Rule of Law is a weak anti-DACA Argument

I read a letter to the editor on Wednesday that spoke to me about the President’s decision on eliminating the Dreamer’s program referred to as DACA, short for Deferred Action for Children Arrivals. I won’t cite her name, as I don’t have permission, but the letter quite succinctly and forcefully addresses those who are saying DACA is not a law as it was passed by executive action and therefore must be eliminated.

“Slavery: rule of law. Women, blacks have no vote: rule of law. Married women can’t own property: rule of law. Japanese-internment camps: rule of law. Jim Crow: rule of law. Children as young as 6 can work 12 hour days: rule of law. No requirements for child restraints in cars: rule of law. Gays can’t marry: rule of law. Anti-DACA people: Find another excuse for your cruelty.”

For those not familiar with DACA, it was executed by President Obama when Congress failed to act. It allows children of undocumented immigrants to remain in the US legally. These approximate 800,000 children, who know not the country they came from, are now at risk.

Let me be frank. President Trump can talk all he wants about “loving dreamers,” but don’t pee on their head and tell them it is raining. These folks add value through intellectual capital and revenue to our country. They came forward to sign up as they love our country and embody the true spirit of America. I agree Congress should pass laws to take care of them, but screwing these kids as a lever is not the way to do that. This is on your shoulders Mr. President. You did this.

13 thoughts on “Rule of Law is a weak anti-DACA Argument

  1. Note to Readers: It is obvious the backlash on Trump’s action has been severe as he is backpedaling and offering support for legislative change. He has even said he would do something if Congress failed to act in six months. Some CEOs have been critical of his causing needless disruption without a plan in place. This was an appease the base move, yet what is interesting is the base is shrinking.

    I have long grown weary of this man’s modus operandi. If Obama did it, he has to tear it down. But, here is the deal. Unlike what Conservative news has touted, Obama will be remembered favorably by historians. While imperfect, he did do many things right, so to unwind what he did may not be a wise course of action. DACA is a good example – Obama acted because Congress did not after years of saying they would.

  2. Dearest Keith … I LOVE it when you get fired up! I particularly loved you saying, “don’t pee on their head and tell them it is raining”. I support what you say 100%.

    As to the legality, given that Congress refused to act and thus Obama signed an executive order protecting innocent people … if executive orders are not rule of law … what of the few billion of them Trump himself has signed???

    And as to your note to readers … yes, I always thought that history would remember Obama far kinder than this nation did a year ago. But now? Trump is unwittingly ensureing that Obama will be remembered even better than he otherwise would have. It’s all relative, and in comparison, Trump fails miserably, thus making Obama shine that much brighter.

    • Thanks Jill. Trump’s aquiesence on making sure a law is passed is indicative of the severe push back on his decision. As for Obama, the Dems have done a poor job in letting Conservative news define him. I remember a pretty good President, who did some good things, but could have been more forceful at times. I do know Trump should profusely thank Obama for handing him the baton on a pretty good economy. Bush did not do the same for Obama. Keith

      • Yes, Obama was a pretty good president who made some mistakes. He came into a serious economic crisis, and later dealt with a Congress determined to block him at every turn, but still, he did good things. His intent was always good and he was a man of conscience, of compassion, of humanity. The funny thing that Trump does not seem to realize is that by contrast, he is making Obama look better and better every day! 😉

  3. I was in Costa Rica for a week and then Panama for a week. While in Panama, I got a sample of Fox News – enough to last another five or so years.. Oh my – we were trying to get glimpses of the hurricane barreling toward Florida, but had to endure all of the other ____um, should I say – options…. How in the world can anyone keep a healthy attitude when blasted all day long with the same ole same ole? At night there was one extremely rude and caustic person who interviewed people and never let them finish what they were saying before cutting in… I was so disgusted… We noted all of the sundry things they showcased thru the day while barely adding new info about the hurricane – never showed other weather updates, and never mentioned the wildfires up in the NW corner of the country….
    Brer Rabbit is glad to be back in the briar patch where no televisions will pollute the serenity of the day – or night!

    • Lisa, this habit of the interviewer not letting people finishing answering a question is not limited to Fox. Yet, this pseudo-news source is quite adroit at not covering news that runs counter to the positions they help espouse, yduslly at the behest of major donors of the GOP.

      You may want to check out Jill Dennison’s piece on Rush Limbaugh who is touting the Hurricane Irma coverage is fake news. He is not Fox, but he reads the same playbook. Keith

      • Oh my; the ‘fake news’ makes me feel sick and discouraged regarding the goodness of mankind… am about to check out of the hotel and will be heading ‘home’ – a long drive today… will not be online for another day or two, but keep slaying the dragons… i’ll sleep better knowing that someone is on guard duty.
        Thanks Keith….

  4. Note to Readers: Steve Bannon, former Senior Strategist to Donald Trump, said the Catholic Church is only supporting DACA to fill their seats. He is entitled to his opinion, but it is good that this man is no longer in the White House. Repealing DACA before a replacement is just plain cruel, Messers. Trump
    and Bannon.

  5. Note to Readers: Conservative writer Michael Gerson joined Mark Shields on PBS Newshour’s week in review tonight. Both spoke of the President’s lack of conviction on anything, so it is easy for him to change. Shields said Trump supporters voted for him because they knew where he stands. Well, on DACA, we still don’t know where he stands.

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