Mr. President, please refrain from weighing in…

The continuation of this title is “Mr. President, please refrain from weighing in…
– if you do not know the facts;
– if your comments are more harmful than helpful;
– if what you are about to say is untruthful; or
– if you do not know what you are talking about.”

Being a narcisstic man who is in a position of leadership, he feels emboldened to opine on anything. Seemingly innocuous issues become contentious, as result. It truly wears me out.

Unfortunately, he does this with intent to find wedge issues to divide, but often he just cannot help himself. If he is talking or tweeting, most likely he is being untruthful, harmful or both.

This week proved to be no exception. Top of mind:

– he denied knowing a man who he appoInted as interim Attorney General, despite evidence that he routinely met with him because he did not like being briefed by Jeff Sessions;

– he had the White House release a doctored video prepared by Infowars to portray reporter Jim Acosta in a worse light;

– he criticized, by name, Republican Congress members who lost for not genuflecting enough to his greatness, trying to distract from the negative impact he has sown;

– he accused the states of Florida and Arizona of election fraud without supporting proof;

– he was hypercritical of three African-American reporters who asked questions he did not like, yet they were legitimate questions, as most are with this President.

These are only a few of this week’s statements. I have gravitated toward the word tumultuous, when thinking of this President. He is the walking embodiment of trying to hold mercury in your hands.

So, please Mr. President, do not feel the need to weigh in on so many issues. Especially, given the extended title in the first paragraph. I do not believe a word you say, anyway, as the odds are well in my favor not to do so.

12 thoughts on “Mr. President, please refrain from weighing in…

  1. You speak for many of us. Two things … First, if he used your 4 criteria at the beginning of the post as a guideline for when to open his mouth, he would never speak. Second, just a bit ago I read that in his first nod to the latest of the California wildfires that have, so far, killed 7 people, he blames the California Forest Service for being incompetent and is threatening to de-fund them. Sigh. And so it goes … Good post.

    • Jill, thanks. The California fire comment is beyond tone deaf, it is just uncalled for. Empathy is a word often used to define a key lack in this President. Why his followers do not see this is beyond me. My favorite conservative columnist, David Brooks, often shakes his head over this President’s inability to show empathy. Keith

      • Jill, to state the obvious, MLK, Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Theresa, John McCain were all much stronger people than the current US President. He prided himself on his faux reality show on saying “you’re fired,” but he does not have the nerve to fire people to their face in real life. That is telling. It shows compassion and empathy to sit down with someone and tell them they are no longer needed. It is the hardest thing I ever had to do and that showed. Keith

      • I so agree with you. Like you, I’ve had to fire people throughout my career, some for doing a lousy job, others because they simply did not catch on, but it always kept me from sleeping the night before and left me with an upset stomach … it was always the hardest part of my job and no matter how bad an employee the person was, I always approached it with compassion and empathy. I always cared. Trump is not capable of caring for anyone but himself. The list … MLK, Gandhi, etc … every one of those people were men & women of peace. Trump prefers conflict and confrontation to peace.

      • Jill, I applaud your past concern and consternation over having to let someone go. I agree the man prefers conflict over peace. He said his management style is to pit people against each other – this is a horrible management approach and destroys teamwork. Keith

  2. Well, now, Keith, you are not being fair and I’m taking away your microphone and if you try to stop me, I’ll sue you for harassment, perhaps even sexual harassment. Here’s your quote, and how you got each point wrong:
    “Mr. President, please refrain from weighing in…
    – if you do not know the facts;
    Mr. Trump always knows the facts because only the facts as known by Mr. Trump are facts.
    – if your comments are more harmful than helpful;
    Mr. Trump never says anything harmful or helpful. Everything he says is making America great again.
    – if what you are about to say is untruthful; or
    That is a slanderous accusation. Mr. Trump never, ever says anything untruthful because when Mr. Trump says it, it becomes the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If only Mr. Trump’s enemies (like yourself) would make an effort to realize what a wonderful savior he is turning out to be for America.
    – if you do not know what you are talking about.”
    Fake, fake! Mr. Trump always knows what he is talking about, whatever it is. It is entirely the fault of fake news media that people question Mr. Trump’s uncanny wisdom and incisive comments on everything.
    (I can keep this up all day, every day, Mr. President. Do I get the job? – bowing obsequiously, drooling and salivating…)

    Thanks for a great post, Keith.

  3. Dear Keith,

    Sha’Tara spoke the truth. The last person who would listen to sensible advice would be President Trump. He has created a bubble reality show where whatever he says or does is based on the truth and is in the best interests of USA.

    He hires and listens to lackeys. He is already complaining about his appointed FBI Director Chris Wray who is not kow-towing the president’s every whim.

    He doesn’t get that the judicial departments owe their fidelity to the US constitution and not to him.

    His not having a firm grasp on how the US government works is about to bite him. For example, he did not know that the former White House Counsel Mr. McGahn was not his personal attorney.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, at some point, these appointees usually realize their oath is to the constitution. Trump believes everyone works for him, especially these government attorneys. People whose voice needs to be heard did not accept the appointment, have departed or are doing their best to serve the people and slip in advice to govern the President. Keith

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