Tell me again how you care about us?

Many have confused our President’s campaign rhetoric of speaking to a disenfranchised audience with his actually protecting their interests. When you look beneath the bullying of companies which are more pomp than circumstance, he is doing an interesting low profile job of screwing over Americans.

What do I mean by this? Here are a few examples:

– He wants the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unwound or made less effective. The CFPB has been hugely successful at punishing banks, credit card companies and other lenders for aggressive and fraudulent marketing. Over 90% of the fines go to the jilted customers. They have fined WellsFargo, American Express, Bank of America, e.g.

– Within hours of his inaugural speech to protect us Americans, he signed an order that reversed a mortgage premium reduction for homeowners that were required to buy mortgage insurance – this would have benefited over a million people who could not afford a lot down on their home.

– He wants to repeal the ACA which largely helps people making less than 4 times the poverty level. These folks will likely lose access to insurance on a guaranteed issue and renewability basis along with a premium subsidy. Access without either would be detrimental.

– Selecting an EPA cabinet leader who detests the EPA will create burdens on poorer Americans as they bear the brunt of environmental problems living closer to coal ash sites, supplied water by older pipes, and subject to more air and water pollution. We must protect our environment for all Americans, but we should be mindful of the strength and pace of job growth in the renewable energy industry.

– And, as a lightning rod, he tells people to buy American when the ball caps in the audience are mostly made in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh as are most of his and his daughter’s products. Do as I say, not as I do seems to apply.

There are other examples. The inanity of his words distract us from the agony of his pen and history. Pay attention to his actions. That is where the proof will lie. I do hope he does some good things, but we need to keep him as honest as we can.

23 thoughts on “Tell me again how you care about us?

    • Kim, it has left me weary. The corollary is how do you convince his supporters who believe every word this con artist says? I read where some believe him about the terrorist attack in Sweden that never happened and feel the media is covering it up.

      His mentor was legal counsel to Senator Joe McCarthy told DT to sue everyone and never admit a mistake. He did not say he is wrong on Sweden, he changed the reference. He did not admit he was wrong at the press conference on his electoral college comment, he was informed of this by a staff member and had seen it somewhere. Harry Truman he is not. Thanks for dropping by. You have been missed. Keith

    • Erika, a Girl Scout who has sold more cookies than anyone by shooting straight said this on the news, “If you are not truthful with people, then what are you?”

      Our President tells untruths 70% of the time per Politifacts. He lied by far more than any Presidential candidate since data was tracked in 2007. His biographers note he treats truth as a commodity – so Mr. President, what are you? Keith

      • Erika, around the globe he must be seen as equal parts clown and pariah. Since we Americans do not pay attention, too many may have failed to notice his key folks are apologizing for him, with folks like Senator John McCain telling folks that he does not represent America alone. Keith

      • That is what I thought about lately. All the people around him must be shaking every time he is holding a speech and writing everything down they need to rectify after! Oh, and you are right about the the way everybody might look at him. He is his own parody which is scary!

      • Erika, very true. But, the audience was primed for someone who would come along and say what people wanted to hear. That was the easy part. Governing takes effort and due diligence. Keith

      • That is the tragic part. The audience was there! Unfortunately he is not like most politicians. He keeps up with his behaviour also after the election. He needs to understand that he cannot keep up his spoiled billionaire attitude. Not anymore. He represents one of the greatest nations in the world! He thinks, now he can do even more what he wants but it is exactly the opposite!

      • Very true. Governance requires many folks to do their part. When he said he alone could solve this, that was untrue and naïve.

  1. I worry most about the enablers of this delusional Hitler clone with orange frosting. Ryan in the House and McConnell in the Senate know he is going to destroy the credibility of the office, but they are using him to pass their toxic agenda in the background while he drinks gasoline and swallows lit matches on center stage. I am afraid none of us will escape unsinged when he finally explodes.

    • Mickey, it frustrates me when party becomes more important than the country. Our officials must have integrity. When an incumbent damages the role, the incumbent must be censored or removed. Our President is a danger to our planet and country, but where he damaged the role is through his rampant lying, conflicts of interest and not being forthcoming about his dealings with Russia. To me, he has stepped up his media attacks as the layers of the Russian onion reveal more as they are peeled away. Keith

      • I hear you on this issue. I was fascinated by the Twitter accounts of rogue staffers at the White House. It all sounds way more explosive than it does on the nightly news. It honestly sounds like Trump is headed towards a divorce and a mental breakdown in very short order.

  2. Good examples all, Keith! I would only add that, after promising African-Americans that they would be so much better off under him, he went and selected a blatant racist as Attorney General, the man ultimately responsible for enforcing the law. To most African-Americans I know, this sent a very loud and clear message.

    • Jill, thanks. I have given him a chance, but several appointments tip his hand with the AG, Bannon, Pruitt, etc. Plus, I remain troubled by his rampant lying and offensive tweeting and comments. Right now, three of his people are explaining that Trump did not really mean what he said about NATO, EU, Iraqi oil, etc. The travel ban was horribly rolled out and backlash was justified.


      • You have been more generous toward him than I have, but he simply isn’t learning from his mistakes! But then … he doesn’t think he has made any … ever … in his entire life. Sigh.

      • Jill, I do think he can be shamed as he is a man of little conviction. His daughter and even HRC publicly said you have to say something about the anti-semitism. Of course, his reluctance is he welcomed the support (or did not dissuade) white extremist groups. My guess is the more level headed generals in his cabinet will help him see the cancer Steve Bannon is to the country and him personally. Keith

      • I do hope so, as Bannon actually makes me more nervous than Trump himself. Trump I see more as a bungling fool, but Bannon I see as pure evil. Trump claims to not be a racist, yet he has surrounded himself with racists. What message does that send?

      • Jill, who you surround yourself with his vital to your success. One bad decision was fired, but Bannon, Miller, Sessions and Pruitt remain. On the latter, Pruitt’s emails that were not permitted to be seen before the vote, reveal huge bias which may harm the GOP.

        I read a piece today posing what would Senator Sam Ervin who oversaw the Watergate Committee say to Miller and Bannon or Trump. He would speak of being aware of abuse of power. This was in response to Miller saying the President should not be questioned. That is flat wrong. Keith

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