Letter to Editor on Wedge Issues

The following letter I sent in to my local newspaper was published in its entirety, which is rare. Please feel free to modify and forward if you like the message.

It amazes me how so much time can be spent on created wedge issues for political gain and so little on real ones. The global (and US) water crisis and need for accelerated climate change action are key environmental issues. Investing in deteriorated infrastructure while also reducing the US deficit and debt are at odds, but both are needed, so we must be judicious with spending cuts and revenue increases, as both are needed to solve the math problem.

And, we must stop this degradation of civil rights that were long fought for. Attacking the right to vote under the guise of staged and unproven election fraud claims is abhorrent in the eyes of this independent voter and should be in the eyes of more elected officials.


15 thoughts on “Letter to Editor on Wedge Issues

  1. Note to Readers: The two environmental issues are the top two long term issues per the World Economic Forum and have been for several years. What is also problematic is climate change worsens the global water crisis. I have written before that Duke Energy has factored into its projections an additional 11% of evaporation from the water drawn from one of its main rivers to run its generators due climate change. I saw a summary of this report about three years ago, so it may be worse.

  2. Arrgghhh! ‘Tis true. Canada’s forests are also burning down. We still have a lot of water, but a thirsty world is looking at us, and somehow we aren’t sharing it with all of our first nations. Some of the reservations have been on boil water orders for 25 years. Disgraceful!
    I did belong to a group that was trying to stop the diverting of Canadian water ways to California and Texas.
    Not sure what happened to that. I think I got complacent that it would take longer than my lifetime to play out in the courts.
    About deteriorating infra structure, I saw the Biden motorcade nearing the United Nations building. The road was a disaster!!!!!! Cement things, like in parking lots lined the road, and they were half crumbled away.
    It seems to me that the streets around the United Nations would be pristine.

    • Resa, you are in the know. Many citizens here do not know there water is being diverted elsewhere. In Kansas, frackers and farmers were fighting over water. In Texas, a couple of places ran out of water due to fracking and droughts. Keith

      • Crazy! I saw a docu on Lake Mead. It’s drying up. It seems the farmers, whomever else and drought from climate change have depleted the poor thing. I forget what poison is in the dirt and dust left in the dry parts, but it becomes airborne in the wind. It is a big health hazard.
        The whole thing with the draining of Canadian water to the USA began right after the original Free Trade Agreement. The argument was/is that under the agreement, the USA was entitled to our water. Not bad, eh?

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