A speech in my dreams

With everyday life seeming more nightmarish with a divisive leader of the world’s current largest economy, I must retreat to a daytime reverie to find a speech I would dream to hear. It would go something like this:

“My fellow Americans, I have come to the realization my Presidency is a lightning rod for division. I have no one else to blame, as President Truman said so well, the buck stops here.

While I did not create division, I used it to get elected. I decided to accentuate a we/ they environment which worked too well. Unfortunately and to my chagrin, I continued to use this approach to govern. Now, we are more divided.

That stops now. We cannot condone people acting on their bigotry toward other people. We are all protected under our constitution with equal rights. We all must have the opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

From this day forward, I will become a better President. I will endeavor to tell the truth at all times. I will treat all Americans and our allies with respect. I will do my best to make Americans proud and be a role model in the world.

I realize I am my biggest enemy. My lying and demeaning behavior has made me less trustworthy. The sad truth is our country is now less trusted as a result. I must change and be the leader you deserve.

But, I need all of you to treat others like you want to be treated. Listen to each other to understand, not just respond. I will do my best to change, but hold me accountable. If I do not change, please ask Congress to admonish me. It is that important.

We have a great country, but I need to live up to our ideals. I have not done so thus far. For that I am sorry. ”

President Donald J. Trump

A person can wish can’t they?

22 thoughts on “A speech in my dreams

  1. It’s a nice wish, but it needs a different man. For another example of good ‘presidential’ speeches, I nominate the one from the movie ‘Independence Day’ made just before the last assault on the aliens;) – Susan

    • Susan, I do not think this President is up to either speech. I also like Michael Douglas’ speech in “An American President.” President Obama was ( and is) far better at consoling speeches after a tragedy. I actually do not want to hear from the current President, as it is more opportunistic feeling than assuaging those suffering. Keith

  2. Great post Keith. This will not happen because it would involve an ethical, moral, and mentally stable president . If Trump possessed these qualities we would not be in a situation to need such a speech.

  3. This is a speech that many of us would love to hear. Unfortunately, this is probably a pipe dream and stands little chance of becoming a reality. POTUS saying “I quit”, now that would be a dream come true! Thank-you!

    • Ellen, it is a pipe dream. I don’t see this man quitting, so if Mueller can pecs things, it will be up to the spineless Republicans in Congress. But, if he keeps on throwing out ideas like invading Venezuela, that might get their attention as he truly is unstable. Keith

  4. There are normal dreams and there are pipe dreams… this, I’m afraid is of the pipe variety. That man is incapable of reflection and empathy… to say nothing of his inability to read and pronounce words containing more than two or three syllables.

  5. Dear Keith,

    Psychologists and psychiatrists will tell you that it is rare for a narcissist to seek treatment because part of their character flaw is that they don’t believe they have a problem. The rare occasions that they would seek treatment would be under duress, they have no choice.

    I do believe in redemption and I believe in the goodness of the American peoples who would love to hear that speech and who are by nature, a forgiving lot.

    I want to believe that people can change for the better but in this case, I would place that happening in the president’s case, in the miracle category. I do believe in miracles and we all could sure use one right about now.

    Hugs, Gronda

  6. Wow, just wow! It’s incredible to think that this speech, coming out of that mouth, could go down in history as one of the most memorable moments in history. Sadly, for all of us, he can’t recognize his own power.

  7. Great speech, Keith! Unfortunately, you’re not a corrupt swamp monster so the WH would never consider hiring you as a speechwriter for DT. A lovely dream!

  8. Have you checked your temperature lately, for I would swear you must be running a very high fever, my friend! This is not a daydream, it is feverish delusion! Get thee to a doctor now! That said, it was a lovely thought, but even if he said all that, who would believe him? Not I. The better speech would be the one that he also will never willingly make, the one that starts with “I quit”.

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