Thoughts for Thursday – Conspiracies abound

Water, water everywhere. While the wildfires burn out west and in Greece, I live on the east coast of the United States and we are inundated daily with heavy rain. It feels like a wet version of “Groundhog’s Day,” where Bill Murray’s character relives the same day.

Here are a few random soggy thoughts for Thursday.

Conspiracy theories abound on the web. Yet, every once in awhile justice may be served. Alex Jones of Infowars is trying to stop a trial where he is rightfully accused of spreading a false story that the Sandy Hook shooting story is a hoax. As a result, these poor families who lost a child or adult relative, have to be taunted and harassed by Jones’ followers. This is far worse than the Westboro church that picketed military funerals because of the nation’s stance on allowing LGBT people join the military. Jones is touting free speech, but this man has caused mental anguish because of his blatant misuse of his voice and disregard of any common decency.

The US President continues to claim the Mueller investigation is a “witchhunt,” the same term that President Richard Nixon used to decry the Watergate investigation. So the day after President Trump says collusion is not a crime after repeatedly saying he did not collude, he wants to end the Mueller probe. Help me understand how a thin-skinned man was not aware of a meeting in a building with his name on it where he works and lives, attended by his son, son-in-law and campaign manager to get dirt to throw at his opponent, a favorite tactic of his? After his Putin fawning performance in Helsinki, I am 100% convinced POTUS is guilty of more than just obstruction of justice. This is certainly no witch hunt, says this former Republican and Independent voter.

Speaking of conspiracies, a bona fide real one was captured in the “Pentagon Papers.” While Nixon did his level best to prevent The Washington Post and The Nee York Times from publishing these stories, this conspiracy involved Nixon and his two predecessors (LBJ and Kennedy) fighting a battle started by Eisenhower. These Presidents knew the Vietnam War was unwinnable, but kept fighting it to avoid the disgrace of losing. Tens of thousands of Americans (and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people) died after we knew the cause was lost. The North Vietnamese and Viet Cong were fighting for their country, while we fought for a corrupt leader sympathetic to the US. It was not in the Pentagon Papers, but years later it was discovered Presidential candidate Nixon secretely waylaid a peace deal underway, saying he could get better terms. Four years later and after more deaths, peace was brokered. Nixon denied this, but his voice was caught on tape as the South Vietnamese leader was being surveilled.

It should be noted that LBJ knew of Nixon’s “treason” as he called it, but chose not to bring it out, so as not to sway the election. It should be noted that Obama did the same thing when he knew the Russians were trying to influence the election in Trump’s favor. Both LBJ and Obama were wrong. However, while Trump tries to blame Obama for inaction, he was already touting the election was rigged. He was right – it was rigged to favor Trump.

That is all for this Thursday. Conspiracy theories abound. Most are only that. Yet, when they are true, they are whoppers. Usually the greater the effort to squelch them indicates their veracity.


11 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday – Conspiracies abound

  1. I’ve been following this on the news. The Sandy Hook conspiracy is so sickening, imagine the anguish these parents have gone through. Trump is mentally unhinged and unfit as he has been from day one. Thanks for saying it all so eloquently Keith.

  2. I read, though I haven’t verified it as yet, that in addition to trying to have the charges against him dismissed, Jones is also suing the Pozner family for $100,000 to reimburse him for his legal fees. The Pozner family has been forced to move 7 times since 2013 due to harassment cause by Jones’ followers. One of these days he’s going to cause somebody to get killed. This is not what the founders had in mind when they wrote the 1st amendment, I’m pretty sure.

    As re the Idiot-in-Chief … an innocent man would want the investigation to continue in order to clear his name, rather than leave it always hanging over his head. But then, we both know Trump is guilty as charged, and likely guilty of things we will never even know! If he succeeds in shutting down the Mueller investigation, which I think highly unlikely at this point, it will be an admission of guilt and should be called just that. I am sick of this ‘man’s bombast and ridiculous words. I hear he now things that we have to show ID to buy groceries. Funny, I’ve never been asked for ID unless wine was part of my groceries, and even then, it’s been a few decades since they’ve asked to see proof of age. 😉

    Nixon was certainly no angel, but at least he did do some good things during his presidency, which is more than anybody will ever be able to say about Trump. Frankly, Nixon appears far closer to an angel than before, in comparison to Trump.

    Have a happy Thursday, my friend. I hope you see some sunshine soon.

    • Jill, I just responded to Holly about Mr. Jones, so I won’t repeat my remarks here. I should add, it is very, very hard not to name call when speaking about what Jones has done here and elsewhere.

      As for the other person for whom it is very, very hard not to name call, I am struck how prolific his lying is. Everyone on Mueller’s team is a Democrat, e.g. Trump’s real lawyers don’t want him ro the testify, simply because the man cannot stop lying. One attorney who deposed Trump got him to admit to 30 lies. Keith


  3. Note to Readers: Speaking of conspiracy theories, Senator Joe McCarthy’s communist witchhunt conspiracy is another dark stain. This disproven conspiracy misused data and used fear to sell Americans that communists were infiltrating all levels of government and media. Fortunately, the newscaster Edward R. Murrow consistently called out McCarthy and eventually interviewed him letting McCarthy sink his own effort. But the question asked of him that should be applied to Alex Jones is “have you no decency sir?”

  4. Dear Keith,

    This past 18 months will be another dark ugly chapter in our history books.

    To say Alex Jones is a despicable human being is an understatement. Vermin don’t operate so low.

    There is this QAnon group that is comprised of Americans who feed on conspiracy theories. It is my opinion, they have the makings

    When the Democrats gain a majority position in the US Congress, one of the first orders of business will be to fix it where we never have a repeat of DJT. Laws need to be enacted where any presidential candidate must present his tax returns; he must be able to pass an FBI security check and he must pass a physical by an independently selected doctor.

    Religion will not be used as a tool again. The separation between religion and state will be reaffirmed. Any one/ any corporation which donates to any campaign in any way including with PACS, will have this information made public.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, you won’t find an argument on your definition of Alex Jones. I wasn’t going to write about QAnon, but I have a basic question. Why would people believe a source that may not even be a real person, saying incredible things, many of which did not happen, but not believe very credible evidence that a man who has a history of lying is lying when he says he did not collude with Russia?

      It reminds me of the doomsday predictor who kept changing his date for the end of the world after it did not happen. Some less than wise souls sold their assets in anticipation of such. Oops. Keith

    • Linda, many thanks. Trump would have screamed bloody murder and likely would have sued. It also may have been part of his plan to raise the issue of a rigged election to prevent Obama from acting. Even if not planned, a narcissist tends to paint others with his faults. Keith

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