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Where do you get your information? I ask this because our President seems to get his information from less than reliable sources and then criticizes more legitimate sources for disagreeing with him.

Here are a few questions to ask of your sources:

– if a source of information screams at his audience while his head is turning a very scary shade of red, he might not be a good source of information.
– if a source of information has such a raspy voice from shouting at the wind and name calls everyone who he deems appropriate, then he might not be a good source of information.
– if you get your information from Facebook or Twitter, you need to look carefully at sources cited and use the Twitter feed for headlines only to cause you to dig further on more legitimate sources.
– if you are getting your information from a source that must advertise they are fair and balanced to make up for their bias and inconsistent veracity, then you might want to consider another source for validation.
– if you are getting your information from the current President, stop because he is an unreliable source and has been most of his life.

I encourage you to check multiple sources. I am often asked where I get my information. Several places – PBS Newshour, BBC World News America, NPR, Reuters, and The Guardian. I read articles from my browser feed which come from The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New York Times, Newsweek, Time, etc. And, my local paper, The Charlotte Observee is a good source for local and state news.

A good sign a news source is reputable is they print errata or correct portions of stories that prove to be inaccurate. Admitting mistakes is a sign of intelligence.

I would also ask people who say inane things about their sources. Our President cites a couple of sources that are known for making things up or creating conspiracies. He even put one on the White House. And, he has actually appeared on one where the host is on record that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged, as an example of his lack of veracity.

Before someone claims fake news, he needs to make sure the things he is saying are legitimate whether it is about his electoral college landslide, voter fraud or unemployment or crime rates.

29 thoughts on “Just a thought

    • Hugh, true. I was proud one of their hosts was critical of DT and the Russia issue. Plus, he took issue with DT’s treatment of the CNN reporter. Yet, many Fox viewers want his head rather listening to what he said at great personal and career risk. You would think that would make what he said heard by those who need to hear it. Keith

      • I would have thought that a year ago, but no longer. Nothing much surprises me these days in the way of lies and vicious attacks on persons of integrity.

      • You would think that when people of integrity spoke out against this man, people would have listened, especially when they are or were Republicans.

      • You would have thought that when it became public that NONE of the former presidents (including Republicans) were planning to vote for him they would have known something was rotten in the state of Denmark! But they are blind and being led by the blind.

      • Hugh, it disturbs me that too many Republican leaders do not want to upset DT or his voters, yet the drip drip of the leaky faucet may become too much and overflow their tub. Keith

      • My sense of it is that they are enjoying the euphoria of power and will give this man what he wants until it is clear to everyone that he has gone too far. Then they will pull the rug out from under him and create chaos!

      • Likely. Outside of John McCain, with a little Lindsey Graham thrown in, there are not enough consistent voices. The moderate conservative writers like David Brooks, Michael Gerson and others who have been critical are not a believed chorus because the talk show circus online and the radio call them RINOs.

  1. Note to Readers: I have written before about the need for us to ask more questions – why, what, where, when, how and how much? What are you going to replace the ACA with, how are you going to do it and when will the change be effective? How much will building the wall cost plus land acquisition and when will it be completed? What is the impact of your proposed tax plan on the debt? Why are you so consumed with inconsequential things that make you look petty and foolish? What proof do you have for various claims you have made? The list is long.

  2. Note to Readers: It should be noted when our President cites erroneous information and is called out on it, he will say it must be true as he heard it from more than one source. He will say something as if it is true (like winning the electoral college by the largest margin since Reagan) and then another source which does not check will repeat it. So now he thinks it must be true. This is circular logic and it does not prove anything to be true. The voter fraud issue of 3 million votes was made up by a blogger, repeated by Alex Jones on his show and now the President is spending our tax money to investigate it with no proof of offered. This is a waste of time to satisfy his large ego.

  3. “Before someone claims fake news, he needs to make sure the things he is saying are legitimate whether it is about his electoral college landslide, voter fraud or unemployment or crime rates.” You assume, of course, that someone gives a ‘sh–‘.

    • Linda, the man treats truth as a commodity. The only time he uses it is when it is to his advantage. Right now, he is trying to distract Americans from his own malfeasance and incompetence. The Russian issues will only reveal more problems and he has shown a knack for unforced errors. Keith

  4. Good points all. You and I share many of the same sources, and I would add Foreign Policy and der Spiegel. I also check out Mother Jones, which I know to have certain biases, so I always seek confirmation before using anything I find there. Even so, using what I consider reliable sources, I still get it wrong every now and then, as I did the other day when I mis-quoted Kellyann Conway. Good post … everybody needs to check and double check, and I don’t mean using Fox and Breitbart! 😀

    • Jill, thanks for the tips. Our old blogging friend Larry Paquette introduced me to Reuters and The Guardian before he passed away a couple of years ago. The key is to validate. I once used a very believable quote attributed to Trump, but it was a modified version of a less volatile quote. Sources do matter and I agree that Fox gets it wrong far too much and Breitbart gets it wrong most of the time, compounded by its tone. Keith

      • Susan, he would be, but like all of us, it would be wearing him out. The man in the White House is relentless. It is fascinating while he bashes the media in front of a group who believes every words he says, he continues to lie and misstate facts. Sweden being attacked is a small, but yet another example. His White House running like a fine tune machine is delusional. Keith

      • Susan, it must be us and the small but growing number of Republican leaders who have chutzpah. This is why he is attacking the press, as they are finally doing their job and holding him accountable. Keith

      • Yes, I like the European sources like Guardian, Reuters, and BBC, because their perspective is just a bit different than WaPo or the NYT, but I use them in conjunction with one another. Facebook friends are continually posting faux news that I then go look up on Politifact or elsewhere, correct them, and yet … they keep doing it. I feel like I am talking to a brick wall, not to mention wasting my valuable time trying to help them. Sigh.

    • Lisa, it has and it will likely get worse with his attacks on the intelligence community and media. The truth is spilling out and his administration could not be confused with a fine tuned machine. He has far too many open positions and a management style that promotes in fighting. Keith

  5. Dear Keith and friends,

    I am trying to be extra careful about verifying that I write.

    For instance, I hesitated to blog on the the recent news about a draft memo about WH plans to use the national guard to assist ICE. AP stated it had a copy of the draft. Then others like Shaun King said they had a copy and published it. Finally, I used it because its contents were consistent with what DT had been saying during the campaign season.The WH denial no longer carries any weight for me because of its reliance on “alternative facts” and “fake news.”

    But what happens when something serious happens that is for real, to where he needs to be believed. He will have a difficult time convincing a lot of us because has lost any credibility.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, you and Jill do a superlative job at verifying your information. That is what irked me about the troll you two picked up for awhile who criticized without supporting data.

      You are right about a man who we should not believe, but will have to on serious matters. His track record thus far is 70% untruthful in the White House, so he will tell the truth if it serves his purpose.

      Here is one narrative he perpetuates. Russia has a great leader and is doing great as a country. Setting aside the Putin issue, Russia has been mired in a recession since 2014 and was not doing great before then. Fallon oil prices in their heavily reliant industry has caused many problems as has sanctions. You would not know this if you listened to DT about his man-crush with Putin. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: My daughter was driving with a friend and a motorcycle driver who had been behind her pulled up at a light and asked her to roll down the window. In a weak moment she did and the rider said, we presume in response to her Coexist bumper sticker, “Isn’t it great that Donald Trump is our President” and cited a reference from

    For my evangelical friends, The Donald represents much of what Jesus preached against – pride, avarice, vanity, ego, bullying, lying, sexual harassment and assault and not paying people for their services. If in your mind, you think God picked Trump, then please do not ever witness to me again as the God you are worshipping is very different than the one I do. Many evangelicals saw this initially and then sanded away his rough edges.

    • I’m not religious, but I don’t understand how people can say that God picked DT (I guess meaning that whatever happens is God’s will) and not also believe that God willed Sandy Hook, or even the Holocaust. And, I don’t think they used sand paper to remove his rough edges, I think they must have used a chainsaw.

      • Too funny, but more accurate on the chainsaw. DT is not what he seems to his fans and the truth is in history. He has not left a trail of treating people well in his wake. I should add Jesus was not as litigious as the 1.5 per week lawsuit engine in Trump.

  7. Note to Readers: If you are going to present yourself as a heartless bastard, then you better be right or very good at identifying society’s real problems offering solutions. Without naming the person, a well known opinion blogger resigned after his schtick became too abhorrent even for people who perpetuate fake news at his former company. Our right to free speech does not mean we have the right to be a jerk or lie. This man did both.

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