Stories floating in the air

Between the US President and his three prominent spokes people, Sean Hannity, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and Rudy Guiliani, there are numerous stories about what happened, what was said, what was tweeted, etc. floating around in the air. The mercurial President lives news cycle to news cycle, having the attention span of a child. So, he is prone to say or tweet something that changes a bad news paradigm. The truth is less relevant. Which is germane, as he tells stories like a child. “But, mom what about Joey or Susie. They did it too.”

Trump changes his stories so much, to me the stories are floating around in the air like comic strip bubbles. So, it is truly hard to keep track of his lies. He simply wears people out that they get numb to his prolific lying. He denied it then and denies it now, but of course he was aware about payoffs to women to keep them quiet about his many indiscretions. He, of course, knows about those indiscretions which he also denies. We just need to believe he was giving them money to keep them quiet about something that he said did not happen.

And, he of course, knew everything about Junior’s meeting with the Russians in a building that Trump owns about getting dirt on someone. Throwing dirt is Trump’s modus operandi. I was tickled to see how Sanders defended Trump who has been accused of using animal terms or lack of intellectual prowess to denigrate his African-American critics as racist tactics. Her defense is Trump is an equal opportunity attacker of critics, not using those precise words. In other words, he is jerk to people of all races.

Guiliani says now Trump never talked to James Comey about Michael Flynn. Really? I guess next he will say Flynn never talked to the Russians about a back channel or eliminating the sanctions. Or, Flynn never lied to Mike Pence about so doing, which was the stated reason he was fired. I am still trying to figure out what this doppelganger did with the old Rudy. Rudy used to be well thought of, now he is a barking dog that has a hard time keeping track of the floating stories.

At that might be the best analogy. Trump lies and changes stories so much, it is hard for him and his spokespeople to keep track of the floating stories. To me, that is sad to say about the President of our country. He lies so much, he cannot remember when he has lied and what he said earlier.

To be frank, I do not mind people being more conservative than I am on certain issues (I am actually fiscally conservative, but socially progressive). What I do mind is that conservative people try to rationalize this President, when it is quite apparent that he lies more than he tells the truth. I do mind when they accept as facts whatever Trump says, when he admits to not liking to do homework to know the facts. But, this belief in less than accurate news is precedes Trump, which is a key reason he was able to win them over.

So, my advice is to stick with good news sources. They are the ones that print retractions when they get it wrong and admit to it. Also, start from the following basis point. Do not believe a word the President says and take with a large grain of salt anything anyone on his team says. You will be more right than wrong if you do. As Omarosa said, “in Trump world, everyone lies.” That may be the truest thing she ever said, and she would know.


4 thoughts on “Stories floating in the air

  1. Note to Readers: Lying is not new to Trump. Per his biographers, Trump bought an old building that had a beautifully crafted stone facing. He agreed to have skilled craftsman remove the facade for saving. After agreeing, in the middle of the night, Trump paid illegal immigrant workers to strip off the facade. This is an early business example of Trump going back on his word.

    Another example occurred when he and his father settled a court case that contended they were not leasing to African-Americans. Later they had to be sued again for not abiding by the terms of the settlement.

    Unfortunately, these are true stories and even more sad, there are others. This is the man who is the champion of his supporters. As Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked with Trump wrote in an op-Ed piece, “Trump lies every day, even about things of no consequence.” Keith

  2. Note to Readers: A variation of the following was sent to my two senators and congressman. Please feel free to use and modify as appropriate:

    “I applaud the news organizations for covering the President as is prescribed by our founding fathers. It is good that many of them are pushing back on the current incumbent for his attacks.

    They are most definitely not the enemy of the people. This President has been measured by Politifacts as lying 69% of the time, but that is not new, as his five biographers wrote Donald Trump has a problem with the truth. In fact, Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked with Trump for years, wrote in July, 2016, that “Donald Trump lies everyday even about things of no consequence.”

    To me, the President’s biggest enemy stares back at him when he shaves. It is sad to say this about one’s President, but I start from a position of not believing a word he says – the odds are in my favor.

    Please support our press.”

  3. Dear Keith,

    You already know that we’re on the same page.

    Miracles do happen. Today, I had lunch with a long time friend who has been a die-hard fan of President Trump to where we just avoid discussing politics. As we were leaving, there was some seating outside and she said she wanted to talk to me about something.

    I couldn’t believe my ears. Here was a woman in upper 60s who has never voted for a democrat in her life asking me about a democrat running to be the next Florida governor, Gwen Graham. She is considering voting for a democrat against the likely republican candidate. She also said she would not be voting again for President Trump.

    She is definitely my bell weather comparison predictor. THE CRACK IS STARTING.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, your example is good news. The drip, drip, drip of his daily untruthful and bullying actions and words has to eventually erode an increasing level of support. While he was saying he is getting “tremendous support” for taking away clearance of John Brennan, the real truth is the trip letters from bipartisan former intelligence leaders and staff.

      Military and intelligence support has long been a foundation of the GOP. Now, the leader of the GOP is hyper-critical of them. I think siding with Putin over his intelligence officials in Helsinki was a shame and very telling. Keith

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