Voters say reopen the government – another note to Senators

A NPR/ Ipsos poll last week noted 75% of Americans and the majority of Republicans feel embarassed by the shutdown. It is time to make a deal and reopen the government. If the man who caused the shutdown vetoes it, override it.

The wall has been oversold as a solution based on fear and lies. Please check out the real time fact checking by Chris Wallace in an interview with Sarah Sanders where she was caught in three lies the President has been using to support the wall. We deserve better than this.

9 thoughts on “Voters say reopen the government – another note to Senators

  1. This withholding of people’s wages and stopping services to the public for a silly political game is as offensive as anything Trump has done, and that’s against some pretty stiff alternatives.

    • Roger, you hit the nail on the head. He is screwing 800,000 people who have bills, rents, mortgages and healthcare needs to win an argument. And, it isn’t even a very good argument.

      Every previous shut down, the so-called boss or President argued to keep his employees working. In this case, the boss is the one shutting it down. This subtle point is lost on too many.


      • A creature without honour, conscience or compassion.
        (I promised my wife Sheila at the beginning of the week I would restrain my language)

  2. Gumblefutz piscatorium! The Pumpkinhead President has got me cursing in foreign languages. I think it means, “You lie, Mr. President, with the mouth-work of fishes and have bubblegum in your brain!” in the language of Outer East Koomunga.

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