While my guitar gently weeps

George Harrison of The Beatles was overshadowed by the prolific song writing duo of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Yet, he was an excellent song writer as well. One of his best songs he wrote paired him with Eric Clapton – “While my guitar gently weeps.”

I use this song as a metaphor as many of us are exhausted by the US President and his daily lying and bullying, that we just feel like weeping. But, while we weep, important things are not getting done and some things that should not be are occurring. So, while our collective guitars gently weep;

– our planet continues to heat up and wildfires become more prolific, drought areas become more parched, farms are more at risk, and our coastal cities have many more days of sunny day flooding;

– our oceans have islands of plastic both above and below the surface, landfills are teeming with plastic, especially after China stopped taking plastic shipments at the first of the year and our coral reefs are dying due to a multitude of factors;

– our US debt has passed an unhealthy level of $22 trillion and is expected to grow to over $33 trillion by 2027, with this fiscal year deficit getting closer to $1 trillion, likely exceeding it next year (this is on annual budget of $4 trillion);

– our allies no longer trust the US and its bullying President, so we will continue to suffer as other countries and companies therein seek other avenues for their supplies and products looking for market stability – they will deal with us, of course, but are finding other sources, as well; and

– our democracy is under threat by a regal minded and thin-skinned man who lives in the White House who denigrates any person or entity that does not adequately genuflect to his greatness, which is far more perception than reality.

There is, of course, many other reasons to weep. We need to address real problems and not cause other ones. We are exhausted by the focus on one man 24×7. It is truly all about The Donald.

I sure wish to hear George and Eric playing this song and make it all better.

15 thoughts on “While my guitar gently weeps

  1. Thank you Keith, I’ve never felt like weeping for my country or felt so helpless as during the Trump takeover. I never thought we would witness a time when our country would follow in the footsteps of dictatorships and autocrats while our elected officials cower or defend this narcissistic unhinged man sitting in the people’s house.

    • Holly, so true. When 44% of Republicans want Trump to disband the media, I must ask what is wrong with your thinking? It is depressing that people believe this man when he says everyone is against him. Maybe if he did not lie so much…

      Thanks for your comment, Keith

  2. Good song choice, my friend. Every word you speak is fact, and with every day there are still more reasons to ‘gently weep’. There are those who are still singing ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ … little do they know or understand. Those of us who think … “Ain’t No Sunshine …” Let’s just hope we don’t end up singing Skeeter Davis’ song …

    Good thoughts, Keith, as always

    • Jill, I just felt Clapton’s plaintiff guitar joining Harrison’s makes me long for reason. It makes me ache for truth. We don’t get much of either from the man who would be king. Keith

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree, “Imagine,” is a prayer for a better place, while Harrison’s song is weeping for our current state. I wrote a post a few years back stating my belief that “Imagine” may be one of the finest songs ever written in its nessage, simplicity and frankness. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: After reading one more letter to the editor about how unfair the media is to the President, I penned the following letter. Please feel free to adapt and use:

    “I have communicated with Republican legislators on numerous occasions regarding concerns over alarming actions and words from the US President. A question I ask is this the man on whom you want to spend your dear reputation? While I have several policy concerns around debt, environment, tariffs, healthcare, etc., I am even more concerned about his bullying and lying to and about the media, US allies, some legislators and anyone who dare not genuflect to his ego. That is a sad thing to have to say about our US President. Yes, the economy continues to do well, but we must acknowledge it has been going pretty well for more than nine years, the second longest growth period in our history.”

    • Roger, maybe that one will occur as other countries choose to deal with the US a little less than before. When entities become difficult to work with, easier paths will be followed. China is already getting more petroleum from non-US companies. As that occurs more, we can cue Bob Dylan for your song suggestion. Keith

      • It would give me no pleasure.
        One heck of a good song, but the images conjured up…..chilling!
        Take care Keith.
        And keep up the good work

      • Thanks Roger. These unforced errors will come home to roost. What would frustrate even Bob Dylan, is many of Trump’s Republican friends, know this. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,
    That’s a great metaphor for our country, “While my guitar gently weeps.”

    The other day Roger picked me up with a half glass-full analogy, “Be thankful of the paradox this is happening in the USA if you lived in a lesser nation there would have been a militarily coup by now.” It helped.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, many thanks. One thing to remember is America is far greater than any leader, especially a poor one like we have. Our relationships are suffering, but they have survived bad leadership.

      With that said, it is imperative that a spotlight is shone on this man and for others to see is this is not leadership we are currently seeing from the White House. It is self-egrandizement. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: George may have been the most involved Beatle, with his Concert for Bangladesh as a good example. He often is referred to as the most spiritual Beatle, seeking peace and purpose. One of my favorite quotes revealed how he sought this with the 1967 Summer of Love movement in San Francisco. He said it seems to be a bunch of bored rich kids moreso than a movement.

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