Somber but necessary day

Last Friday was a somber, but necessary day in America. The House Judiciary Committee voted for two articles of impeachment of the US president. Whether it hurts or helps Democrats is irrelevant. This independent and former GOP voter feels it was necessary as we cannot have a president act in this manner. We are a democracy, not a kingdom. Acting in this manner is a risk to our national security and constitution. I applaud the political courage of those honorable public servants who testified under oath and at great risk. I also do not find the president to be the most truthful of people and, as a result, is the biggest purveyor of fake news in America by far.

10 thoughts on “Somber but necessary day

      • I have been trying as I do from time to time to contact various Senators with little success these days. I’m sure they don’t want to hear what most of us are feeling, it’s all about personal gain.

      • Holly, I had more hopes for Rubio, but Scott is a Trump sycophant. See my note to Brendan. The president is clearly and overtly guilty of obstruction of Congress. He is giving the House the proverbial finger. Why GOP House committee members chose not to vote “aye” on that is beyond me. Keith

  1. It’s a somber time, and what makes it even more somber is that an entire political party would seemingly rather protect its president than protect American democracy. Very somber indeed.

    • Brendan, true. I am particularly annoyed by Messers. Graham and McConnell. But, setting the extortion conduct aside, how could any Republican Congressperson not vote for “obstruction of Congress?” The president refused to cooperate, told his staff not to honor subpoenas and not send information. The issue of veracity in their minds is irrelevant. Congress asked you to appear. If you or I did not appear, what would happen?

      This is why McConnell and Graham don’t want a trial with witnesses. Lying under oath is a crime. Keith

    • Jill, to her credit, Speaker Pelosi has kept the proceedings to a somber state. As noted above, this action may harm Democrats election chances, but it must be done. We cannot have the US president act with impunity the way he consistently acts.

      I need to think on this more, but other country leaders will take notice and make darn sure, they do not commit to doing anything that smells funny with the US president. That is what I would do. Keith

      • Yes, this must be done, for otherwise it sets a precedent and in the future, other presidents will merely scoff at the notion of impeachment, or of being held accountable.

        I’m sure you’re right … most of the leaders of European nations are fed up with Trump, have been almost since Day #1. The only leaders that will play nice with him at this point, are the ones who are shady themselves, like Bolsonaro, Putin, Erdogan, etc. What a sad fall from grace this nation has experienced in 3 short/long years.

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