Being silent is not enough

The courageous few Republicans who are among the truth tellers in their party are strong in principle, but seem to be standing alone or in small groupings way too often. For their truth telling, they are knowingly vilified and some even receive death threats by fans of the former president. Yet, they do it anyway.

Most of the elected officials in the party are keenly aware that Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s question of is the Republican party going to be the party of truth or party of Trump a more than fair question. Yet, they have chosen to be silent. In essence, they are saying to themselves “Don’t poke the bear.” They want to avoid being highlighted by the former president and his bullying and untruthful bent, whose followers will join in the fray.

This spineless tactic is not new. Back in the heyday of the Communist witch hunts and Senator Joe McCarthy, the populist candidate had a huge following. The Republican even rivaled the popularity of President Dwight Eisenhower. From Jon Meacham’s book “The Soul of America,” the historian points out Eisenhower detested McCarthy for his baseless claims that he frequently made up on the spot. Yet, Ike would not publicly demean McCarthy for his claims, only to offer mild comments from time to time.

He and the other Republicans tolerated McCarthy. They remained silent. It was not until the most respected TV journalist Edward R. Murrow exposed McCarthy for what he was that his impact began to ebb. But, the impact of McCarthy’s baseless accusations lingered on for years. The famous question asked by a senior Army official of McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” could be asked of the most recent former president, another populist who tends to make baseless claims.

I encourage all of you who agree with the purpose of this post, to consistently let elected Republican and other officials know you appreciate their political courage for pushing back on the incessant and well-documented untruthful actions and words of the former president. And, let your Republican Senators, Congress person, and GOP leaders know you are concerned about this untruthful path the party has taken. The GOP has lost any veritas it had left. I even let them know how much I admire the courage of the truth tellers and it is a shame they are getting death threats.

The accusations of sedition toward the former president tend to focus more on what he failed to do last January 6. In my view as an Independent and former Republican voter, his consistent baseless claims of election fraud, which he has tried to prove and failed miserably in courts, audits and recounts, are what greased the skids for what happened on January 6.

As his niece said, “My uncle will burn it all down to avoid losing the election.” I knew he would act this way, but what makes me more frustrated are the sycophants who publicly cover for his Big Lie and the too silent many in party leadership who are letting him do it. And, what they fail to realize based on previous history and current actions, the former president will throw them under the bus in a New York minute, even placing them in physical danger with targets on their backs if they do not play ball with him.

20 thoughts on “Being silent is not enough

    • VJ, good point. The most impactful weapon against a narcissist is to ignore him or her. One of the best metaphors of this is the former president wandering the room after dinner at a G20 meeting with no one to talk with. Every other leader had informal table gatherings sans Trump. He eventually wandered over to Putin’s table without an interpreter who was waiting to take advantage of the uninformed former president. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: I reached out yet again to Senate Minority Leader beseeching him to be more vocal in calling out the former president on incessant and baseless election fraud claims. Please consider doing such. The only way to drown out his Big Lie is for Republicans to call out the truth. Listening and reading what Carlson, Ingraham, Hannity, Jones, Lindell et al say should not be mistaken as the truth.

  2. Well said, my friend. Sadly, our words seem to largely fall on deaf ears these days, for the former guy and his rather large fan club are so obnoxiously loud that they drown us out.

  3. Oh, he would never show gratitude or respect to anyone who shut the mouth for him to “survive” in case, they don’t fit his plan anymore. At least then they should finally learn to distance and speak up.

    • Janis, there do not appear to be many. To me, to throw away one’s reputation for such a person as the former president is just not a hill to die on. Keith

  4. Note to Readers II: As more comes out about the January 6 insurrection, a third category of Republican elected officials is emerging. Actual seditionists who either aided and abetted the insurrection or were aware of what was going down are being given names. And, some are recognizable for the extreme loyalty to the former president. There is a reason they did not want this committee or a non-partisan commission seated.

  5. All true and well worth repeating, Keith.

    I did just read about a group of Republicans who are trying to retake their party from trump and even find candidates to oppose the handpicked ones who’ve sold their souls. I’ll try to locate the name and let you know. As a very partisan Democrat, I find this effort hopeful. The Sedition Caucus is holding the current Republican Party hostage—and too few either care or have the guts to cry out. Our democracy is in grave danger.

    • Annie, it has been a slow trickle, but a few more folks are feeling they can be critical of the former president’s Big Lie with more impunity. As more comes out about January 6, there are more than a few legislators who you know have to be concerned. Many are the usual suspects, including the former president himself. The question to ask the Big Lie believers is why with all his resources and funding, has the former president been so unsuccessful proven his false election claims? In fact with one minor court win, it is hard for him to lose any more than he has. Keith

  6. The now famous “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” comment marked the end for McCarthy. For all its many faults US society in general knew he had overstepped the mark.
    Regrettably amongst many there does not seem to be that sense of maturity and reflection, they would rather scream and rant like a toddler or go into melodramatics like a teenager being told their bedroom needs tiding.
    6th January and I am hurting for my adopted nation.
    Take care one and all. The madness has not yet purged.

    • Roger, thanks. I think an outside looking in post from a student of history like yourself is in order. The interesting link is both McCarthy and Trump had the same mentor (attorney Roy Vohn) who famously told Trump to “never apologize and sue everyone.” He does both. Keith

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