A cornered animal

A cornered animal is a dangerous thing. It needs to be handled very delicately, as the animal is scared, even from those trying to help. The end result may be the same for the intervener, whether he or she is malevolent or benevolent to the animal. Or, in the case of people, the malevolence to the cornered one may because of the harm being done to many others by the animal itself.

What we are witnessing the past few weeks is the US President is like a cornered animal. He has gone full bore in trying to protect himself lashing out at anyone or any entity standing in his way. The simple reason is all the havoc he has wrought is starting to cave in on him. And, he is reverting to a basic survival instinct which is particularly vehement given his narcissistic nature. “It cannot be me, it is all those folks out to get me. The bad news about me is all fake.”

The President knows the further Robert Mueller and his team look, the more they will find. When one’s history has lacked a due diligence to work with people of integrity and is replete with untruthfulness, one should be afraid. Not working with people of integrity was the gist of a Newsweek piece on Trump well before the election. But, the fear is this goes deeper in that there may be unhealthy relationships with Russian and other nefarious actors that could be revealed.

To me, the President is guilty of obstruction of justice. He did not want people looking into his affairs, whether there is criminality or not. He took strides to prevent the investigation and actually made it worse. As Rep. Trey Gowdy said if the President is innocent, he needs to start acting like it. And, per the testimony of all our intelligence leaders, at a minimum, Trump is guilty of being an unwitting participant in Russian meddling. His echoing the words prepared by Russian hackers was gold for the intruders, which he did more than a few times.

Yet, it goes further than this. Admiring pretty women is not a crime. Neither is having extramarital affairs, although evangelicals would concur that is a sin, especially when the affairs are plural. What is a crime is sexually assaulting women. What is a crime is sexually harassing them. What is crime is using money that could be construed as campaign money to pay off women he has wronged to be quiet.

So, not only is the President being cornered on one side by Robert Mueller, his past sexual misconduct is cornering him as well. He has called one woman a liar and she is allowed to proceed with a lawsuit of defamation of character. That makes three lawsuits on sexual misconduct. But, the first defamation lawsuit may lead to others coming forward as there are sixteen or so women who have claimed sexual harassment or assault by the President.

So, my guess is this will get even more ugly in the next few months. That will make all those Republican leaders who look the other way regret not standing up to this man. And, the scarier part is this does not include his ongoing style of governance where the truth does not matter, good counsel is ignored and demeaning others who disagree is modus operandi. As the rollercoaster operator says “buckle up as it is going to be a bumpy ride.”

18 thoughts on “A cornered animal

  1. Note to Readers: The signals and sirens were there forewarning of us this man. His five biographers warned us. Reputable conservative pundits like Michael Gerson, David Brooks, George Will and others warned us. Several hundred retired military and intelligence people warned us in a letter. Sixteen women who were branded liars warned us. Newsweek warned us with their detailed reporting on the nefarious people he partnered with around the globe. He is acting just like he has always acted.

  2. Dear Keith,

    I will not give up contacting US legislators. They need to get the message from “we the people” that they will not survive if the president fires Mr. Mueller where they failed to act by ousting the president or by re-instating Mr. Mueller and his job, The American peoples would not be forgiving. It would make their lives a lot simpler with less of a downside, if they would choose to act now to proactively prevent this from happening by enacting legislation. The pain later would be much worse.

    Hugs, Gronda .

  3. I have the same feeling that you write about… that the next several weeks will be very bumpy for our country. The sooner this embarrassment is swept onto the dust pile of history, the better. I find it so hard to understand how anyone (I’m talking regular citizens, not politicians) can support him anymore – then I catch a clip from Fox “News” and I understand. We are living in different universes.

    • Janis, I was encouraged by Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters’ resignation from Fox and his rationale. I also want to research a survey that Gronda cited that measured Fox statements were 60% mostly false or worse, while CNN was only 20%. Even MSNBC was far more accurate than Fox with a 40% mostly false or worse rate, but that still is double CNN who takes the brunt of Trump’s fake news heat. Keith

  4. This is starting to the take on the age-old tale of a regime in decline; the leader out of touch with the majority growing more and more paranoid, relying on his sycophants. It does not normally happen in a space of under two years though….

    • Roger, he said he was unique. Going from the penthouse to basement in two years would be unique. What I find of interest is in the middle of all his turmoil he throws water on an economy which was the only thing that could save him. The tax law borrows from the future to make the present a little better, then he starts a trade against the advice of people that matter, that is causing anxious investors to be more concerned. Keith

      • Although being on the far left and thus always concerned about business (but trying to keep myself on a short leash), the aspect which concerning me, and forgive me if I am repeating myself, but goes as follows…
        Businesses work in a real world. And businesses which are involved in the manufacture of goods deal with harsh realities. Businesses which provide create and provide genuine financial services have to be aware of the climate.
        Trump’s entire career seems to have been in the nebulous world of big city property development and not even ordinary housing.
        Thus to my socialist inclined mind I ask this question…
        What does Trump know about the Real World of Real Hard-Front Line business and commerce???
        This by the way is a genuine question, since being so far-left most of the commercial world is an alien land to me (I have to keep a sense of proportion and humour about my beliefs…apparently I am Keynesian-itself a dreadful thing to say in some left-wing circles)

      • Roger, the only thing I know for certain is what Trump knows cannot match what he conveys to the world he knows. Financial writers have noted he has made good and bad decisions, but he is not known for his management skills.

        He seemingly takes pride in managing by conflict and even chaos. I have consulted with and worked in large companies for over 30 years and I can say without a doubt that is a horrible way to manage. The chaos in the White House is real and dysfunctional. Keith

      • Roger, speaking of Hitler, my wife and I just returned from watching “Darkest Hour.” Still can’t believe that was Gary Oldman underneath all of that. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: It seems the President’s legal team is adding more dynamics to the mix. The lead is gone, a new one has had a change of heart and a very qualified one said no thanks to the invitation. It also appears the wronged women may tighten the noose a little more.

    • Lisa, it wears you out doesn’t it? Even when he does something good, he cannot help himself. He bans bump stocks which is great. Then on his tweet about it he has to say something derogatory about Obama. Why? Is his ego that fragile he has to step on others? The action spoke by itself, it did not need a put down of another to elevate your accomplishment. Keith

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