A conversation between Garfield and Odie

The following conversation was spawned by a delightful post called “The Conversation” on Gigisrantsandtraves blog called Rethinking Life. A link is provided below. I caught wind of it by a reblog from Holly of House of Heart.

As Garfield said to Odie, “can you believe this guy is admitting to using the post office to win the election?” Odie nods yes. “Can you believe that senator guy from the cheese state admits that his committee’s investigation is designed to help Biden lose?” Odie nods yes. Garfield asks “Odie, are you nodding yes because you are not surprised they are cheating or they are telling us they are cheating?” Odie holds up a sign “Both, but the question is why is this not considered a problem anymore?”

When Garfield looks surprised at the astute observation, Odie holds up another sign that said “When Kevin McCarthy admitted in an interview in 2015 the continual Benghazi hearings were to help Hillary lose, he was asked to step down from consideration as Speaker of the House. Apparently, lying and cheating are now a new sport.”

Author’s note, while Garfield and Odie are fictional characters, the subject of the stories and conclusion are sadly real. Please read the inventive post by Gigisrantsandraves. This conversation would not have been written without her marvelous post.



9 thoughts on “A conversation between Garfield and Odie

  1. I hate to think that this type of conduct will become the new normal after the current WH swamp dweller leaves office. I seem to remember that after Watergate, a lot of rules and regs were passed to “assure” that it would never happen again (some of which, I believe, were walked back later). Hopefully there will be bipartisan support for new laws – with teeth and no loopholes – to be written next year.

    • Janis, that would be great. The governance laws are there, they just need to be adhered. Allowing a president to fire or reassign an Inspector General without scrutiny is a derilction of duty. Keith

  2. This is so crazy! When I heard McCarthy’s statement in the news I was like: Ok, this is only getting weirder… they still think the US people are just too dumb to see what they are doing here.

    • Erika, do you remember the movie “A few good men?” Jack Nicholson’s character was trapped on the stand by a simple line of questioning, “why the need for two orders?”

      In today’s politics, if your tribe was caught in such a line of a questioning, their answer would be “so what?” Trump’s staff tried to bury his “perfect call” with the Ukraine president. If not for an honorable whistleblower, he would have succeeded. From the testimony, the president tried to extort another country for personal gain. His tribe said “so what?” Keith

  3. Purrfect! The only way you could have made this post better would be if you had illustrated it with your own artwork. Though the observations are sadly true, I enjoyed this post so much and sent it on to my Son. He is a lifelong lover and collector during those long gone boyhood years of anything Garfield. It may interest you to know, as related by my Son to me, a few facts about Garfield. The cartoon cat was named by creator Jim Davis for his grandfather, James Garfield Davis, who was named for President James Garfield. Garfield the cat’s personality was also based on that grandfather, a cantankerous and curmudgeonly man with a gruff exterior but a soft heart. After the cartoon ran for three years, cartoonist Charles Schulz suggested to Davis that he “Give him big human feet.” and the Garfield we know and love was born! Thank-you! P.S. I also enjoyed the link!

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