A Day in the Life of Trump

I am currently reading the excellent book “Fear: Trump in the White House,” by twice Pulitzer Prize winning author and Watergate reporter Bob Woodward. The book is excellent and very believable with its depth of reporting and consistency with known facts.

Many things jump out while you read, but I felt the following two abridged examples of a “day in the life” of the Trump White House are revealing of his modus operandi. I will reserve judgment until after the anecdotes.

First, is the infamous tweet Trump sent out which said the military would no longer accept or allow transgender people “after consultation with my Generals and military experts.” This is a blatant lie.

This tweet was sent at 8:55 am and followed up by two more tweets at 9:04 am and 9:08 am. These times are important as he agreed earlier in the morning to meet with his Generals and Defense Director at 10 am to discuss the pros and cons of four options Trump might want to consider. The options ranged from the more legally supportable to what Trump announced on his own before the meeting which was later ceased by four federal courts.

Trump not only surprised his Generals, he lied and said they agreed. The sad truth is there are numerous stories like this about how this man flies by the seat of his pants and drags others down with him.

Second, after grave concerns over Trump’s open disdain for NATO, the EU, trade agreements and our allied relationships that have kept us safe and prosperous, the Generals, Rex Tillerson, James Mattis et all invited Trump to a retreat at the Pentagon to go over why these are important. After listening for awhile, prodded by Steve Bannon, Trump went on one of his rants, as an attendee described in Woodward’s book.

“The president proceeded to lecture and insult the entire group about how they didn’t know anything when it came to defense or national security. It seems clear that many of the president’s senior advisors, especially those in the national security realm, are extremely concerned with his erratic nature, his relative ignorance, his inability to learn, as well as what they consider his dangerous views.”

This is the meeting where Tillerson uttered his famous criticism due to his frustration over how the Generals were treated. He said Trump is a “f**king moron.”

These two examples paint a picture of a dangerous loose cannon who bullies and lies. We are not safer with this man in charge. And, the sooner his sycophants listen to voices who know better and have the courage to act, the safer we will be.

28 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Trump

    • Janis, the voting and advocating is more important. The book reads well and gives you added perspective and anecdotes. Right now, he is in full bore lying mode per the Toronto Star. He average four lies per day over his Presidency, but each month he lies more than the month before.

      Now, that the stock market is staggering, he is pinning the negative news on the Federal Reserve. He took full credit all the way up, but now he has to bland someone. The principle culprits are his tariffs making cost of business higher and hiring sales markets, the softening of China’s economy and the tax cut boost wearing out its welcome. Concern over interest rates is just one component. But, I am sure the Trump cult will believe his finger pointing. It cannot be him. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: One of the clear themes of the book is how much gratitude needs to be placed on James Mattis. He consistently is a voice of reason and boils down his thoughts for Trump in a manner they will be heard and often heeded. Should he leave, the country will lose a significant curb on the President’s whims.

  2. Dear Keith,

    General Mattis is one of the very few who may survive his hell of working with President Trumps with his reputation and dignity intact. I can’t begin to imagine what he’s had to do to clean up after this guy and/ or to prevent even more serious messes. He’ll write his book someday.

    Today’s been an inevitable foreseeable outcome as a result of the president’s lies, selfishness, ignorant hate mongering rants where violence is condoned and winning at all costs is what counts.

    The stock market is simply responding to signals like uncertainty created because of his trade wars based on his whims, the increase in the US deficit, etc.

    I did buy the book Fear which is excellent but I didn’t finish it as I found it so infuriating that our elected officials have been allowing for all of his shenanigans where we taxpayers are given little more that an after thought.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, it is infuriating, but do finish it. You learn so much more by the behind the scenes reporting. The reply in a other post comment of yours about Gary Cohn’s standing rule as CEO of Goldman Sachs not to do business with the Trump organization is telling. The now former Trump economic advisor said the rule existed as Trump was known to refuse to pay or sue you. Quite simply, people who know Trump do not trust the man. Keith

  3. I don ‘t think I could read the book with tearing out portions of Trump quotes and jumping up and down on them, behaviour my dear wife does not care for.
    Two pieces of news I noticed with interests;
    1. Concerns about USA/China trade are causing various stock markets to sell off (Apparently Asian markets had a selling day ‘yesterday’)
    2. The fellow made this round-about comment in a speech about being critical of folk who send bombs to other folk in the post, without naming names. This one intrigues me, is some sort of message getting though to him, and yet is he too nervous to say something which his base may see as sort of almost supportive of previous presidents and their spouses?

    • Roger, we don’t want your wife concerned over inane behavior. My strong advice to the US President is to stop acting like a pathetic little man and start acting like the leader we need you to be. I recognize that is a bridge too far, but he needs to hear it. Keith

      • My wife thanks you Keith for your advice!
        ‘Mature’, ‘Adult’ & ‘Responsible’ are not words much in use in this administration and its more rabid followers. Are they?

      • Roger, the only time that phrase is used in the White House it is said by a staff member with the words “why can’t he be one of those….” before them. By the way, my wife said “Trump makes her ill,” but even she gets tired of me talking about yet one more inane or inaccurate thing he says and does. Keith

      • In years to come folk will find it hard to believe such a fellow could have been placed in any responsible position in a democracy, let alone as president.

      • Roger, true. Take a look at the Note to Readers I just added regarding a quote from Steve Bannon. By the way, if James Mattis leaves, this President may just start a war. That is how unstable he is. Keith

      • Two points here Keith:
        1. This quote suggests Bannon is not a true believer, this suggests Bannon is another of the snake oil salesmen profiting on the gullibility of a person whose Life Experience does not suit him to his post.
        2. Trying to avoid being a Conspiracy Theorist (a type of person I have ‘issues’ with….I go into ‘Hartman’ style in Full Metal Jacket)….Based on my readings of histories political and military I would suggest there is at least one contingency plan hidden away somewhere in the depths of security and or military agencies’ offices on just what to do if he tries that without their say-so….certain politicians may also have been ‘roped in’. In history, this is nothing new

    • Roger, as for Bannon, he is a smart man who peddles in BS. The nationalist falderal he speaks of is contrary to what has made America great. Our strengths are our relationships, diplomatic depth and military. As Mattis said, if the President wants to cut diplomats, then he needs to add to our military budget. The best weapon is diplomacy. With Bannon’s pushing, Trump has diminished two of our strengths. One of things he is accomplishing is pushing other countries closer together on trade. Japan and China are talking more as announced yesterday.

      Saying it another way, Trump and Bannon have made it more difficult to work with our country. When that is the case, countries and businesses find easier paths forward. Keith

      • I’ve seen more rational behaviour and intelligent thought in a Three Stooges film.

      • Roger, every American and global thinker needs to read “Fear.” I am quite sure other leaders are studying the book to try to decipher the mercurial man. Those three stooges were at least consistent. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: Donald Trump said something Presidential about the pipe bombs, but of course it did not last. He is now back in normal Trump mode saying it’s the media’s fault he is sowing seeds of discord calling the Democrats evil among other things. Again, I repeat a line that resonates as a fervent plea to the US President. “Mr. President, please stop acting like a pathetic little man and start acting like the leader we need you to be!”

  5. Note to Readers: Per Steve Bannon, Trump’s former senior strategist, the following quote is telling. I will clean it up where I can, but it paints a picture his fans will not want to believe.

    “Trump is the perfect foil. He’s the bad father, the terrible first husband, the boyfriend that (screwed) you over and wasted all those years, and you gave up your youth for, and then dumped you. And the terrible boss that grabbed you by the (private parts) all the time and demeaned you.”

    Note, this is a quote, with parentheticals added in place of his actual words, from the senior strategist that Trump selected as one of his first hires.

  6. I fear that the sycophants will never wake up and smell the coffee, my friend. Perhaps they have too much to lose, I don’t know, but there have been more than ample occasions where a person of conscience would have said, “Enough!!!”, yet they haven’t. I have a great fear that the mid-terms are compromised in so many ways, and that if the democrats cannot gain a majority in the House, Trump will be even more out of control. I suspect he would eliminate Mattis, Sessions, and Rosenstein within days of the election.

    • Jill, I called both my senators and emailed McConnell imploring them to step up and be the leaders we need. This divisiveness has to stop and we can no longer look to the President to lead. He is too busy acting like a pathetic little man – blaming others for anything bad, taking credit for anything good and lying and bullying – rather than being the leader we need him to be.

      The man is in my city tonight spreading more of his hatred and demonization. Someone needs to hand him a mirror and say here is a picture of the real problem. Keith

      • More than ever before, this week has shown us what a rudderless ship this is. When lives are being threatened with bombs, Trump complains that “this bomb thing” has taken away the focus on the mid-terms. And indulges in conspiracy theories. This man is no leader … he is a bloody fool. I sympathize with him being in your city tonight! He was here last Friday and I just wanted to say, “Keep out … nobody wants you here … go away!!!”

      • Jill, when our Republican friends bring up the terrible tragedy of a Bernie Sanders’ fan shooting up the GOP legislator baseball practice as response, three things are important. (1) It was a terrible act which should be condemned. (2) Sanders publicly condemned the action. (3) Whether one likes Sanders or not, he did not promote division and violence. Scroll forward – Trump cannot consistently condemn the act and has to blame others. And, Trump has consistently lied, enflamed and promoted violence. I heard him say yesterday that his picture was not on the van, so how can you blame him. Really?

        This week like the weeks before reveal how he does not know how to spell leader. And, the cult laps it up. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: I have now finished the book. Two additional thoughts. After Trump reneged on a DACA deal, he uttered the famous “s**thole comment. He later told Lindsey Graham he did not say that, but Graham said he did as he was there. Trump said others liked that he said it and Graham said he was not one of them.

    The book closes with the resignation of John Dowd, Trump’s attorney. While Dowd thinks Trump is innocent, there is one fatal flaw in that thinking. Something he could never say to Trump is he is a “f**king liar.” There seems to be a trend here,

  8. Note to Readers: While helping a relative vote today, I spoke with US Congressional candidate whom I did not vote for. I shook his hand and wished him well, saying if you win, please do us a huge favor and collaborate. We need to have folks working together. The divisiveness started before the current President, but he has made it worse. We need to tone down the divisiveness.

    I added I am an Independent and former Republican. I said you are a minister, so you know how to be inclusive. So, please make sure to include.

    He repeated that Trump was the most truthful President we have ever had delivering what he promised. I said I do not believe that to be the case, especially when he is delivering on something he lied about to his followers. I said we don’t have a major immigration or trade problem, but that is what he is telling people.

    I did not share this with him, but I did not vote for this man because he has advocated restricting the rights of women and the LGBTQ community. He ran an offensive commercial focusing on not collaborating. And, he wants to join the Freedom Caucus, the least collaborative group in Congress.

    I did share I had sent an email a few nights before saying these things. I am sure he was less thrilled about our conversation than I was. Keith

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