Please remember a few things

On the anniversary of a horrendous day in America which occurred last year, we need to remember a few common sensical things. We can never let this happen again, especially when it appears a few lawmakers aided and abetted the efforts of the insurrectionists out of loyalty to a former president who has a well-documented history of being less than truthful.

  • when people who are in the know tell you not to look at the man behind the curtain, make darn sure you look behind the curtain.
  • when people who are decrying the investigative House committee is a sham, please remember two very important things – the same people voted down a proposed independent commission and nominated at least two people to be on the committee who are actually suspects in aiding and abetting the efforts, which at best is conflict of interest.
  • when people have gone out of their way to tell you what happened did not happen that way, in essence saying don’t believe your own eyes then you should be skeptical of those efforts.
  • when people who beat on their chest about law and order belittle the Capitol police force who testified under oath and at great consternation, what does that say?
  • when people seemingly ignore the former president’s inability to prove his false election claims after over 65 court cases (winning one small one in PA) and losing several recounts, reviews and audits in spite of all of his financial resources, you think these conspiracy minded people may begin to realize the REAL CONSPIRACY is being propagated on them by the former president of the United States.

As an old fart who once was a Republican and Democrat and is now an Independent voter, I am an American first. Our democracy is being further threatened because a seventy-year old person is pitching a hissy fit because his fragile ego cannot take losing. It truly is that simple. His niece Mary said her uncle “will burn it all down to avoid losing the election.” She said this just after the election and well before January 6, 2021.

We need a healthy dose of political courage in this country, especially in the Republican party. They must stop vilifying the truth tellers and start being critical of those who are not shooting straight with us. Republican Congresspersons Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Pete Meier, et al are getting death threats, yet are still speaking up. Why is that?

Most people I know do not like being lied to. Please ask more questions of sources and think about the statements above. What happened on January 6 started well before that date and we need to see that clearly to stop it from happening again.


21 thoughts on “Please remember a few things

  1. Note to Readers: Two additional comments on funding legal resources. Two months before the election, the former president had amassed over 1,000 attorneys to contest an unfavorable election outcome. And, he still has lost abysmally in court. It has been so abysmal, many funders want their money back because they felt the former president’s people misrepresented their claims. Please research these two additional items and not just take my word for it.

  2. Keith, these are good things to keep in mind. The truth is always the best thing to remember. It occurs to me that when I was child, being an adult meant handling things in a calm and factual manner. Being an adult meant no more throwing fits, accepting the occasional defeat, and finding ways to improve yourself so you could win next time. How do we bring back courage, a sense of honor, and truth-telling? I struggle to understand the kind of people who would attack and destroy the most sacred buildings in their own country. And I shudder to think what would have happened if they had found the people they were searching for.

    • Rose, all good questions. Maybe the key word that is missing in all of this is “adult.” What amazes me is how overt the childish behavior is by some folks in leadership positions. Keith

  3. Yeah, it’s hard to explain. Unfortunately, the facts that continue to come out of the 1/6 commitee (most of which we already knew or presumed all along) won’t change the minds of the fascist crowd and their party.

    • Bumba, true but breaking through to the more ardent members of the MAGA crowd is not an achievable goal. To me, the goal must be to focus on the truth to reach the ones who are having second thoughts or are who seeing the kinks in the armor. Keith

      • Agree. There has always been a white supremecist contingent but it was a small marginal group of crazies. That core unreachable group is perhaps still small.

      • Bumba, while that group is small, the folks I was referring to as unreachable are the base MAGA group who are the principal attendees at his rallies. Their fealty exceeds those who do not take the time to attend, but voted for him. Keith

  4. All excellent points … I especially liked your first bullet point … “Look behind the curtain”. You are so right … we simply cannot let this, or anything like it, happen again. Those who plotted this event will have learned from their failure and if they attempt something similar in 2024, their chances of success will be far more likely. This is a frightening time in the U.S., but we must continue to use our voices and other resources to ensure that it cannot happen next time. I’m amazed at the percentage of people who continue to believe the “Big Lie” and support those who would turn this nation into an autocracy in a heartbeat.

    • Jill, so true. There are so many hypocrisies in those who support this Big Lie and say it is OK to besiege the Capitol building. At the heart of all of this is the blind support for a person who “lies every day even about things of no consequence” as noted in writing by a long time Trump attorney or who is “a racist,…con-artist, and…a cheat,” per another Trump attorney under oath. It truly boggles the mind that his followers believe what this person says. Keith

  5. Here on this post I witness the true patriots of the USA. The torch and standard bearers of the nation and your constitution.
    Trump, the rabble who urged him on and those who have the gall to defend him on Capitol Hill are a disgrace to the US flag, and while we are about it the memories of those Americans who died and were injured in WWII defending the nation.

  6. Note to Readers II: I encourage people to watch and read what people say today. It will be fairly obvious where the loyalty of legislative officials lies – to the Constitution or to Donald Trump. I have already read encouraging remarks from a few Republicans like Congresswoman Liz Cheney and Senator Lisa Murkowski, and have seen remarks from others like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in fealty to the former president.

    Here is an excerpt from Republican Senator Mitt Romney:

    “We ignore the lessons of January 6 at our own peril. Democracy is fragile; it cannot survive without leaders of integrity and character who care more about the strength of our Republic than about winning the next election.”

  7. The perpetrators should be getting stiffer prison sentences! They are just getting a slap on the wrist. Should be tried for treason, all of them including the defeated former president.

    • Peg, I think some stiffer sentences are in order for some in the future. To me, there is no question the actions of the former president deserve a trial to hold him accountable. Keith

      • PS – Seeing Janis’ reference gaslighting speaks volumes to me. Quite simply, we have some legislators and opinion entertainers that are covering for someone who was a catalyst (at best) for seditious acts against the United States of America. At worst, he and his comrades played a hand in the insurrection. All to make sure this person gets reelected under a Republican banner. Getting a traitor back in the White House who is among the worst acting and poorest of leaders of people is not something I would be proud of on my ledger. This is a very poor hill to die on in my view.

      • PSS – I am getting signals I have been blocked from commenting on Tucker Carlson and the Fox and Friends’ websites. My comments that have been posted in the past have been similar to what I post on Republican legislators’ websites or letters to the editor. The focus is the need for truth telling and political courage and my concern the GOP has lost its veritas and we need for them to get it back, as a viable GOP counterpoint is needed. Often I cite the words of a courageous Republican or military leader who sees the need to hold people accountable. Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing, but it just seems odd given past receptivity. I will keep trying, but I encourage others to offer their concerns, diplomatically.

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