Not a witch hunt

The following is an updated brief letter I sent to the editor of my newspaper. It has a 150 word limit. Please feel free to adapt and use.

This independent and former GOP voter is troubled by members of my former party ignoring an obvious national security risk who resides in the White House. I watched a parade of honorable, dutiful and courageous public servants testify under oath at great risk. We must be concerned by a president seeking personal gain at the expense of national security.

We are already less trusted because our president is untrustworthy, but looking for personal gain with shadow diplomacy is wrong on so many levels. I support the impeachment hearings. So, should Republicans.

If someone tells you the impeachment is a witch hunt, a funny response is if it is, then then president needs to get off his broom.

7 thoughts on “Not a witch hunt

  1. Once more I admire your style and brevity as well Keith.
    Our election has placed me in Full Metal Jacket mode…my letter might read
    ‘Tell that (explicative deleted) to quit whining like a little kid who’s skinned their knees and (expletive deleted) grow a pair. He got caught now tell the (expletive deleted) to stand up and take it on the chin. (Inappropriate comparisons of a graphic nature follow). (Statements of a blasphemous nature) (More Inappropriate comparisons).’

    • Roger, a key word that gets overlooked with the president is his history of “unaccountability.” His mentor Roy Cohn told him to never admit you were wrong and sue everyone. And, that is what he does. Keith

      • Trump will not be remembered very kindly. They will look back at this period as when the US ceded a global leadership role. Trump reminds me of the a man named Khruschev banging his shoe on the table at the UN saying “We will bury you.” What he is doing at NATO is par for the course.

  2. Note to Readers: I sent the above to my two senators and congressman and spoke with two other staff members of congressman. I encourage folks to reach out to GOP Congressman Will Hurd, who is a former CIA analyst. I find him to be the most reasonable of GOP Congresspeople. Unfortuntately, he is not running again.

  3. Wise words, as always. I admire that you can say so much within a 150 word limit! I would feel like my fingers were tied! I have adapted your letter to send to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Thank you!

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