Happy Easter Egg

My grandmother used to wish us “Happy Easter Egg!” Either by phone or in person for Easter egg hunts, she would be exuberant in her wishes for her six grandchildren.

My grandmother, whom we called “Big Mama,” was indeed a character. Unlike, the Big Mama in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” she would be more than a match for Tennessee Williams’ Big Daddy.

She loved telling stories about her large family, all of whom were characters. She called her sister Carrie Bell, “Cowbell,” and loved to hear her tease back. When I asked if I could sit in her chair when she went into the kitchen, she would respond “They’re all my chairs, but you can sit in that one.”

I think about her around Thanksgiving and Easter, as we often visited on those holidays. So, Big Mama, “Happy Easter Egg” up there in heaven. And, don’t tease St. Peter too much.


10 thoughts on “Happy Easter Egg

  1. Note to Readers: My wife tickled me yesterday. She took our daughter to our niece’s house to dye Easter eggs with her little girl. It is a fun annual ritual. My wife insisted we usually make egg salad after Easter with the eggs.

    Knowing this was rarely, if ever true, I remained silent. When she got back and after we admired their efforts, I asked where she put the eggs and when she wanted me to take make the egg salad. She laughed and said the eggs were in the car too long and we should not make salad. When she noticed my smile, she laughed again and said “we never make egg salad from these do we?”

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