Wednesday wanderings with a head full of wonderings

As I do a walkabout, thinking deep thoughts along the paths, I wonder about a few things. In no particular order:

If these climate change naysayers believe they are right, what is the downside of moving toward more renewable energy that uses less of our dear water and does not pollute the environment? What is the downside of planting more trees and protecting mangroves in marshes? If they are wrong and we don’t do enough, we cannot reset the clock. From a risk management standpoint, it is beyond foolish. Quoting the conservative former prime minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull, he refers to the beliefs of the naysayers in his own party as “idiotic.” I should add a key reason I left the Republican party in 2007 was its stance on climate change.

The UK decided to forego sending its bigwigs to a global security conference in Munich last week. It is not surprising the level of pushback they received from other attendees and fellow Brits. Regardless of Brexit, that global security thing is a tad important. Call me crazy, but when you go it alone, it becomes more important to make sure the country is secure. I have long worried about Brexit and I do not have a great deal of confidence in those leading the country to do what is needed to govern these issues. I hope it goes better than I fear.

Of course, having just said the above, I don’t have a great deal of confidence in those leading the US efforts either. I would love to trust the US president, but I find it hard to do so given his track record of corruption and deceit before and after the election. What the president is doing now is no different than how he has always operated, he is just on a bigger stage. I think we should put the onus on the followers of the president asking them to convince us why we should not believe the incumbent is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, which includes Richard Nixon, who was crook.

Many years ago, I believed the US Congressional leadership was privy to the best information to make informed choices. Sadly, I do not believe that to be true. The information may be there, but I see a terrible tendency to listen to much less informed opinion hosts and, even worse, conspiracy peddlers. When Obama was president, Senator Ted Cruz pushed a conspiracy theory that Obama was taking over Texas, when he knew the military was merely doing exercises. Rather than be a leader, Cruz became part of the problem.

Yesterday, Senator Tom Cotton pushed a conspiracy theory that China invented the coronavirus as a weapon, without any proof. We already must contend with an untruthful president who listens to conspiracy theories. He was even impeached over a discredited theory being pushed by the Russians, but he is still pitching it, not having learned his lesson. “60 Minutes” even noted Sunday night that Trump refers to an Ukraine owned entity in his conspiracy discourse, but the entity is actually owned by US investors with no Ukrainian involvement. Sadly, the president’s lying is par for the course. Back to my earlier point, why not trust the president? He needs to give me reasons to do so.

Well, the walkabout at least gives me exercise, even though it does not permit me to solve any problems. We need people in position of leadership to act like leaders. At the very minimum, they should tell the truth more than they do not. As for the US president, taking him at his word is a fool’s errand.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday wanderings with a head full of wonderings

  1. I think that we are at the point where if Trump did suddenly tell the truth, we still wouldn’t believe him. That’s the trouble with crying ‘wolf’ all the time … eventually nobody believes you. He lives in a world of alternative facts, of facts carved to suit his interests. Your walk doesn’t sound like it was very relaxing. Next time, try the ipod, headphones, and some good tunes to take your mind off the circus in Washington. 😉 ♫

  2. Maybe someone should tell Mr Cotton ( he doesn’t earn the right to his title) that Russian TV is blaming the USA f or the virus outbreak. How does he feel about that?
    And (sarcasm warning, force 10)…we don’t need to attended a conference om security now that we have left the EU we can be Great Britain again…..Next week Boris Johnson will produce a Royal Navy larger than the USA’s fleet before our very eyes! And of course we have James Bond who will always be there to save us…..
    I shall now retire to my writing before my forehead starts to impact with the nearest wall.

    • Roger, interesting about Russia. They also jail people who criticize Putin. Cotton should also be remembered for helping derail a bipartisan deal on DACA for border wall funding. He was one of the Trump whisperers when Trump stabbed Lindsey Graham in the back.

      Boris will turn water into wine for his next trick. Keith

      • Cotton therefore will go down as one of those who nearly ruined or in worse care scenario ruined the USA with his silliness.
        No doubt he would have been there back in the mid 19th century saying he would be able to mop up all the blood spilt in a Civil War with his handkerchief.

        As for Johnson in view of his life style he is probably trying to finesse that trick already!

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