Help me understand a few things

Happy Friday everyone. In a week of good and bad news as well as sort of good and bad news, help me understand a few things.

Help me understand how a person can start a fight with our friends and then convince his fans that it is one of our friends fault? That takes some gall.

Help me understand how someone brags on what a great negotiator he is and then routinely makes concessions to adversaries without getting much in return? It is great conversation is occurring with one adversary as we avoid who has the bigger button fight.

Help me understand how completely destroying large swaths of countries like Yemen and Syria without concern for the people makes anyone involved a good leader? Death and taxes used to be the only two sure things, but I would add people in need will always be pawns – this gives rise to terrorism, not avoid such.

Help me understand how the simple, but time consuming process of notifying stakeholders of decisions to gain their buy-in and input before the decisions are announced is lost on the person referenced in the first two questions above? Surprising people with decisions that impact them is not a good idea – the atrocious first travel ban or firing people without telling them are examples of such.

Help me understand how leaders who know the damage being done  to a country and its dear reputation by its front man, but choose not to act can still claim to be leaders? People need to watch Senator Bob Corker’s recent speech on the floor of the US Senate and then watch Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake of last summer. Their words are dead on accurate.

Help me understand how the lead attorney for a country can quote biblical passages to separate immigrant children from their parents at the same time numerous churches are using Jesus’ teachings from the same book to help immigrant children? The former is the epitome of what a friend calls “Cafeteria Christians.”

Help me understand how a country about to head off a cliff can continue to do so after recognizing a vote to drive off the cliff was aided by Russian influence and outright misinformation? Like in the country I live in, we tend to throw the baby out with the bath water rather than clean the water.

Continuing the water analogy, I think we the people should have an “out of the pool” loudspeaker. It should be used when  leaders do not work together and are not addressing obvious problems or oversimplifying their cause coming to wrong headed solutions,

I have spent almost twenty years helping people who have lost their home, even though they are working several jobs. I see what happens when problems are ignored or lied about. We the people need to tell our leaders to stop the BS and do their jobs. What I have discovered when I chat with them, the people who work for these so-called leaders also know their bosses are dropping the ball.

8 thoughts on “Help me understand a few things

  1. Note to Readers: Help me understand how a healthcare management professional who is the governor of the state of Florida leads a state that has 10% of all the AIDS/ HIV cases in the US. Miami is ground zero, but three other major cities have high rates of the disease. On a PBS Newshour report over the last few days, the fault lies in r reduced funding of clinics, an increase in Opioid use and not expanding Medicaid. They are seeing some success with needle exchange programs, as the virus will remain in a syringe needle for 42 days – some folks are finding discarded needles for their next Heroin fix.

    • Note to Readers: I guess we can add omnipotence to the President’s skills. He has declared Paul Manafort is being unfairly treated by the Judge. The man tried to tamper with witnesses with one saying he was asked to commit perjury by Manafort. I am not at all surprised by the Judge revoking his bond. It should also be noted that Manafort is accused of some major crimes. Maybe the President should have vetted Manafort, but his failure to do so is not a surprise because vetting is something he has shown to not be important both before and after his election.

  2. Keith, I must admit that I am getting more and more concerned. As many (I used to think “most” but now I wonder) of us have our hair on fire and continue to point out the lies, danger, and absurdity of this presidency, too many others say that everything is fine… It’s all fake news! Look at the stock market! I understand the counter arguments, but none of that seems to matter anymore. I used to assume that there would be an indictment, then I felt assured that we only would have to endure him for a single – long – term, but now I wonder if Trumpism is now something that very well could destroy our country. My husband and I are currently in Mexico and, believe me, we’ve talked about staying.

    • Janis, I know the frustration. The jailing of Manafort is a huge step, that even Trump will have a hard time of explaining. He will nonetheless try. I do think we must continue to email and call Republican sharing specific and general concerns. The question to ask “is this the man they want to spend their reputation on?” Have fun, but please come back. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    The president is cheap. Paul Manafort offered to help President Trump for free. Beware of peoples like this. He planned to use his close proximity to the president to make some monies elsewhere, like with the Russians.

    What’s worse is that the president kept in contact with Mr. Manafort long after he stopped working on the president’s campaign. They both lived at Trump towers. Mr Manafort’s partner/ assistant Rick Gates continued to work on the campaign for months. So, the connection that existed early on, was continued. I have been wondering who was the witness that Mr. Manafort called. I’m guessing that it was Rick Gates who has been cooperating with the FBI.

    The evil of president’s hard line order to separate children from parents who dare to seek asylum at the US southern border will come back to bite him and rightfully so.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Agreed on all counts. I have hesitated to use this story, but Thomas Wells noted that Trump would often not have money on him, so others were constantly biting his lunch, drinks, etc. It is a small thing, but a window into his modus operandi. This is a key reason he would routinely cite inferior service and not pay contractors. As a voter panelist said in VA, he worked with Trump companies as a contractor and the word on the street is get paid up front. Keith

    • Thanks Susan. He wears me out, which may be his intention. When I see a newscaster with his picture behind him or her, my gut reaction is what has he done now? Keith

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