, a nonpartisan fact checker, we are 27th out of the 30th when ratioing taxes to GDP. When measuring taxes per capita, we are 17th. So, they rate Trump’s statement as yet another falsehood. Again, he was measured as lying 76% of the time out of 77 statements as of year end. Saying it a different way, he told the truth only 24% of the time. I don’t think he has helped his batting average since the new year started.

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