A simple question for GOP legislators

After watching the testimony of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, a question comes to mind, one I have been asking GOP legislators. And, it is a simple one. “Is  Donald Trump the man you want to spend your dear reputation on?

We did not learn many new things, but Cohen provided a lot of context for the modus operandi of his former boss. There are many takeaways, but the ones that should be very worrisome to the GOP are the following:

– the New York prosecutors are looking at other possible criminal wrongdoings of the President;

– the President knew of the Wikileaks dump of emails early on;

– the President asked Cohen to lie about the Moscow real estate development.

But, a reaction to an ongoing line of questions from the GOP Congress representatives, should have given them pause. Cohen said he had done exactly what they are doing for ten years, protecting Donald Trump. He added it won’t end well for you.

So, the question is a simple one. Rather than remembering an oath to protect our constitution, blind loyalty to a someone because of tribe seems to be the preferred path. They have worked hard to build a reputation. Is this the man you want to spend your dear reputation on?

11 thoughts on “A simple question for GOP legislators

  1. Good question Keith.
    However Denial is a strong drug, particularly when you don’t want to be seen as complicit in the disaster.

    • Roger, it is indeed. The whole strategy, which had some rather childish parts, was GOP legislators saying to their base, don’t listen at all to this guy because he is a liar.

      But, here is the rub. Why is everyone else around the President lying, but Trump is the one telling the truth. Occam’s Razor would say that the most believable assertion is the President is lying. When you add his history of lying and the certainty of the claim increases.

      But, let’s just say Trump is not lying. Then that makes him one of the worst judges of character.


      • Quite so Keith.
        Look at the number of failed appointments…
        Whatever happened to ‘The Buck Stops Here’?

  2. Note to Readers: Please feel free to pose this question to GOP legislators. To be frank, they need to answer the question. As the death spiral the President is in hastens, the discord will only get worse.

    Just selecting one item from Cohen’s testimony, he noted the Trump Foundation being used to buy a portait of himself for $60,000. This is a true example, as the NYAG has forced the liquidation of the Foundation as it was merely a piggy bank for Trump. Plus, the NYAG said no one named Trump could oversee the dissolution of $1.7 million. That speaks volumes.

  3. Note to Readers: Tonight on PBS Newshour, conservative columnist David Brooks posed my question using a different metaphor – he asked of the GOP House members who attacked Cohen, is Trump the kind of horse you want to hitch your wagon to?

    Both he and Mark Shield commented that none of these people defended Trump from Cohen’s accusations, only to attack the messenger because they did not like the message.

    They also commented on something I missed. Someone asked Cohen how many contractors did he write those bullying, refusal to pay letters to? He said 500. These are the letters that the President reveled in as he refused to pay plumbers, painters, ekectriciians, etc. This speaks volumes about the absence of character and honor in this man in the White House. I would like Sarah Huckabee-Sanders respond to a question along these lines.

  4. Hi Keith – it’s a great question you ask. I just wonder why it is taking so long for people who support the president to get themselves to look at what appears to so many of us as readily apparent? It makes me wonder what I am missing. What a weird historical event we are living in 😦

    • Susan, you aren’t missing anything. As for his base, they have been told not to believe all the fake news, as it comes from people who just don’t like him. They have been conned, plain and simple.

      As for his legislative sycophants, they are being Machiavellian. I have very little respect for anyone who abets the lying, but especially legislators, who are supposed to represent us.

      In my posts, I am very purposeful to not call Trump, McConnell et al leaders. They are in positions of leadership, but neither man is a leader or should be confused as one. Keith

      • Keith – Good point about leaders vs leadership position. The problem with a con, I fear, is that while one side may (may, I stress) be less complicit, they still need to agree to be a part of it all. Without a willing partner, the con will fail. Why are there so many willing partners? (Hint-a good blog post?)

      • Susan, I agree. I think that rather than pay attention to real news, they would prefer to listen to someone tell them things they easily believe or just prefer to hear. He told them it was someone else’s fault and then made up a bogeyman. He sold on their fears, which is his greatest talent. That is what financial reporters concluded long ago about this man. He is a horrible manager, but a great salesman. Keith

  5. Dear Keith,

    I’ve accepted the fact that the president’s base of voters stick to him like glue because they’ve nowhere else to go.

    Someone who’s a White Evangelist who is anti-abortion; anti-LGBTQ rights, anti-climate science will never vote for a Democrat.

    Someone who’s anti-immigration will not vote for a democrat.

    Someone who’s a staunch 2nd amendment hardliner who’s against any gun control measures will not vote for a democrat.

    Someone who’s a White nationalist, neo-Nazis, a racist will not vote for a Democrat.

    Someone who only wanted his/ her tax cuts plus the elimination of business regulations and who doesn’t care about anything else will not vote for a democrat.

    Someone who’s involved in the fossil fuel industry or who’s does not believe that climate change is for real will probably not vote for a democrat.

    Those dark money GOP donors are going nowhere near the Democratic Party.

    It’s my opinion that the above voters are what the Republican Party leaders consider to be their coalition /bloc of voters. GOP lawmakers cannot cross these folks by being perceived as attacking/ standing up to President Trump. These supporters will start a twitter war against the recalcitrant republican legislator, FOX News pundits will pile on and the big GOP ‘dark money’ donors will cut off funds for those who don’t tow the line.

    These GOP members are choosing their job security over doing what’s right. Most of them have already sold their souls.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, well said. The fervent support measured within the GOP masks the flight to nonaffiliated status. A poll in Florida indicates trouble for the President, and this is before the economic growth stalls and the you-know-what hits the fan. Keith

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