Shore up the ACA – letter to the editor

My local newspaper ran my following letter to the editor Sunday. I have been preaching the message of improving the Affordable Care Act for seven years offering suggestions. I will link to one of those posts below. What I have never cared for is the naysaying, sabotaging and attempts to repeal it that have been a substitute for debate in the Republican party.

The legislation Republicans almost rammed through in 2017 was ill-conceived, poorly developed and punitive to multiple millions of Americans. These were the key reasons Senator John McCain saved the GOP from itself and voted it down before he died.

“Three times now the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act in the face of Republican attempts to rule it unconstitutional.

Per this retired actuary, benefits consultant and benefits manager, the ACA is not perfect and could use some improvements. But it is helping Americans, including provisions required in employer sponsored plans, which people tend to forget.

What has puzzled me for 10 years is that the law is somewhat based on Republican ideas, the latest being Romneycare in Massachusetts, which at least one Tea Party leader, S.C.. Sen. Jim DeMint, once supported.   

My strong advice to my former party, stop trying to screw Americans by killing the ACA and let’s find ways to shore up its deficiencies.”

Please stabilize the Affordable Care Act NOW to help Americans | musingsofanoldfart (

12 thoughts on “Shore up the ACA – letter to the editor

  1. It would seem that the Republicans have run out of ideas, or else have nobody left in the party who is capable of thinking, of planning, or developing policy, so instead they rely on rebutting anything the Democrats come up with. Meanwhile, ACA and many other humanitarian policies have become political footballs and We the People are the victims. I’m happy to see they published your letter! Let’s hope some people listen.

    • Thanks Jill. This is a keen example of the dearth of ideas. A key reason Senator John McCain was the pivotal vote to deny the repeal and replace bill created by thirteen white male Republicans in the Senate is the bill was not all only poorly thought out, it did not follow process and get vetted. This also offended him. The ACA actually had open hearings and Republicans participated, but they were told by leadership not to vote for it. This was a key reason Senator Jim DeMint went to so much trouble to whitewash his support for Romneycare, which is similar. Keith

      • I think it’s past time for the GOP to change its leadership. Currently they are following the former guy’s lead and Ronna McDaniel is a person sans conscience. They need leaders with some sort of vision for moving forward. Surely sooner or later even the Republican voters will see that their elected representatives are not acting in their best interest! Or will they?

      • Jill, just seeing the positions on climate change, water, renewables, gun governance, healthcare, civil rights, whitewashing history, extremism, poor policing, sedition, etc. makes me think the party is adrift and not coming back without significant change. To not seat a January 6 bipartisan commission is malfeasance in my view and I rest that on Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell’s shoulders. Keith

  2. As a Canadian with mostly free health care,(okay we all pay a share through taxes) it is difficult for me to understand the “business” of health care.
    If I want plastic surgery for vanity reasons, yes, I have to pay that on my own. I understand that business.
    If I’m in a horrible car accident and need reconstructive surgery, the medical system helps me.
    If I get cancer in my old age, I won’t lose my savings &/or home getting treatment.

    • Resa, that is the way it should be. Here, there is a health care industrial complex that does not want their ability to make money interfered with. That stands in the way of thoughtful dicussion on the better model. Keith

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