Oh, what a week after many before

It seems to be a consistent pattern. Pundits reflect on the week that was for the President saying it was a horrible week for him. They have said these same words week after week.

More than a few people are simply fatigued by this man and his actions. I know I am. The relentless lying, bullying, cheating and even criminal activity wear me out. Other than a few timing issues, former Trump fixer Michael Cohen did not offer up anything surprising. Americans need to heed his words that defined his former boss as a racist, con man and cheat.

Just last night a report that said Trump ordered that Jared Kushner be given a security clearance over the written objections of the intelligence community and Chief of Staff. Unsurprisingly, the President denies this. It should be noted after getting this clearance, months later, money came from a Saudi source to pay off a $1.2 billion loan balloon payment that was of concern to Kushner. Why?

The President is in a death spiral and it is starting to get faster. The spiral slowly started when he fired James Comey. But, the resignation of James Mattis and Trump’s reneging on a deal with the Senate which led to the shutdown sped it up some more. More farmers going bankrupt due to tariffs and the economy showing signs of age will hasten it further.

Plus, the President’s inability to pay attention to detail, listen to experts, or be more patient has cost him and our country yet again. He should not have gone to Vietnam without all the ducks in a row. This follows numerous other examples – the disastrous initial travel ban, the transgender military ban, the ill-devised tariffs, announcing pulling out of Syria etc. – that were done against the advice of experts, without proper vetting and without communicating with interested parties.

As I type this I am watching a rerun of “The American President,” with Michael Douglas and Annette Bening, that I caught by channel-surfing. Everything this movie highlights as an ideal President, seems at odds with our current real one.

It is time for our Republican legislators to find their backbone. The ones who attended the Cohen testimony did exactly what Cohen had done for ten years, defend a man who is not worth defending. As he added, it will not end well for them. The GOP will deserve every bit of criticism they get, as none of this is news. They can help the country and party if they change their ways.

A good sign is Senator Lamar Alexander pushing back on Trump’s emergency declaration. He has the backing of others. This is a trend that has started. What I don’t understand is many GOP legislators know Trump is everything Cohen said he was, yet they don’t fear more that the past lies will come out and future ones will cause problems.

Folks, it is not going to get better. This President is a cornered animal and he will bite anyone to save himself. And, I mean anyone.



13 thoughts on “Oh, what a week after many before

    • Linda, it is interesting that Cohen referenced Senior saying Junior had bad judgment. While the President’s father waa alive, the father would not trust Donald to sign anything. There is a story when the father left a meeting failing to sign one document our of many he did sign, the President was not allowed to sign on his father’s behalf.

      He will throw Junior, Eric and Kushner under the bus. Ivanka may last the longest. Once his CFO starts testifying, that will prove to be interesting, as Trump will accuse him of lying as well. Take it to the bank. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: I used this analogy recently, but picture a death spiral as follows. At the children’s science museums, they usually have a large bowl like structure with a hole in the bottom center. The idea is to roll a quarter from the top and watch it circle slowly, then gradually increase its speed as it descends. As it speeds up to the bottom, it eventually will drop through the hole. Trump’s Presidency is the quarter and it is already in motion. His GOP sycophants cannot stop it. They may be adding friction, but added revelation and future lies are the grease.

    It would be my strong advice to the GOP leadership ranks to remember to what they took an oath. It will be painful, but it will be save their party and, more importantly, our country and planet, if they act now. The House reps did not want us to listen to Cohen, as they feared what he would say. They should have been fearful. But, now they should be very afraid, because their ultimate boss has a very hard time with the truth and it looks like he does not plan to stop lying.

    • Susan, suffocating is a very good word. It is hard to find one word to define the President’s modus operandi or his impact. I think what Cohen used is apt – racist, con man and a cheat. But, it leaves off untrustworthy, unaccountable and bullying.

      As for his impact on me, revulsion is more apt, as it is more visceral than suffocating.

  2. I had to laugh when my FB feed showed numerous gleeful posts about “the end is near” for Trump after the Cohen testimony. What people forget is that it took nearly a year for Richard Nixon to fall after John Dean’s testimony. And, with The Mopster gone and Pence in charge, it is doubtful we’d be much better off. Hopefully the testimony will discredit the Trumpocracy enough to bring it to the ground in 2020.

    • Linda, these things take time. Today, the President spoke at the far right CPAC and rambled for two hours. He will become even further unhinged as undeniable truths are revealed and comfirmed. I contrast that to Congressman Elijah Cummings seriousness of purpose. That is sense of decorum is needed as the issues are raised. Keith

      • Linda, I focus my greatest worries on the neo-Nazi and white supremacist part of his base. These folks feel empowered by Trump. And, that is scary. Keith

      • Linda, I truly believe the GOP opened Pandora’s Box many moons ago. They courted, even revved up the extremists. Then, along came Trump. He did not invent extremism, but he used it and still does. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    I fully expect President Trump, his family and others to be totally uncooperative with the US Congressional investigations that are in process. Technically, the President has the absolute right to order that Jared Kushner be granted the top secret clearance that he got despite those warning against this move. The WH is refusing to turn over all the related documents and I’m not sure that the courts won’t allow for this. This is going to get ugly but the Congressional members still have to go through the process.

    President Trump will not go down graciously but he will. Just like you said, “President Trump is on a death spiral, he just doesn’t know it yet.

    It’s hard to take in, that while many of us are repulsed by the president’s behaviors, there are a significant number of others cheering him onward.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, it is the lying that bothers people most. He is the toddler holding the magic marker next to the scribbled wall, saying “I did not do it.” Keith

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