Weary from travel with time to think

These old bones have been in a car the last few days and the older I get, the more it wears me out. I will be the guy at the rest stop stretching by his car, before he gets back in and tacks on a few more miles. But, It does give me time to think, so what follows are the musings of a “rambling man” (I figure I can use that line since I passed through The Allman Brothers’ home state of Georgia).

Before they count ol’ Bernie out, Democrats may need to take serious stock of what happens in California and the remaining states. I will vote for either one against The Donald, as he is about as bad a candidate as they come, but it will be interesting to see what unfolds. If Bernie runs the table, with Hillary’s email issues, those super delegates may need to do some serious reflection.

By the way, the best Presidential candidate of either party is not running and that is Senator Elizabeth Warren. She may be drafted as a Vice Presidential candidate, but she has more street credibility and has taken on Wall Street successfully with her pushing through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a huge success for Obama that no one has ever heard of. Republicans hate it because it punishes banks, insurance companies and credit card companies for fraudulent and aggressive marketing practices and over 90% of the penalties go to financial victims. Think of banks selling you (or your 80 year-old mother) something you did not ask for.

It is not surprising how the GOP is trying to make an abnormal candidate look normal. Everything people need to know about The Donald’s lack of veracity as a candidate is in his history and it is not hard to find. How this exploitive narcissist can portray himself as the champion of the common people may be the biggest con job I have ever witnessed. Whether he wins or not, he will be on trial for alleged misrepresentation to students and seminar goers under now defunct Trump University, one of his many failed enterprises. Yet, it is his thin-skin and false bravado of how tough he is, that show he should never be near a nuclear weapons command.

Finally, one thing I have observed about Clinton, while she may be imperfect, she is far tougher than Donald Trump. Leaders do not have to pat themselves on the back. Leaders can take criticism. It is apparent that Trump can dish it out, but he cannot take it. On the flip side, Clinton has had and will have her share of criticism, both fair and unfair. Benghazi was a smear campaign, as admitted by Kevin McCarthy who would have been Speaker of the House, but he let slip this fact which has been known, but not uttered. Yet, Clinton does need to answer questions about the emails which are legitimate.

People often accuse me of being a Democrat and the above will likely not change that. As an Independent, I left the GOP in 2006 because of their stance on climate change, guns and social issues and tendency to make things up with the aid of Fox News. In my opinion, I see a party that is on the wrong side of most issues – climate change, economy, guns, healthcare, LGBT issues, voting rights, etc. I also see a party who is too busy listening to its extreme voices and not reasonable voices.

I do not mind people being conservative or liberal, as most folks are combinations of both. I am fiscally conservative, but socially progressive. What I do care about is people lying and not using real data to make decisions. Governance is hard enough without people lying about the real story. It should be noted Trump is on record as lying over 75% of the time in this campaign, setting fact check records. Note, he says the fact checkers are part of the liberal media, but he cannot be judge and jury on his own lying. This is prima facie evidence of a problem with his candidacy.


28 thoughts on “Weary from travel with time to think

  1. Can’t think of much to add to this except that Bernie really hasn’t been vetted yet. Clinton won’t say anything negative because she wants his supporters. The GOO hasn’t said anything yet because they want to run against him.

    • Janis, I agree on the vetting. They will bludgeon ol’ Bernie calling him a communist, free stuff provider, tax increaser, etc. One thing they cannot hit him on is his willingness to speak hard truths. He told a WVa crowd that climate change is real and those coal jobs are not coming back. Yet, he proposed a bill to help these folks out to transition with pay to learn new energy trades. Trump was touting he was going to bring coal jobs back, but that was loud talk with no substance. What Bernie proposed is what Mitch McConnell in coal rich Kentucky and WVa and PA senators should have proposed a few years ago. The demise of coal is not new as fracking hit hard first, with renewables hitting it second. Keith

  2. …wish I’d said that. Even though you voiced what (I’m assuming) a lot of “us” are thinking…it remains…that helpless feeling that the rolling down the mountain’s snow-ball in hell is now making its own path. Dysfunctional and out of control. It is not just “us” who are watching. It is all of us…collectively…the world.

    • Raye, the problem is Clinton would actually be a good president for the entire country as she is a moderate Democrat. Angela Merkel and other leaders touted a good working relationship. Yet, being less than forthcoming on the email issue is one more unforced error. Thanks for your comment, Keith

  3. You need not apologize about being a Democrat since the exparts pretty much agree that the current Democratic Party is yesterday’s Republican Party. I’m not sure what that makes the Republicans, but I have a notion! (By the way, do you realize that you said you, or “your old bones” are a car??)

    • Thanks for the typo find. It has been remedied. The local races are all touting that so and so has been not uncooperative enough. In other words, they are touting their candidate will be more obstinate, which is what we need less of. Ted Cruz and crowd were a huge part of the problem and some GOP extremists are advocating more blockers like Cruz.

    • Susan, I recognize the toes on the beach, but it looks like you have a new or renamed site? Unfortunately, I have a monthly car ride of 7+ hours to see my mom. I am trying to visit while she still remembers who I am. Lots of time to think, Keith

      • Hi Keith. Had to laugh that my toes might be so recognizable! Yes, I have moved over to Onesmallwalk to focus more on simply walking around. All the best with your Mom.

      • Susan, I must confess that when I first saw your icon, I had to enlarge it to figure out what it was. So, your toes on the beach gave me an initial chuckle and I have remembered your digits ever since. They remind me of relaxing times. Keith

  4. Elizabeth Warren would be an AWESOME candidate. A Warren-Sanders Ticket would have made me warm and fuzzy.

    I wonder how these primaries would have gone if we ran all primaries on one day. In this day and age, there is NO reason to drag out the primary season. We live in a virtual world. People who go to a rally to see a candidate in person don’t do it to be convinced, they do it to show support. People who are on the fence get their information out of the media.

    Would Sanders be the presumptive candidate if we had it set up that way? I wonder. I also wonder who would be the Republican and Democratic candidates if had one day of primaries and we changed to Single Transferrable Vote instead of First Past the Post. Almost certainly Trump would not make it under STV.

    I also wonder how the primaries and the final election would pan out if we REQUIRED voting.

    Sorry. This comment went completely off the rails of your original post. But you got me thinking about the dream world we don’t live in. And I know you are going to want to give me a thoughtful answer on this idea.

    • Warren might be on either ticket. She is unnerving Trump as someone is finally calling him on the carpet for his history of exploitation. She would add to either campaign.

      The primary process needs overhaul. I think that will happen. Although Clinton has not yet won, the two candidates with the most votes may win. Yet, what needs more overhaul is the election process. Independent candidates should have an easier path to get on ballots, we need a 28th amendment to restrict money from equating with free speech, and we need to shorten the election process like they do in Great Britain.

      Thanks for offering your comment. Keith

  5. Keith,
    I think you have made an insightful and fair assessment. Like you, I will support Clinton or Sanders, both of whom are sane. The same cannot be said of Trump. I think Clinton has learned from her associations with Pres Obama that pragmatism is the best resource when it comes to foreign policy. My belief is that she is not as hawkish as the political media would like for us to believe. Very good post!

    • Many thanks. In spite of the GOP admonishments of her, she would be a much better defense president than their candidate who will endanger us all. He cannot help himself. Yet, Bernie may still win the race and I would much prefer a truth teller to someone who lies so much like Trump.

  6. At this point I think it would be dangerous for me to take a long car trip and ponder on this election. All I know is I’m becoming increasingly disappointed in the mentality of our co-humans every time I see these poll numbers.
    Great post!

    • Trump has surely proved that a great many people cannot or will not think at all. They simply go by their gut feelings and ignore all evidence that runs counter to their “feelings.”

      • I believe they are called Sheeple. It’s just awful. The other day I saw a group of women behind him at a rally wearing t-shirts that read “Christian Women For Trump” … hypocrisy has reached a new high. I’m just hoping they were paid actors.

      • Hugh, we have no hope of swaying his fanatics. Reason cannot find its way in. Our only hope is to get late comers to really think about this man. Someone who knowingly lies – such as his global warming lie that it is a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs while petitioning the Irish government to let him build a wall around his golf course to hold back the rising sea due to climate change.

    • Lisa, it is scary how man who started out as a laughable candidate and has remained as such has now become accepted. I recognize Clinton is not perfect, but the man who calls her “crooked” is the only one who has three pending court cases against him for alleged misrepresentation. The man who called Cruz “Lyin” is on record as lying far more than him and more than any candidate ever measured.

      • Lisa, initially evangelicals would not vote for Trump because of his racist and insulting comments. The man has not changed. The answer to WWJD is not vote for Trump. Keith

      • Agreed. This has been Fox News mantra for a long time – repeat a lie long enough until it is the truth.

  7. Note to Readers: A Judge said that Trump must release the documents around his pending court case (one of three) relating to the alleged misrepresentations against him and Trump University. These documents will include the marketing roadmap to woo students. Trump has cried foul that those are proprietary and also has said the judge has it against him because he is Hispanic American. Remember the Trump self confessed playbook of attack the criticizer. In this case, he is questioning the ethics of a judge, which is not a smart move.

    There is also an interesting op-ed piece by Vince Foster’s sister who has shamed Trump for using past rumors to say her brother did not commit suicide. She lived with him and had given him three psychlogists names knowing he was depressed. She used the word “craven” to define Trump. Tell me again why people are voting for this man?

    • Keith…

      Trump going after a Federal District judge in that manner and with such vehemence, and doing so during a “Campaign” venue may be a big clue, that Trump is looking to get run out of town….looking for a way out before Cleveland…while making himself a billionaire victim of a lying press driven P.C.collective culture … leaving while winning would be, for Mr. Trump, a personal coup in acquiring political cache and capital without the real responsibilities of a political office….excepting …..Kingmaker.

      Paperclip ( Aka Doug)

      • Doug, anything is possible. Some say he did not think he could win. Some say he is a Manchurian candidate and will show his more liberal stripes. Or, he could be on the level, but if he did win, he wants to get a COO type as VP like Bush had with Darth Cheney. Notice how he said to take his campaign promises as suggestions? Who knows what is in this man’s narcissistic brain? Thanks for your comment, Keith

  8. Note to Readers: Pay attention to the Trump University court case depositions. This is a microcosm of how Trump exploits people for money. It should be noted that for-profit universities are notorious for exploiting people for money, so Trump fits right in with this crowd.

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