Of course, women can lead

So, some guy on a recurring podcast is telling us women should not lead and it is a sign of weakness when they do? Really? I heard a Republican legislator say something similar about not being able to be masculine in this country. Really?

If that was not ironic enough, we were watching a movie just last night made in the early 1970s, where the two male leads were chatting about it not being a man’s world anymore and we should take our country back. Does that sound familiar? It should be noted this was still at the start of the women’s movement who were protesting they are tired of not getting opportunity and equal pay.

What I find of interest is an article which appeared this week about this legislator. Its point is if this bothers you so much Mr. Legislator, then why is the most masculine acting person in the Republican party a woman? Her name is Liz Cheney and she has far more courage than the men in her party, with the exception maybe of Adam Kinzinger who was an Air Force pilot and can rival her courage. Speaking of courage, Cassidy Hutchinson and Dr. Fiona Hill also have an abundance of courage, telling the truth with threats against them.

And, the guy his MAGA fans think is so tough, who called his VP a wimp for not breaking the law, cannot bring himself to admit he lost an election. Not very manly or very adult-like is it? Plus, he is the same guy who refused to do a debate if Meghan Kelly was on the next panel as she asked him hard questions last time. We later learned that it was not the questioner, it was the fact Trump was being fed the questions by someone at Fox News before the Republican candidate debates so he could prepare. Kelly just went off his preset script.

For the women-not-being-suited-to-lead-dude, Angela Merkel was the leader of the free world for years and Jacinda Ardern had the gumption to get better gun governance passed in New Zealand after a mass shooting. Golda Meir led Israel during a very tumultuous time. Last time I checked, Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House for the second time. That is leadership. And, while I was not a huge fan of her politics, Margaret Thatcher was so tough, she was referred to as the “Iron Lady.”

In an oft-quoted book called “Half the sky” by Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn, the Chinese proverb on which the title is based is “women hold up half the sky.” Any community or country that does not bear that in mind is not only being unfair to women, they are being unfair to themselves as they are competing in a world with only half their assets.

Of course, women can lead. And, they can do no worse than many of the men who have been in such roles. Often, they do better.

17 thoughts on “Of course, women can lead

  1. Those particular males (I wouldn’t classify them as men) have such fragile egos as to be threatened by even the concept of women doing just as good a job as them, if not better. Merkel, Thatcher and Gandhi are just three reasons those guys are dead wrong. Larry

  2. Note to Readers: An interesting statistic is the substantial majority of colleges and universities have more female students than males. Why is that?

  3. Note to Readers: I have had the good fortune to witness some excellent female leaders in my work and volunteer careers. From executive directors to Executive Vice Presidents to department heads to lead consultants, I have witnessed a high degree of professionalism and compassion. But, a sign that women have arrived, I have seen a few that were let go because of performance, just like a man would have been.

    Frank Robinson, the first African-American Major League Baseball manager said black managers will have made it when one is fired for failure to achieve success. I thought that was a telling example.

  4. There has always been women rulers. When men go on about how women can’t lead, it’s just to obscure the fact that they CAN & DO lead & ALWAYS HAVE DONE SO. Sometimes as obvious rulers, as queens or elected officials, or in the background, as wives or mistresses (who often were the real power) or regents (think Catherine deMedici, the actual ruler of France from 1559-1589). Anyone with more than a junior-high school level of history will know this.

    When men talk like this, they are either ignorant of history or they are trying to deny the truth. Either way, there’s no point in arguing with them. They won’t listen anyway.

  5. Note to Readers: There are numerous business examples, but the CEO and Chair of General Motors is Mary Barra, Karen Lynch is CEO of CVS and Ron Brewer is CEO of Walgreens.

  6. I can’t believe I missed this post when you published it! Thanks for pointing me here today … this is a terrific post, my friend. Yes, I’m sick and tired of all this talk of tough masculinity! Why can’t we just respect each other, regardless of gender?

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