Make America Alone

Unless you are on a diet or workout regimen, you cannot shrink to greatness. Yet, that is precisely the path America is on under the leadership of a man who announces his intent to make the country great again. Instead, he is pursuing a path of making America alone.

Jim Melville, the US ambassador to Estonia announced his resignation last week. Ambassador Melville, a 33 year state department veteran who has served under six Presidents, four of them Republucan, cited his reasons on Facebook. He said he could not support a President who has belittled NATO comparing it to NAFTA and saying it was formed to tap the American piggy bank. He also noted the President’s attack on the European Union as shameful.

Melville is not a lone voice. Other long service ambassadors have departed under this regime and there are a scary number of open diplomat positions. I have made reference to the number of Americans attending global conferences is dwarfed by the number of Chinese who are “working the room.” Diplomats both glean and share information to benefit a country.

This becomes even more troubling when the ultimate US diplomat sitting in the White House is bullying and lying about long time allies, imposing unwise tariffs on such allies and other trading partners, resigning from an important United Nations human rights committee, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Change Accord leaving us as one of three countries to do so, ignoring our allies on not staying with the Iran deal and leaving or discrediting two major trade agreements, one of which went forward without us.

An EU ambassador noted many months ago that America’s strengths are its military and allied relationships. So, going it alone is not a wise move. What is further troubling is this is the path Vladimir Putin wants us to go down, but he is not the biggest benefactor of America’s retrenchment. This path leads to an ascendant China, which has been forecasted for many years. The US President is helping them blaze the trail.

Making America alone is not a fruitful path, at least for America. Please think about that. If you agree, reach out to your Senators and Congressperson.

23 thoughts on “Make America Alone

  1. Good thoughts, Keith. I’m beginning to feel like we are the playground bully who ultimately finds himself sitting alone while the other children play happily together. The world will not wait until we once again have a serious and knowledgeable leader, but will move along without us. Trump wants “America First”, but he will get “America Alone” and we will all suffer for that. Yes, we must reach out and keep reaching out to our elected officials, but by now we realize that the ones currently sitting on Capitol Hill will not act against Trump’s wishes. It is more imperative than ever that we “throw the bums out!!!” in November. The lifeblood of this nation depends on it.

    • Jill, your bully sitting alone on the playground is a good analogy. I made some more calls to Senators regarding my concern over the tariffs. The US Chamber of Commerce is now doing a data driven PR campaign showing state-by-state projected job losses under a tariff war. Senator Corker needs to resubmit his tariff bill. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: The news of Harley Davidson announcing moving production of motorcycles to Europe to support their second biggest market due to the tariffs gets most of the press. But, there are other stories. As reported in The Guardian today in an article on Trump’s steadfast resistance to admonition on the tariffs:

    “Some effects are already being felt. The largest US nail manufacturer, Mid-Continent Nail, has laid off 60 workers and said it might be out of business by the end of the summer.”

  3. Note to Readers: Another name to remember is Roberta Jacobson. She resigned as US ambassador to Mexico in March, 2018 after 31 years of service due to the President’s bullying of that country. There are others, but between her and Melville, that is 64 years of experience that walked out the door. But, of course, Trump told us before he was elected that “Only I alone, can solve this.” Well, that seems to be the direction he is headed, but I do question the “solving” part.

  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    AMERICA … once great!
    ‘You cannot shrink to greatness. Yet, that is precisely the path America is on under the leadership of a man who announces his intent to make the country great again. Instead, he is pursuing a path of making America alone.’

  5. Dear Keith,

    There are more and more foreign policy experts who are coming to the realization that President Trump is somehow beholden to the Russian leader. Vladimir Putin. Everything he is doing can be seen in the light of it benefiting Russia with a couple of exceptions.

    The only time he looked serious was when he evicted 60 Russian diplomats/ spies but later he was furious because he had done this by mistake.

    I am sick with worry about what he plans to do at the NATO summit and his meeting with President Putin.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, he certainly is doing the heavy lifting for Putin. It is either some financial relationship or a compromised one, but his actions seem correlated with Russia’s goals of destabilizing the west. But, China is the biggest benefactor of our demise. Keith

  6. Thinking of you the True Americans in this Unhappy Age you are going through.
    Best wishes to you and yours of the 4th July Keith.

    • Roger, many thanks. Your spending time lamenting with our global concerns over the unstable and untrustworthy US President is greatly appreciated. Best wishes in the World Cup. I was watching a replay of a BBC announcer on the air, when a roar came from in the room next to the studio. He said apparently we are moving on to the next round. Keith

      • I am very fond of the USA Keith, from a very early age (leaving out the Westerns) and have developed a link of a sort. It greaves me to see your nation in the hands of folk of such small character.
        Oh our relationship with soccer is a complex one.
        We revel in our history of magnificent failures, in particular at the infamous penalty shoot-outs; a one-on-one between a play and goalkeeper, in which we gloriously miss the net!
        And yet last night, the ‘impossible’ happened England won a shoot-out and have progressed further than anyone expected.
        England last won the cup in 1966 and we’re still living off of it.
        Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have all their brief moments of almost glory. And at one stage everyone was behind Eire, the team being managed by and English man and composed of many player devoid of any trace of an Irish accent….happy times.
        And now England play Sweden on Saturday, a team not to be underrated…so will the dream end there?
        (Never mind England won a penalty shoot-out!)

  7. Although there’s not a lot to cheer about lately, I wish you and your family a wonderful day this year on the 4th. I find it encouraging that veteran U.S. diplomats are resigning their posts and putting the blame on Trump and his policies. Great post, good sir!

    • Thanks John. Unfortunately, these diplomats’ statements through resignation probably are more known by people outside the US. Here, I watch the President’s base criticize them, if they are aware at all. They fail to realize the numbers continue to grow. But, my guess is many do not know as they limit their sources of information to propaganda. Keith

  8. It is so heartbreaking to see America reversing the very things that brought us glory and envy around the world. I think of how we behaved under the Marshall Plan after WWII. We now do the very opposite. While America still seems to be the land of hope to many looking in from outside, I fear that the reality of what it has become will soon dribble out. Who can be proud to be an American anymore? I marvel at the many new citizens who were sworn in over the Independence Day holiday. While they still be proud of their citizenship in 10 years? Will they feel safe in their adopted country? The damage seems so wholesale that I fear it will take several generations to undo the “MAGA” campaign.

    • Linda, my hope is the simple fact America is far greater than any incumbent President, especially such a poor steward as this one. But, true leaders still need to highlight his example is not one to either admire or emulate. Keith

  9. Note to Readers: A viewpoint heard today that makes sense is while the consideration of tariffs on China are worth considering, the Trump White House had no plan for the push back they are getting from China. But, to not work with allies on China, to impose tariffs on allies, to denigrate NATO, to not working with allies on the Iran deal, Paris accord and to just being a bully, is just extremely poor form and damaging.

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