A few more relationship funnies

Relationships will provide opportunities for humor. The ability to laugh at these situations are part of the glue to long term relationships. Here are a few funnies to try and lighten our load.

When dating my wife, I took her back to the office after lunch. As I was walking down the hall, I turned to wave goodbye and then proceeded to walk into an open door (the door, not the entrance). My wife said she almost wet her pants trying to keep from laughing.

A good friend was worried about going to a school reunion with his new wife. His nervousness showed as he introduced her…and got her name wrong. She corrected him with a smile, that would be Jeannie not Jenny.

Another friend married a woman he dated since his teen years. When you asked him when they started dating, he would answer “thirteen.” But, when you asked her, she would respond “seventeen.” The dilemma is they are the same age. Although they did divorce later, they remarried and remain such.

Another friend traveled to an internal conference and hit it off with a woman from another office at the conference. While nothing transpired there, he returned to his office smitten. He shortly received a card from a consultant who he had fussed at for not being attentive to a client deadline. The card said “You are in my thoughts, D” as his first name began with that letter. Yet, my friend thought the card came from the woman he just met thinking the D was a P for her name, Patti. He called Patti, she confided that she did not send it, but wish she had. They remained married until she passed away from cancer.

I love these stories as each of the couples have had long term marriages, even the one which had an interim hiatus. Be able to laugh at these situations and you will laugh together for a long time.

10 thoughts on “A few more relationship funnies

  1. Good stories, Keith. I remember attending my husband’s (then boyfriend) high school reunion. We had been together more than 10 years at that time. I was a “bit” taken aback when he introduced me to one of his friends as Janis, his “date.” When we talked about it the next day (yes, I was hurt), he said that it had come out completely unintended. That was the day we decided to get married. So much easier to be introduced as his wife.

  2. Note to Readers: A few wedding funnies. We married in August and the nervous and hot groom was noticeablf perspiring on his face and forehead, a fact captured in pictures. The groom almost fell when stepping up to light the unity candle, catching himself without too much notice. And, the new married couple drove off to their honeymoon leaving a bag of shoes in the bride’s car. So, we had to buy some while away. Fortunately, she was wearing shoes when we left.

  3. When I was a senior in nursing school, one of my friends was invited to the wedding of a close friend from high school. She had responded that there would be two of them attending the reception. Her boyfriend unceremoniously dumped her the week prior to the wedding. She was too embarrassed to go alone, yet wanted to attend the wedding. One of our friends talked her brother into escorting the poor girl. Still embarrassed by her situation, at the wedding she introduced him as her boyfriend. and soon to be fiance. After returning from the wedding, he asked her out and they began dating. They dated for the 6 months until our graduation, then became engaged and were happily married for over 35 years. They always joked about how the then boyfriend did them both a life changing favor! Thank-you!

    • Ellen, so cool. This sounds like that movie “The Wedding Date.” I have this inkling, the “date broker” told him and her, the other is a nice person to be around. Keith

      • PS – I met my daughter’s friend on Thursday who introduced my daughter to her brother. They hit it off and are dating now for four months. I asked if she felt the two would hit it off and she said no, she was just introducing them

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