Loneliness defines the fight against disinformation in one’s tribe

In an article by Jeremy Peters of The New York Times called “One Republican’s Lonely Fight Against a Flood of Disinformation,” it is very lonely in the world of truth seekers in the GOP. Former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman openly condemned the conspiracy parrots that had taken over his party led by the deceitful former president and it cost him is job. He was one of the seventeen Republicans who voted to impeach or convict the former president on his seditious incitement of an insurrection.

And, almost all of those Republicans have been censured by the so-called state leadership of the Republican party. That is a sad statement in and of itself. The folks who risk much to call out those who risk so little are the ones being called on the carpet. As two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof noted in defining the contrast in the retirement of Senator Rob Portman and the rise of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, “When a party loses a statesman and gains a kook, that’s a bad omen.”

Here is the opening paragraph from the attached article:

“It was Oct. 2, on the floor of the House of Representatives, and he rose as one of only two Republicans in the chamber to speak in favor of a resolution denouncing QAnon. Mr. Riggleman, a freshman congressman from Virginia, had his own personal experiences with fringe ideas, both as a target of them and as a curious observer of the power they hold over true believers. He saw a dangerous movement becoming more intertwined with his party, and worried that it was only growing thanks to words of encouragement from President Donald J. Trump.”

There is not more that needs to be said. The fact the former president was not only parroting, but promoting these lies from conspiracy sites is telling as he is not known for being very truthful. Frankly, I expect this kind of behavior from the former president. What bothers me most is his sycophants who push these lies forward.

One Republican’s Lonely Fight Against a Flood of Disinformation (msn.com)

12 thoughts on “Loneliness defines the fight against disinformation in one’s tribe

  1. As a liberal Canadian, I look upon your political travails with a sinking heart. Unless the Democrats in Washington grow a spine very soon, all will be lost as the GOP will rig future elections at will. The GOP is no longer the principled party it once was and will never be again. Conservatives need to recognize this and begin laying the groundwork for a new conservative party. Maybe… The Lincoln Party. Then let the GOP flush themselves down the toilet.

    • Thanks John. Your comments from the Great White North are on point. The old GOP (now trump party) is driving reasonable more conservatives away. Keith

  2. I think the only solution to this conundrum is to wise the MAGA crowd up to reality. Here, for example, is something they all really need to see (but never will because you can’t pry them away from Faux):

    • Pedantry, so true. “Grifter” is a very apt word to define the modus operandi of the deceitful former president. He was that way before he took office, but it did not get enough press. Keith

  3. This worrying observation fortifies my belief in that too much attention is paid to Trump as a dynamic within the Republican MAGA wing. If we look back down the past 4 to 5 decades well will have seen the growth of these views from the fringe to the mainstream of Republican consciousness. Previous Republican heavy weights such as say The Bushes were playing by The Rules, as these folk retired or died and the push came form the extremists they looked for a suitable outrageous poster-boy who would say what they wanted. What better gift than an inexperienced, grifting, opportunist egotists without an original thought only the urge to be on the big stage and wallow in adulation parroting what the masses who put him there told him to say.
    This is not the Party of Trump; as I said he is the poster-boy it is the party of the White, Far Right-Wing. Now hysterical in its attempts to gain control by any means.
    Be very wary, because they are being very clumsy and so very obvious. This is not how you play that game. You need a widespread support or at least a bare majority of the population of a nation to do that. They have not those riches.

    • Roger, and let us hope they never find those riches. That is why the party is hell-bent on cheating with voter suppression. The deceitful former president just showed them how to do it with some success. I agree that his political career is over, but he still has some influence. Keith

      • I fear he will be twisted into some legendary character Keith, as in King Arthur or Robin Hood.
        Or Jesse James wasn’t really a thuggish robber but a mis-understood poor fellah trying to get by.
        You know how it goes.

      • Roger, my thinking is he will be the guy whose own troops finally turn on him, when they realize he set them up to fail and let them do so. Keith

    • Annie, I understand and agree. Relatively speaking to the new crowd in the GOP, Portman is Nelson Mandela. However, he disappoints me as he can be reasonable at times, but does not forget who butters his bread and will echo the party line on too many occasions. When I reach out to him, my thought is you are better than this. Keith

  4. The Republican Party had a choice to make, and they made the conscious decision to abandon integrity, justice, truth and honesty in favour of “whatever it takes to win”. I hope the people of this nation open their eyes and show the GOP that they are not the fools they’ve been taken for.

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