Maybe the GOP should consider impeachment

The Mueller report paints a pretty damning portrait of the current US President and his modus operandi. The many hours of testimony also validate the findings of two of the more thoroughly investigated books about the Trump White House – “Fear” by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward and “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff. To be frank, maybe the GOP should consider impeachment as they should be as concerned or more about the President.

These three investigative reports paint a picture of chaos and a mercurial man whose worst impulses must be managed. While he obstructed justice (to my way of thinking), it would have been even worse had his staff not refused to act on more than a few illegal or unethical requests. It is akin to the children hiding the car keys from an increasingly demented parent.

What should be of great concern is the fact 14 cases, two of which are now known, are recommended by Mueller and his team for prosecution. Anyone who has worked with the President should be very scared right now. Adding to that are the thoughts of Mark Shields and David Brooks who note with sadness the threat of Donald Trump on our democracy and institutions.

I also understand that criminal collusion is not being pursued, but I find it hard to believe we can sum up these actions to unwitting participation in Russian influence and horrible judgment. There are too many interactions with Russians – too many conversations, too many meetings, too many financial discussions and too much lying or not remembering to think that is all it is. Maybe that is where some of the future court cases will lead us.

I read yesterday a different way of thinking of Russian involvement. If we think of the attack as an actual bomb attack, wouldn’t we want to get to the bottom of this? All along, I have felt the Russia involvement with the US President is related to financial  issues. Trump has been not forthcoming about his financial relationship in Russia.

So, as more of the Mueller report impact rolls out, it is the GOP who will be harmed the most. The closer people fly to Trump, the more their reputations will be tainted. The question I often ask “is this the man you want to spend your dear reputation on?”

But, setting all of this aside, is this the person we want hold up as our leader? Our word is not trusted, as the man who is in that role is not trustworthy.

PS – This footnote was added on 4/24/2019 as it links to an excellent article where a member of Trump’s transition team is calling for his impeachment.

A Former Member Of The President’s Transition Team Calls For His Impeachment

20 thoughts on “Maybe the GOP should consider impeachment

  1. Good thoughts here, Keith. I agree … there is too much smoke regarding the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia for there not to be a fire. Perhaps Mueller was thinking along the lines of “pick your battles”, and he chose to pick one that might have a better chance of achieving results. Or, perhaps he did the heavy lifting, and left it to those 14 prosecutors to clean up. Either way, to your point, no this is NOT a man who can be entrusted with the lives of some 330 million people, especially since he believes he only answers to 40% of those people. He has proven to be a loose cannon, has made irrational judgments, and in my book you are right … the GOP ought to be thinking in terms of ‘damage control’ and impeachment is really the only tool they have. I have urged caution on the impeachment issue, knowing that, while the House might be able to get that 67% to impeach, the Senate would simply roll their eyes and fail to remove him from office, as happened with Bill Clinton. That, in my opinion, would be an even more untenable situation, for Trump would be off the rails 100% of the time, instead of the 90% he currently is. It would endanger the nation. But now, perhaps the GOP will see it as self-preservation. Who knows? I hope they do.

    • Thanks Jill. As an attorney who worked for Trump said, if you are on Trump’s good side, don’t get used to it as you won’t stay there. You must continue to feed the beast – Barr will learn that just as others have.

      Here is a chance for the GOP leadership to save its party and our country. They will not take it, but should strongly consider it. Keith

      • Jill, I believe we must tell our GOP Senators this is of concern. Senator Mitt Romney has made remarks in that regard. I spoke with a staff member for Senator Richard Burr sharing my disappointment that he appeared in the Mueller report. He had appeared above board, but obviously decided not to follow former NC Senator Sam Ervin’s path on leading the Watergate investigation. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: One of the worst attributes of the US President is he is vindictive. This is the “fear” he manages by. The GOP leadership is scared to call him out, as he will sick his base on them. Senator Lindsey Graham is a good example. His old friend Senator John McCain would not be too happy with Graham’s sycophancy toward Trump. What Graham fails to realize is it will end badly for him.

    As of this writing, Trump is punishing the law firm of former counsel Don McGahn. Others who also testified under oath fear the fuming man.

    Part of me thinks Trump is less bothered by the obstruction accusations and is more bothered by the message that he has to be managed. I got that sense from Woodward’s book “Fear,” as well.

    What Shields and Brooks noted Friday on PBS Newshour is what happens when a real crisis occurs and decisions have to be centralized to a man who has shown a proclivity to rash decisions.

    • As you say Keith it’s a matter of the base who put him there and the opportunists who lurk with them.
      The Republican Party seems mortgaged to that grouping. Probably calculating if Trump is ditched his once supporters will go away and find another one.

      • Roger, the GOP has made a deal with the devil. They need to save their country and party, suffering whatever consequences they have to. What is interesting, more than a few conservative pundits are hoping for Trump to lose to save the party. Yet, few are listening. I am glad Former Mass Governor Bill Weld is running in the primary against Trump. Keith

      • I was reading a brief item about Bill Weld.
        Can you clarify, Keith, where he stands in the political spectrum and what sort of base he could hope to attract?

      • Roger, Weld is more of a Libertarian. He ran as the VP Libertarian candidate in 2016. He is more credible than his running mate. Unless these remaining 12 cases pending from the Mueller report are startling or if Trump does something really stupid, Weld does not stand a chance. But a more honorable Republican voice is needed than the incumbent’s. Keith

      • I had read in the brief article he was a Libertarian, which is not a favoured sort to some from the UK left…
        That said I would rather you have a Libertarian with principals in the Whitehouse than what you have now.
        Of course the notion of Trump doing something really stupid is quite credible.
        Blessed Easter

      • Roger, like all political parties, there are good and bad things about every party. While the party is mostly not my cup of tea, Weld would be a large improvement over his rival. Keith

      • It says much that people are yearning with a kind of nostalga for Nixon and saying ‘he wasn’t’ so bad, just too flawed’

      • Roger, while Nixon deserves credit for opening relations with China and setting up the EPA, he ran a criminal enterprise from the White House and over twenty of his aides went to jail. Plus, he called out the national guard on Kent State college students and several were killed. Keith

      • Quite and yet when comparing him to Trump folk are willing to forgive and forget. It says a great about Trump.

      • Roger, I read today where Weld has called on Trump to resign. Plus, I added a link as a footnote above to Gronda’s post where a member of the Trump transition team has called for Trump’s impeachment. Finally, former GOP Senator Bob Corker has asked for more known Republican to challenge Trump. Keith

      • This begs the question whether those within the Republican movement are looking to the future and the harm done to them by Trump’s legacy.

      • Roger, I was watching two security experts on PBS Newshour. One painted a picture of Trump losing the election and then claiming election fraud and refusing to leave. One of the reasons Obama did not make known the Russian intereference was Trump was loudly and repetitively complaining the election was rigged against him. Then, in a debate, his answer to would he accept the election results if he lost, his response was “we’ll see.” If the Republicans want to save our country, they need to openly recognize what this man is doing. Keith

      • Never has there been a person so unsuited to such a position of great responsibility and considering some of the presidents, that is truly saying a great deal.

  3. Note to Readers: I posted the above post on the website of several Republican Senators, including the two from my state. I encourage people to reach out to their Senators and say this behavior is not acceptable. Politicians tend to believe their own BS. This is the reason I included the reference to the well researched books as many people are saying the same thing.

  4. Note to Readers: GOP Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan is the first GOP national legisalator to say there are grounds for impeachment in the Mueller Report. I agree with this assertion and it continues to become more obvious with more obstruction and more evidence of financial concerns with Deutsche Bank and Russian money laundering.

    Trump has called him a “loser” while Mitt Romney called him “courageous.” While he continues to get flack, he pushes back with factual assertions. The GOP is backing the wrong guy by vilifying Amash. He is on the side of the Angels.

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