Wind waltzes across Texas

Relatively unknown to many Anericans is the rapidly growing success of renewable energy in America. California is the significant leader in solar energy and Texas is the predominant wind energy state.

As reported on CBS Morning News this week, there are 24,000 renewable energy jobs in Texas mostly in the wind sector. That is more than 1/3 of coal jobs in the whole country. Further, over 16% of the electricity produced in Texas comes from wind energy at the end of 2017.

What may be surprising is former Republican Governor Rick Perry deserves credit for pushing a bill to expand the electric grid to draw power from the wind turbines. This action is vital as to power cities, the electricity has to be transferred from the plains areas where wind blows so strongly.

This makes Perry’s relative silence on the subject frustrating in his role as the director of the Department of Energy. He is doing the heavy lifting for the President as he pushes for more coal use. With the renewable energy jobs growing at double-digit per annum clip, one would think Perry might want to talk about expanding the nationwide grid.

Let me close with a reminder of the town of Georgetown, TX that is 100% powered by renewable energy. Republican Mayor Dale Ross noted in the CBS news interview that he is a Reagan Republucan, but breaks with his party on climate change. Ross, a CPA, wants to meet with the President as his Town Council voted to select the lesser and more predictable cost model for energy which is renewable energy.

Too many people debate renewable energy as a jobs vs. environment issue. This is an old argument and is no longer true. The market forces and development have made renewable energy more affordable. As a result, the jobs are growing. Just think of the wind waltzing across Texas.

15 thoughts on “Wind waltzes across Texas

  1. Note to Readers: I have mentioned before that the city of Houston powers 90% of its municipal needs with renewable energy. Per an article in in April, 2017, “For two consecutive years, Houston has been highest ranking local government on the EPA’s list of green energy users. It’s also the seventh best overall green power user in the US.”

  2. Dear Keith,

    One would never guess that Texas the State of Oil is turning more and more to renewable energy sources. This is great news as it means more and more state leaders are not buying the president’s BS.

    Republican Mayor Dale Ross will not get a receptive ear with President Trump who is only interested in catering to his coal loving base. Facts and evidence be damned.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, one of the biggest drivers of wind energy in Texas is oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens. He said on “60 Minutes” five years ago, natural gas is buying time to get to cost effective wind. It is here.

      There is also a sidebar. Ranchers can lease their land to wind turbines at $5,000 per year. Ten windmills is $50,000 per annum. Cattle do not mind. Keith

  3. Rick Perry is a turncoat … instead of hearing the voices of his conscience, he is hearing the ka-ching of the cash register. It is too bad when people like Perry, Nikki Haley and others who were once respected for doing the right thing, allow themselves to be either lured or browbeat into turning against the best interests of the nation and its people.

    • Jill, it amazes me why politicians run from their own successes as the tides turn. Senator Rubio’s greatest success was getting the bipartisan Immigration bill passed by the Senate. When he ran for President, he hid from that fact. Perry is feeding the Trump misinformation beast to set policy. Keith

      • You are so right … they are running from success, from a future, to flapping in the wind on Trump’s coattails. Trump seems to create toxicity in the very air around him, and in the hearts of people whose lives touch his. Rubio vacillates, but Perry is … he has sold his soul, I believe, to Donald Trump.

  4. How encouraging that these two states can turn their geographical and metrological circumstances into a useful product.
    I agree Keith about the ‘jobs’ argument. Actually the construction, subsequent maintenance, upgrade and ensuring of supplies to ever region come what may would require a substantial and economically productive workforce.

    • Roger, you hit the nail on the head. Do you invest in future growth or in an industry that has a diminishing marginal return. The CPA trained mayor of Georgetown said the cost of a fossil fuel energy model was larger that the renewable one. He added the renewable one had a longer cost guarantee. Keith

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